Monday, October 20, 2008

Review: Dylan's Candy Bar

I've been dying to smell these ever since I first heard mention of them on Sephora's Beauty And The Blog. Now they're finally here and I can actually say that they haven't just lived up to my expectations, they've exceeded them!

I tried:

Body Smoothie Lotion in Birthday Cake Batter
: This lotion comes in a bottle, unlike the butters which come in a tub. I do like the bottle style, I feel that it's more sanitary when you don't have to stick your fingers in the container. The texture of the lotion is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Usually body lotions are too thin and not very moisturizing (think Bath and Body Works body lotion) but this is actually very moisturizing and not too runny. It's definitely not thick, which is good because otherwise it would be hard to get out of the bottle. It doesn't feel sticky, it just feels smooth and soft. Genius, I tell you!

As for the scent.... WOW. How can I even describe this?? It smells exactly like white cake batter. Not fakey weird chemical cake batter like most cake batter scents are. It is a *true* cake batter scent- like smelling a bowl of just-mixed white cake mix. It's not almondy or coconutty, it's not too sugary sweet and overwhelming, and it's not just plain vanilla. It smells edible.

I'm a huge fan of lots of etailers, and I have pretty much every cake / cake batter / frosting scent they carry, and none of them smell anything like this.

Candy Butter Cream in Chocolate Cupcake
: The texture of the Candy Butter Cream is everything a body butter should be- super thick, rich and very moisturizing. It's quite a bit heavier than the lotion, but not gross-oily-sticky heavy. It's like The Body Shop body butters would be if they were half as oily. It takes a little while to soak in, but not all day like The Body Shop. It's a good balance, and it's now my favorite retail body butter. Excellent.

The scent (Chocolate Cupcake) is delicious. It's nothing like most retail chocolate scented bath and body products. I can't say it's a 100% true to life chocolate scent, but it's definitely the most realistic chocolate scented product I've tried.

The scent isn't overly sweet or chemical like other chocolate scents (Bath and Body Works Wickedly Hot Chocolate comes to mind), and it has more of a chocolate cake scent than a straight chocolate scent. I think the fact that it isn't too sweet of a scent is what I really like about it. It smells like chocolate cake, buttercream frosting and a hint of pure almond. Almond isn't the dominant note, but it really helps keep the chocolate scent from being artificial. After about ten minutes of wearing it, I get the slightest hint of base scent from the lotion- it's hard to describe- not quite like plastic, but not like chocolate either. It's not strong and it's not bad, but it's definitely there. Again, I'm super-impressed with this scent and it's easily my favorite chocolate cupcake scent now.

Candy Butter Cream in Strawberry Licorice
: Same formula as the Chocolate Cupcake Candy Butter Cream, different scent. I had expected this to smell like Twizzlers or perhaps Raspberry Panda licorice, but it really doesn't.

It smells like sweet candy strawberry. It's an amazingly good scent, light, fruity and quite sweet, just not what I had anticipated. It reminds me more of the red Starburst than it does of strawberry licorice. It's not a fresh strawberry scent- it's definitely candy. It's lovely. If you're into candy-scented things I bet you'd really love this. I like it a lot, but I'm more into bakery scents than candy scents. I think this would layer really well with Philosophy's fruity scents, like Sugar Plum Fairy, Cherry Cola and Fruit Punch.

I also ordered the Soda Pop Shower Gel in Coconut Bon Bon, but I ordered it separately and it hasn't arrived yet. I'll be sure to review it when it gets here!

I'm now obsessed with this line. I really hope they release more products (a body spray or eau de parfum would be especially nice!) and more scents, because they're spot on with everything. I did not expect them to be this awesome. I'm really, really, really happy about that. I wish the prices were a little lower, but you really can't get any bakery-scented products that are this nice from any retail store, so that might be why they cost a bit more.

Compared to a line like Dessert Beauty, which was also a favorite of mine, the quality is beyond compare. These lotions aren't sticky, they're way more moisturizing and more heavily scented. The scent lasts on the skin and has a fairly decent amount of throw. The scents are also realistic. Even compared to Aquolina's body products (like the Creme Caramel body milk I'm hoarding), it just completely blows them away. The. Best. Period.

Foodie people, you have to try these. Go to Sephora and sniff, I command you! You will love this line!


  1. TYSVM for posting this! I think I am going to have to give it a go. Most scented lotions seem runny and I hate that. I don't like sticky ones either. These sound awesome! I love foody scents for winter. (In the summer I feel like bees will flock to me.)

  2. All I can say right now is that reading this post made me HUNGRY!!! LOL

  3. I too am a HUGE fan of anything that smells like cake/cupcakes/frosting. I love Jaqua's lotions but absolutely LOATHE the ones by Crater Lake Company, those were so sickly fake and sweet smelling I wanted to barf! How are these compared to those (if you have tried those)?

  4. hi scrangie, i would like to ask if you know whether the ruby pumps in china glaze's sleigh ride collection and the ruby pumps in their normal collection are they the same? or is there a difference in the colour?

  5. Vbie3714, You're welcome! I think the texture of these is just perfect. I was expecting them to be sticky and I'm so happy they aren't! I love foody scents all year, bees be damned lol

    Katee, lol sorry!

    VampyVarnish, I *LOVE* Crater Lake Company! They have the best products out of all the etailers I've ever tried. I have never had a problem with them!
    However, Dylan's and CLC really aren't comparable- it's apples and oranges. Dylan's is more realistic than Jacqua (and I love Jacqua too) and not really like anything I've tried!

    Fridagal, I don't have official verification of this, but I think they're different. My old bottle is deeper and not as bright, more of a dark red. My new bottle that came with Sleigh Ride seems much lighter!

  6. I love foodie scents and these sound right up my alley!! I love your reviews, always right on and completely honest. BUT, having similar taste as you--your reviews make me spend more money, LOL!!
    Oh, were these actually in your Sephora or did you order them off the dot com? TIA!

  7. Awwwwww mannnnn, see what you did Scrangie?! Now I'm gonna go and try all those suckers on and probably leave with every last one. I'm a sucker for Gourmand, I tell you. =[

  8. SiennaX, it's so good to hear that we have similar tastes and that you like my reviews :) I don't know any people "in real life" who has similar taste to me so that's very exciting! I ordered these from I try to avoid going to the mall whenever possible, hehe :D

    Outspokenwallflower, hehehe :) You have to give them a sniff, they're delicious! I am such a Gourmand addict it's scary sometimes. The amount of cupcake scented products in my house that aren't food is astounding lol


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