Monday, October 13, 2008

More Nail Art with Art Club polishes.

First things first, I want to apologize for being so slow in responding to your comments. I'm not ignoring you and I will respond to each and every comment! I have been trying to spend less time on the internet... I love reading blogs and commenting and posting about nail polish and reading all your comments, but I can easily spend the ENTIRE DAY doing it... Addictive!

Now it's time for pics!

I've been playing around with some Art Club nail art polishes lately and trying to come up with interesting designs, but I keep coming back to the same type of design.

The past couple of month, I've been in the habit of wearing a different color or design on each hand. It gives me a chance to 'wear' more stuff. Is that weird? I have serious nail polish ADD.

In these two pictures, it's China Glaze Calypso Blue with Art Club Gold Hologram and Hologram Glitter. The thumbs have a little Pure Ice Heartbreaker. Heartbreaker is one of the best polishes in the entire world- it can make anything look better. It'd consider it a must-have for sure.

Here's the silver blurred a little to show you how cool the hologram glitter is. For some reason, only blurry pictures show the awesomeness of glitter. Hmm.

Here's a little closeup of Heartbreaker over Calypso Blue.

Here's me playing around with a bunch of Art Club polishes... Malmsy, Orchistra, Aquarius, Titania Gold. I'm not sure if I like any of these designs, but they were fun to do! I guess the stripes and polka dots are pretty cute...

And here's the mani I ruined to play with nail art:

I love this one. It's so cool, I think I'll do it again, but I can't remember the polishes I used! I know the orange is OPI Osaka To Me Orange, but I don't remember what the rest are. Oops!

I think I'm going to keep playing with nail art- Art Club polishes are perfect for creating designs and it makes it really fun and easy to experiment.


  1. I love nail art :) I'm just a sucker for shiny stuff :P I have ADD when it comes to nail polish too. My S/O thinks I am a nail polish remover junkie cause I'm always changing my polish!! Love the blue and silvery stuff :)

  2. Awsome work! All of it! And I am glad someone is even worse than me. I still have the same polish on both hands. But I can see the point in doing it your way... :D

  3. wow i love the pink-green-bars ... or the black with "bubbles".
    need to freak out a bit more if i look at all this stuff :D

  4. I love them!! The decals are too cool!! <3 Pure Ice Heartbreaker, I just need a gold version now!!

  5. Hey Scrangie,
    You are so great at painting your own nail art, so I know you don't need this tip, but I know you love holos, too, so I wanted to share...

    I was experimenting with my Konad and my other polishes which led me to try the silver ChG OMG holo with the Konad.

    It is super-fast drying, so you have to work very quickly, but the effort is SO worth it. Especially over a vampy creme...

    Let me know what you think if you try it!

    P.S. Did you ever see the OPI DS Coronation in person? I don't have PCFS to compare, but I know you do and am waiting for your opinion on it... thx!

  6. wow, you are really talented Scrangie!!

  7. ermmm... can i ask what colour is pure ice heartbreaker?

  8. I loved that last pic!

  9. The Hallowe'en nail art is cute! Now if only I can be as daring and wear orange.

  10. That little skull is so cute! Is that a decal or did you freehand that?

    I love the glitter striping too!

    I have a request. I have been on the hunt for CND polishes before the discontinued ones start becoming expensive. I saw your earlier post and bought almost everything you had up. I still need to get Black Platinum. Are there any others you could could swatch that are must haves or at least interesting enough to warrant owning? Thanks!

  11. Cool nail have a far steadier hand than I do! I love the blurry picture and know exactly what you mean!

    Please don't apologize for not getting to requests. You are really great about posting, and I think your loyal readers understand that this is not the only thing in your life! I would hope that most of us are patient when it comes to our favourite bloggers. We love you Scrangie!

  12. Lina-Elvira, Hehehe! I'm guilty of sometimes changing my actual mani twice or three times until I get something that looks good :)

    Sminkan, thank you!! I'm really, really loving all your nail art lately :)

    Ray.of.night, I think maybe the bubbles are my favorite too :)

    Carla G, I looooove decals! I have tons and I haven't been wearing them lately because it feels like a waste when I change every day. I might have a gold version of heartbreaker... with all the polish I have there has to be something similar, I'll go see if I can find one :)

    Wixbetty, that sounds amazing and I'm gonna try that right away! And I never did get to see the new DS polishes in person, I've been looking *everywhere* and right now they only exist in my imagination, lol =/

    Andie, wow, thank you!! :D

    Fridagal, it's a very sheer blue-green shimmer that doesn't look like much on its own but looks incredible layered over anything :)

    Sara, yay, thank you! :)

    Atomica, orange is wonderful, embrace the orange :) Even if it's only one day a year that you wear it!

    Tarotbydiana, thank you! They're decals :) As for interesting CND polishes, there are quite a few cool ones, I'll try to take pics or at least post names of them soon :)

    Melli, thank you, thank you! I really do love doing requests, but lately nail polish has been taking over my life and I do need to get boring 'real life' stuff done first :) <3

  13. wow, how did you combine/mix that last one? the black-orange one. it's really cool!

  14. Jingchun, I don't remember *exactly* what I used, but it was one layer of black polish, one layer of holographic glitter polish (I'm pretty sure it was China Glaze Fairy Dust!) and a Maybelline Colorama glitter top coat with flakes, it *may* have been Ruby Rays, but any flaky glitter will give a similar effect :D

  15. wow your paintings are gorgeous! thanks for taking the effort of sharing all these. i have a long way to learn :D

  16. Prettybeautiful, awwwe thank you! It's a lot easier than it seems, it just takes a steady hand (which I normally don't have! ) :D

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  18. Kendy, this is starting to piss me off. Stop spamming my blog.

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  20. WTF?! Is this the spam post from hell? Gel, you've spammed every damn nail-related website on the internet, no one's going to go to your lame-ass site. If you spam me one more time I'm going to gouge your eyes out with a cuticle pusher.


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