Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A little bit of everything! Hard Candy, Revlon and some MAC

Last night I asked on Twitter what you'd like to see me post today- nail polish, makeup or fake nails. The overwhelming response was nail polish, but my buddy Mazoo had a fantastic idea- post an awesome discontinued color, like a Hard Candy!

Hard Candy Hick. This is long gone, so don't even ask me where to find it because I have NO idea. Anyway, this is one of my favorites. It's a sky blue shimmer base with lots of silvery glitter and a slight pink sheen. It is on the sheer and thin side, but it's SO worth it. Old formula polish filled with chemical goodness. I miss the Big Three.

Why don't people make colors like this anymore?! And furthermore, why did Hard Candy stop making all their AWESOME colors and start making crap colors (and then just discontinue everything)?? They went from having the best, most unique and unusual shades in the universe to making nothing but four crappy sheer pastels. Yeah, Hard Candy... pastel pink shimmer is REALLY edgy... *insert eye-roll here*

Let's move on to a little makeup...

I did this last year and I don't think I ever posted it. I don't remember exactly what I used... Definitely MAC, but I can't remember which shades! Lucky Green and Purple Shower perhaps? My hair looks really black here, but it was purple when I took these pictures. It always looks black the first week.

And, for the fake nails...

Here's a little preview of one of the Revlon Runway Collection nails I got to try. I love this style! I want to do a full review of it, so it will be a mystery until then!

That was fun and refreshing. Maybe I should do this more often!


  1. Lovely post! Post what makes you happy!

    I got a bunch of those Revlon's to try to! Aren't they so pretty?!

  2. Hi Scrangie,

    Georgous nail and eye look! You are so talented, I'm addicted to your pictures!


  3. I WISH I could do eyes. Every time I try something awesome I look like a freak. Other people can do cool things to my eyes, just not me.

  4. Gorgeous eye color! I love the color placement!

  5. Ooh, I love those Revlons! We have some on the way to review. :)

    I still have my old Sellout polish from Hard Candy. It was like a deep green/teal base with tons of greenish gold glitter.

  6. Hey Scrangie....the colors of your eye look remind me a lot of the ones used in the Barbie release! :)

  7. That is one gorgeous glittery blue. How dare they stop making that!! I never had any of those, boo hoo. I wish someone would make one like that. BB Couture makes great glitters. Isn't Prince Charming something like that? I heard they are soon to come out with a new collection. I hope it has some glitters in it. One of the polishes is named Throb! Interesting. Your makeup looks beautiful as always. How about a whole face photo instead of just those flirty eyes? Those Revlon nails are really different and pretty. That kind of French I like! I enjoyed the mixture today.

  8. Such glorious eyes! I wish I could do makeup like that but I'm such a spaz. I'll have to start watching drag queen makeup tips on YouTube.

  9. Hey Scrangie. Crackin up about your love for toxic chemicals HAHA I love my old polishes too! On another note...have you ever tried a polish by Anise? I picked up a couple today at DSW and am pretty damn impressed! Just wondering :) Have a good one! LIZ

  10. YAY!! Hard Candy FTW!!!!

    You rock, my dear. I've actually written a blog about HC polishes too, but I forward date entries when I have too many ideas so it should be up in a few days.

    Some of the older colours just blow my mind. I have Hick, it's gorgeous. But man, Mermaid, Grinch, Pimp, Gank... talk about hotness.

    I love the DC'd stuff!

  11. *sigh* pics like that make me wish I had a time machine. Between Hard Candy, Old School Urban Decay, and Revlon Streetwear, the mid-to-late 90s were a funky polish lover's dream! Too bad it was all readily available back when I was too young to have much disposable income. So much lovely polish and so little to spend on it!

  12. Love your eye makeup so stunning, and I really like that style of nails!

  13. I just have to say that 1. I am totally addicted to your polish swatches. 2. I adore your color combos for eyes and 3. You have two of the prettiest eyes I have ever seen! Who says brown is ROCK brown eyes girl!

  14. i found someone selling the HC nail polish pictured here.

  15. I have Hick by Hard Candy in the old big 15 ml square shaped bottle.It seems a darker blue to your pics with a hint of purple shine along with the silver glitter.Was there two version?


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