Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10% Off Zoya and Qtica!!

Another really sweet deal... 10% off anything from Art of Beauty! Enter code holiday at checkout. Expires 10/17/08.

They have a really genius gift set available right now: a mini color lock system! For $12, you get a mini Anchor, Armor and Hurry Up.

They're not teeny-tiny, either- they're a good .25 fl. oz. Or, for $3 more you can get the mini Color Lock System plus a mini Remove+ and Shiloh polish!

If you've been wanting to try the Color Lock System (which really does work to dramatically extend polish wear) but haven't wanted to drop the cash on the full sizes, I think this is the perfect way to test it out without risking much.

However, my favorite holiday giftset would be Qtica's Holiday Nail Gift Kit. It has all my favorite stuff: My new 'holy grail' basecoat, Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator (full size!), Qtica Half Time drying drops, and Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm. It also comes with an Extending Topcoat, but I don't use it often enough to know if I like it or not. But the Natural Nail Growth Stimulator, Half Time and Cuticle Balm are must haves for me.

Anyway, I'm babbling. I'm really excited about the gift sets they have this year. I freakin' love gift sets! And even more, I love 10% off.

So... 10% off until the 17th... Sweeeeeet.


  1. how annoying, they only ship in the US! not to the UK :(

  2. this is so silly, but i got burned by zoya back in the summer. i ordered most of the color lock system and gossip collections, which is something I NEVER do (and this was my first and only zoya order). honestly, two days later they gave away the entire color lock system FREE, and later gave away gossip free. it made me so mad! i'm not sure i can ever order from there again. it made me feel so cheated.

  3. I wouldn't feel cheated if I were you anon. Zoya has so many freebies and deals. Once you get on the list you will get company emails and if you search on the web you will see blogger only freebie offers sometimes. You just had a bit of unfortunate timing. I like Zoya because they usually put free stuff into my orders anyway even if I don't use a code. I've used so many codes and gotten so much free stuff that in the end I feel like I've saved by buying directly from them online rather than from a cheaper online seller.

    RBL has lots of good email offers too.

  4. The cubes are cute - I saw them onanother blog. I'm getting a few for gifts and myself. I like the polish but I have never tried the gloss yet, any reviews on it?What color is in the picture?

  5. Sara, awww I'm sorry :( I've been looking for promos for you guys but haven't come across anything yet :(

    Anonymous, aw I know how you feel. Usually I don't go for the codes because I really like the freebies they normally hand out with orders. But I really understand, I would feel very upset also!!!

    Anon, I really love Zoya's freebies, those little bottles of Remove+ are my favorite, and the bottles of Half Time got me absolutely HOOKED! :D

    Anonymous, oh, the gloss is awesome! I've been planning to review it, but I'm waiting on an order for one more color (Glimmer!) before I post it. They're more like glossy balms, they're so smooth and moisturizing. The colors are gorgeous and they taste really nice- kinda like popsicles!

  6. how does the qtica natural nail stimulator work? does it keep you break-free? or does it make your nails grow faster? i think i just want to make my nails look like i'm trying to stalk your techniques. hehe
    i value your opinion very much!

  7. Hey Andie :) I love it for a lot of reasons. It works! It keeps my nails from breaking, prevents staining, brightens and heals my nails and I do think it actually makes them grow faster. Not overnight, but it definitely helps :)

  8. What color are you modeling in the picture?

    I like Remove+ too. It's the only remover that doesn't cause my husband complain about the smell.

  9. Firepail, it's Anastasia. Isn't it pretty :D

    I love the smell of Remove+.... is that weird? lol

  10. thanks!

    if it's wrong to love that smell, than so am I!


  11. yay i ordered them and had them sent to my mum in california and she'll forward them to me! (the colour lock & qtica set)

  12. Firepail, yay, we can be weird together! <3

    Sara, ooh, wonderful, I hope you love them!!

  13. Scrangie,
    Do you think it's really worth it to go for Zoya's color lock system if I already have a good base coat and top coat (ex: Stickey and Seche)? I'm really new to the whole nail polish thing (enabled by links to your blog!) so I'm not really sure yet if I need multiple base coats and top coats. Even if these top coats and base coats aren't necessarily better than others, do you think the color lock system extends Zoya manis better than other top/base coats do? Sorry for the long comment, I'm planning on using that voting promo and don't know if I should use the $12 for the mini system or 2 other nail polishes!
    - Lauren

  14. Lauren, if you have a good combination already then you don't *need* it unless you like to wear your polish for a week straight, which I can't do....

    I will say that the Zoya Color Lock system lasts much longer than my usual basecoat (any) plus Seche combination.

    I haven't tried it with non-Zoya polishes, but it works very well with Zoya.

    I'm not sure which I would choose, actually! Sorry I'm not more help, lol. I can never choose!

  15. I love that Zoya color in the picture. In fact, I added it to my Zoya wish list (along with Casey). Do you have any favorites from their Holiday collection? I am debating the brown color - Kalista?

  16. Casey, sorry I missed this comment! :( My favorites from the Flourish collection are definitely Richelle and Kalista. They're *gorgeous*!


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