Friday, October 17, 2008

SuperStar Nail Lacquer - Official Nail Polish of the Emmy Awards

I recently got a chance to try out a brand-new brand of nail lacquer called SuperStar. I have to say, for a new brand, they sure have the nail polish formula right! First, pics of the colors:

Ari's Amethyst. A bright neon purple creme. My favorite of the bunch- I've worn it three times already and from me, that's saying something! It only needs two coats and it's smooth like butter.

It Girl Orange. HOT neon orange, this color seems impossible to capture on (digital) film. In person, it looks like it's glowing. It's bright, beautiful, retina-burning orange and it's definitely a head-turner.

Stacia's Hollywood Pink. Another super-glowing-bright neon, this one's a pretty true pink that leans a little on the blue-pink side. Again, my picture can not capture the gorgeous glow these seem to give off, it's nearly nuclear.

Now that I've posted the pics, I can ramble on about the formula. You guys, these are really nice. Normally neons tend to be thick and stringy, but these are perfectly smooth. They applied effortlessly, only needed 2 coats for Ari's Amethyst and Stacia's Hollywood Pink (It Girl needed three to be entirely opaque) and they dried very fast even without my beloved Seche Vite. These particular shades do require a topcoat, as they are neon and dry to a matte finish.

Superstar does have other shades besides these neons, and they all look right up my alley. There's one in particular that looks stunning- Gucci Green. They have metallic silver and gold, deep purple, duochrome white, and it even looks like they have a Ruby Pumps dupe!

The price point is reasonable- $8.50, on par with OPI and Essie.

Overall, I'm really impressed with these. Usually a new brand will have some kinks to work out, but these polishes are near perfect. They're some of the best neons I've used.

I'm pretty sure that the only place you can get these is from Stacia's Style Shoppe.

So, Superstar Nail Lacquer = Awesome! $8.50 each, wide variety of shades and available at Stacia's Style Shoppe.

Look, they even have a commercial!


  1. Ah, taking a break and more lemmings are born :). You are one dangerous woman, Scrangie dear!

  2. I just googled them. apparently they are a company in

  3. ohh theyre soo pretty!!!!!! you should also try the organic nail polishes they are giving away at the!!!!
    enter a chance to win Organic nail polishes !!!

  4. Checked them out and I'm with you, that Gucci Green is to die for and the name, gasp, pure LOVE!! I'm an anything Gucci girl.

    I just received my sephora order and there came the beautiful Mystic Violine. I was wondering if you had swatched this and I missed it, or if it's not on your list of polishes to add to your collection?

    As always, your hard work is appreciated!

  5. Melli, hee hee thanks! Just doin' my job :D

    Diann_co, interesting! Thanks for that little tidbit!

    Sminkan, I have a thing for neons and these are a welcome addition to my collection!

    Lo, is this spam??

    Stubby, I *do* have Mystic Violine but I've totally forgotten to swatch it! It wasn't very sparkly so I got distracted and neglected to swatch it, lol. Whoops! Thanks for reminding me about it! And thank you :D

  6. Ooohhh I love a new brand! I already ordered some of the other colors on their site, thanks!

  7. I ordered because of you Scrangie - d**n you!
    Anywho - there website so needs new navigation - such a PITA.
    But thank you very much for swatching some of these. You my dear are an enabler!

  8. Scrangie, what do you know about an OPI color called Wreathed in Red? I can't seem to find out much about it, but I've been told it's pretty. Is it a disc color?

  9. Mom loves Ari's Amethyst! Get her some for Christmas!

  10. Hey anonymous,

    If you go to ebay, look up "wreathed in red" and you will be able to see one bottle labled VHTF for $24.99.

    Hope this helps!

  11. Hey, Stubby, they were GIVING IT AWAY at my local JC Penney last year. someone told me it was a really pretty red but of course, they didn't last long!

  12. How fun!
    Ari's Amethyst looks awesome!

  13. That orange is TDF, & I'm not really an orange kinda gal!!

    I think I know the answer to this but..... is there a dupe? <3

  14. VampyVarnish, ooooh you'll have to tell me how they are! Did you get the green one??

    GH, hee hee, happy I could 'help' :D And I agree, the website is really bad... but the polish is nice, lol

    Anonymous... Hmm... You know, I've never heard of it! I'll keep my eye out for it, but it's a mystery to me! Sorry :(

    Mom, okay! That's an easy one :D

    Stubby, ooh, VHTF eh? Maybe it was an exclusive! I'm so curious about this now...

    Anonymous, GIVING it away! *faints* Maybe it was a Christmas gift type of polish? Or for a special event?

    Sanna, I love bright colors like that, Ari's Amethyst is perfect! :D

    Carla G, isn't it HOT?? I think that Essie Mini Shorts or Color Club Orange Revenge would be close dupes :D

  15. Yes, GIVING it away. It was like a buy three opis, get a bottle of wreathed in red free. The next time I went back in, the promotion was over. DRAT!

  16. I wonder how the consistency of this polish will be once you hit about half-way-mark down the bottle, will it gunk up? will you have to thin it out using thinner? which thinner would you use, normal or OPI's ... the bottle shape looks good for rolling...

  17. Oh yes I got Gucci Green, Backstage Brown and Park Avenue Purple. I am very excited!

  18. Darn you Scrangie I keep coming back to these! They have a deal on the website buy 5 for $35 but I can't justify 5 nailpolishes right now!!

  19. what is their international prices like

  20. does anyone know if/where i can get pink of hearts (1) and still have the proceeds go to the BCA?

  21. I watched the video and the flashbulb sound made my rescue Balinese cat run from the couch. Poor thing does not abide by the polish paparazzi. He actually likes to hang out while I paint my nails. I can't tell if he simply identifies the act as being important or if he is a huffer.

    Gucci Green? Oh my! It looks so good. Greens make me tingly. Oh wait, I feel a China Glaze ad coming on. lol!

  22. OMG. these are freakin' HOT! ::waits for the webiste to crash from all the orders::

  23. Anonymous, wow! Maybe next time :(

    Fudge, hmm, I'm not sure if it will get thick or not. I guess it depends on how long you leave the bottle open... Hmm... I love Seche Restore, I have never tried OPI's thinner and probably never will... heheh :D And don't be afraid to shake your polish, it won't hurt it!

    Katee, me too :D

    VampyVarnish, oh yay! Those are the ones I was looking at too!

    Diann_co, ah I understand, me too! I've been a little nuts with my polish buying lately. I'm really lusting after that Gucci Green, maybe I'll get just that one!

    Danielle, hmmm, I'm not sure about the international prices! I would email them, they're really nice. I'm sure they could help you out :D

    And I don't think any money from the Pink of Hearts goes to BCA. OPI only makes a donation every year, but I don't think it has any relation to the proceeds from Pink of Hearts (either one) :(

    Tarotbydiana, awwwe rescue kitty! I'll admit, the camera sound effect even startled me! I wasn't expecting it and I had the volume up and CLICKCLICKCLICK!! lol

    Elvira, hee hee! I really want to try more colors. If they're anything like the neons I'm in trouble! :D

  24. have you ever made a post about different HTF polishes that you own?

  25. Anonymous, nope, not that I can recall doing at least!

  26. The polishes are the best! I love Park Avenue Purple & Ari's Amethyst! I am purple fanatic & the colors seriously stand out. Superstar Nail Lacquer hit the mark!

  27. Scrangie, Wreathed in Red was a JCP exclusive however it was twinny to one of the Hollywood reds.

  28. OMG!! Scrangie you have stumbled upon an awesome product. Everytime I wear the paparazzi pink I get soooo many compliments. This polish is great and it does dry incredibly fast! Can't complain about gettin compliments and savin time :-) All the other colors are insane too, I really love the variety.

  29. Kia, Ari's Amethyst is so *perfect*! It's now a go-to color for me :D

    Anonymous, thanks! Good to know, I bet it's really hard to find now so I guess I should not get my hopes up trying to find it, hehe :D

    Blasianangl, I'm happy you like them too, I'm so pleased with them! :D

  30. Where can I find this nail polish, th epurple one in particular???

  31. Anonymous, from my post: "
    So, Superstar Nail Lacquer = Awesome! $8.50 each, wide variety of shades and available at Stacia's Style Shoppe."


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