Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sephora reviews- WTF?

Okay, so, I just went to use's bogus new rating system and apparently the name SCRANGIE was taken! WTF?!


I wonder if there's someone on pretending to be me.... Hmph. Jerks.


  1. Lame! Well.. you can make your name 'therealslimscrangie'
    haha ok really lame. maybe just 'therealscrangie'
    - Lauren

  2. WhaaaT?
    Haha, agree with Lauren:
    therealscrangie would rock *lol*

  3. I would seriously write in a complaint and ask them to remove the comment. Even if it's just some lame lacquer wannabe, this person can't go around using your identity to post a review on a topic where you are considered an internet resource. If your user name were "Ilovepolish" I wouldn't feel as strongly that it's an obvious identity theft.

    Should we all go over there together and post our own reviews with each notating the commenter above is not the real scrangie?

  4. Excuse me for not being able to read at this late hour. I was too filled with righteous anger. LOL. I was somehow thinking you saw a post by another scrangie. Well, I will be on the lookout for that. Then we can implement an army of well manicured finger pointers. It's good to be ready.

  5. Not only that, lodge an official complaint, and ask the staff to trace back this person's IP address, and/or cancel that account out. block it!

  6. I know its a big disapointment, but guys I think you are being a bit harsh. This Scrangie hasnt done anyhting yet. It could possibly be their name.

  7. Bummer! Sorry the name has been taken. I'm sure it was innocently done. FWIW I think the "rating/reviews" on sephora are bogus. I have had 2 negative reviews refused because I didn't abide by some rule but they never told me what it was or how to change it.

  8. an impostor Scrangie? I'm not having it! can we petition Sephora?

  9. CRAZINESS! I'd leave that impostor a nice little comment...

  10. sadly we can not petition sephora! that would be a crime, a fashion crime. Just find out if it happens again and then track em down.

  11. Lauren, I just posted a review with the name "ActuallyScrangie" LOL

    Sanna, lol too bad I didn't see these comments earlier! I went with "ActuallyScrangie" hee hee

    Tarotbydiana, I'm glad you agree with me! I haven't seen them do a review yet (I ignore the Sephora reviews, as they are not reliable) but just the fact that my name was taken really upsets me!
    There could be a post by this fake Scrangie on there, but I haven't seen it yet- I think to get a screen name you have to write a review, so I'll have to search!

    Fudge, well, I'd love to lodge a complaint just to get them not to use my name, but I don't know if they've done anything wrong *yet*.... there are too many reviews to read through to see what they've said... but, come on, how many Scrangies have you met in your life, lol :D

    Nail Juice, you're right, they haven't done anything yet, but I'm pretty sure it's not actually their name... As long as people don't think that person is me, I'm okay, but I am THE Scrangie!! :D

    Elvira, they're extremely bogus. They only let people post positive reviews- wtf?! I said before that I try to ignore the reviews there- I decided to do that after reading multiple reviews and noticing that even on crappy products there were
    nothing but positive reviews. Again, WTF, Sephora???

    Jen, seriously!!!

    Firepail, I might email them but I doubt they'd do anything for me :( But, there is a small chance they'll change it, so I won't give up hope!

    Steph, I know, right??? Grrrrr!!

    Katee, well, I haven't seen them do anything wrong *yet* but the sheer fact that MY NAME was taken makes me more than uncomfortable.. If I knew how to leave them a comment I would!

    Chiffy, I'm not sure if Sephora would even care about this, sadly :( But I don't want some person using my name! Sadness!!!

  12. oh no!!!

    yeah. "the real Scrangie" lol-"the real slim shady"

    Will the real Scrangie please stand up?

  13. is your name really Scrangie? is it pronounced a certain way? sorry if these are silly questions doll! <3

  14. You should make your ID "theREALScrangie" -- which would be true! :)


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