Sunday, May 18, 2008

OPI Designer Series, Part 1.

My blog gal isn't showing up! What's up with that? I suspect photobucket is the culprit. Grr.

I don't often see the OPI Designer Series polishes getting much love, so I thought I'd post a few swatches to show how beautiful they are. I really love them a lot- they dry so incredibly fast you don't even need Seche Vite.

Once again, click for more detail. These suckers are huge.




Exclusive (my personal favorite)

Fantasy (has more multi-colored shimmer in bright light)


Jewel (ok, this one is kinda funky.)







Aren't they gorgeous? I think this is about half of the shades in the line, so I'll post the other half when I get a chance.

These do cost almost twice as much as a "regular" OPI polish. Why? I don't know. Maybe it's the "diamond dust" that's in them. If you saw my post earlier this week about the OPI It's Summer For Shore collection you'll notice a similarity. I'm wondering why that collection cost the same as a regular OPI, but the Designer Series costs more, even though they look the same.

So it's 1 am and I'm rambling. Forgive me if I make no sense. As a peace offering, I give you one more polish to add to your wishlist:

My Private Jet (from the Night Brights collection).

I will now attempt to sleep, which is probably more wishful thinking than reality.


  1. I LOVE MPJ!
    It's so gorgeous!
    and I love your pics as always:)

  2. Thank you, I love yours also :)

  3. Wow... just WOW.. I think i have to go to the bank tomorrow and get a loan. Because I now crave all of the OPI you just showed. They are gorgeous!

  4. Aren't they just stunning? Sorry if I hurt your wallet :)

  5. those are honestly EXACTLY like the sally hanson opal colors from about 4-5 years ago! I think I had all of those colors and they are spot on. I absolutely love your blog!

  6. Sweetpea85, I've been looking for those old Sally Hansens everywhere! Why do they always discontinue the good stuff! :( Thanks!

  7. Just wanted to say I really thank you for the great swatches you gave us of all the DS shades. I refer to these and others (DS 1 & DS part II) a lot. I know exactly which ones I care to spend my $ on just from your swatches and descriptions. The DS line has changed through the yrs and would like to see you address that at some time since folks come into a collection yrs after it first started. Love to see you go over when the DS line had the diamond dust and when it stopped using it as well as the great difference now this fall of 2011 when we were greeted with 2 new DS's - that really are nothing but major bottles of glitter (esp when comparing the DS's to what OPI is giving us in the upcoming Muppets glitter 6 bottle part of the total 12 Muppet bottle shades (they are pitiful in coverage). Just a suggestion since the DS line is really gone through changes from great linear holos, smooth, no rough surface, it's diamond dust - to when/where/which changed the line to no diamond dust, glitter - quality of glitter - holo, non holo (sorry unlie many others I don't call dumping in glitter to a polish a holo - glitter is in itself going to often given off multi colors, but that is different than what a holo is. Sorry if this is a tall order, but whatever pieces/parts you might be able to bite off and do as a blog or series of blogs would do so much help and be of as much benefit for folks through the years as all these older DS blogs are daily to many. Thanks for the years of great insight!

  8. Oh and don't we all tend to find out about some SH polishes that were outstanding but we missed them! I am with you gals on that one - I will look and honestly the stores around me (admitting rural living area), just barely change at snail pace. I never see the really great ones come through our area.

  9. I own both OPI DS Royal and another OPI color named Grape...Set...Match! I ca honestly say the latter looks nearly the exact same as Royal, just with a slight bit more purple. A good knock off from the same company for half price... lol :)


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