Friday, October 3, 2008

New China Glaze Collections?

Check out these promo pics!

I have no information on these other than the pics, but I'm already excited!

I hope Summer Days is one of those "glass fleck" polish collections like China Glaze used to do... those were the best!

Ahhhhh these look so cool!!!!!


  1. Holy jeebus I just peed my pants!!! Seriously, I love you Scrangie!! TYSM for posting this!! <3

  2. I'm excited for some of those colours. Hehe...and when I was a kid, I used to put raspberries on my fingers and eat them off just like that. Ahead of my time... :P

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Oh, and I was wondering...How did you come up with the name Scrangie?

  3. Oh my! That's nice nailporn for a friday night LOL :D I think i got to get them all. Can't wait for more info.

  4. um.

    I need these, all of these, right now!!!

    [passes out]

    thanks for posting this... even though they probably won't hit stores for 6 months... argh!

  5. I am entirely intrigued by the Romantique poster! Can't wait to see those!!

  6. yes but those ads are horrifying!
    esp. the one with the woman fellating the raspberry.

  7. Oooooh, how cool!
    Now I want raspberries *watery mouth

  8. Oh noooooooo I think I want them all!!!

  9. omg i need all of these...they look great!! i find it kind of funny though that in both pictures we don't see either of the models' nails. haha.

  10. These look great!

    Hey, Scrangie, I was able to find a bottle of Family Secret from another ebay seller! I cannot wait to get it. I got Cinch My Corset and Family Secret, too. Yippeee!


  11. Scrangie, do you have any swatches of the "glass fleck" polishes you meantioned? I'd love to see what you mean!

  12. off topic, but did you see this? you can get 3 free polishes (your choice) if you vote and buy $20 worth of Zoya:

  13. Carla G, hehehe! You're welcome! I pretty much had the same reaction when I saw these :)

    Atomica, hehehe cute! Scrangie is what I've been called since I was a kid :D Everyone I know calls me Scrangie in real life!

    Emelie, me too! I'm dying to see these in person. They look awesome!

    Firepail, ME TOO!!! I can barely contain my excitement!! (We may get these as soon as Jaunary :D )

    Princess, they look metallic, don't they? I hope they're as cool as they look in the picture!

    Lady Slatternly, LOL I was thinking the same! I've said it before and I'll say it again- someone at China Glaze watches WAAAAAY too much porn! XD

    Sanna, I just had the best raspberries the other day. Mmm! I even put them in my salad along with the tomatoes and cucumbers... So good!

    VampyVarnish, me too! :D

    RedRunner, lol you're right! I didn't even think of that!

    Melanie, fantastic!!! Those are all great colors, I hope you really love them :D

    KimmyDarling, why yes! I've been working on swatching them, so I'll post them soon :D

    Firepail, oh you bet your butt I saw that, hehehe :D I've already used the code twice- I love Zoya's promos! Thanks for showing me :D

  14. OMG Scrangie!!! *sigh* i think i need them all... LOL, at least we get a couple of months to get some money!

  15. Sorry, meant to say I got Cinch My
    Corset and Tarnished Spoons with my bottle of Family Secret. I have Family Secret on the brain it seems...


  16. Hi! It's tarotbydiana. The livejournal i.d. is being pesky!

    I am glad that China Glaze understands that green and blue metallic are romantique. The word "romantic" in any form associated with a polish collection usually spells pink or white. Those colors never get me in the mood.

    If I ever feel a relationship needs more spice, maybe I could roll around and act out China Glaze ads. "Honey, watch me do Summer Days. Mmmmm."

  17. I know this has nothing to do with the post, but I'd love your opinion of OPI Black Tie Optional. I'm thinking of splurging and getting a bottle on ebay. Do you think it's a remarkable shade?

  18. Lovely colors!

    Is china glaze good nail polish company as Essie and Opi [i mean in texture , drying time , etc....]?
    the romantic collection looks awesome!

  19. Mmmm, raspberries. I agree with whoever said you can't see their nails...what the heck is up with that? It seems that China Glaze is selling us sex. "Paint your nails and you too can spend time sucking on your fingers! If you are lucky, someone else might too!" What with all the ex-strippers in their other ads, I think China Glaze should put out some nail-fetish movies. Hate to admit I'd probably buy them!

  20. Ah, Scrangie I hope they are glass flecked too! Those polishes have single handedly the best application ever.

  21. Oh my "Lady Slatternly said...
    yes but those ads are horrifying!
    esp. the one with the woman fellating the raspberry.

    October 3, 2008 2:31 PM"

    I thought that was me but that was my exact thought, they shoudl think about doing a new ad no kidding lmao.

  22. Psychoswim, oh yes, I *definitely* need them all! :D

    Melanie, I was wondering, hehe :) They're all lovely though, I hope you really enjoy them!

    Tarotbydiana, EXACTLY! lol :D I don't know what's romantic about pink and white or red for that matter... Who decided it was romantic, anyway?
    China Glaze's marketing department must be run by a former porn director or something... lol

    Anonymous, definitely get Black Tie Optional! It's fantastic! It has all my favorite qualities: great formula, duochrome, super-teeny microglitter, shimmer, purple.... It's a winner for sure! I think I have some pics of it in my archives... Search black tie optional and I'm sure it will come up :D

    Nitzan, it's really hit or miss with China Glaze! Some shades are amazing quality and even better than OPI, some shades apply like garbage! They take a long time to dry, but their color selection is top notch.

    Anonymous, I totally agree! I don't understand why they think sex will sell nail polish to women, but for some reason... yeah. Their ads are just sooooo cheesy, it's not even like big budget porn, it's like 80's home-made backyard porn. LOL Although, I like your idea of nail fetish videos! That would be interesting to see from one of the biggest polish companies...

    Kelly, I will see if I can confirm the glass-fleckedness (hee hee!) of these polishes... I'm so hoping they are! I will dance with joy if they are!!

    Anonymous, I think so too! I don't know what's up with the horrible ads. Last time I checked, sex didn't sell nail polish, but I could be wrong! Maybe the target audience is males and strippers. LOL

  23. Oeh! just love the colours!


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