Friday, March 27, 2009

Piggy Polish Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

With the constant barrage of Spring and Summer collections being thrown at us, I think I've been swatching non-stop! Just a few more collections to go and I'll be able to rest for a little bit and get to all the requests and comparisons on my list.

Okay, here we go, one more Spring/Summer collection to drool over: Piggy Polish!

Azure Thing. A bright, frosty turquoise blue. This is a beautiful color but it's very sheer. I have on three coats and you can still see my nail through the polish. The sheerness makes it awesome for layering- the day I got these I layered them all over black and wow, startlingly awesome colors resulted.

Dog Daises Of Summer. A pearly metallic yellow. The name confuses me a little. I know it's supposed to be a play on "Dog Days Of Summer" but were they trying to go for Daisies? Typo? Am I just reading it wrong? Either way, this is a great summer color. The best part of this color? It's NOT STREAKY!!! It's basically a law of nail polish that yellows have to be streaky, but this one isn't. So, if you've been wanting to wear yellow but are too frustrated to deal with them, you might be pleased with this one.

Grin And Berry It. A bright, almost jelly-like coral-fuchsia creme. This is one eye-catching shade. It's not really what I think of when I hear the word 'berry'- it just doesn't look berry-like to me. To me, this is more of a very bright coral verging on fuchsia. Staple summer color, executed very well.

Lily's Pad. Pearly bright grass green. I know, I've posted this color before, but it's worth seeing again! It's fantastic.

Live With Purplish. A nearly-neon purple creme. I love these types of shades. It is an extremely bright purple/pink creme but it's not quite neon so it doesn't dry matte. There are never enough bright purples in the world.

The tagline states, "Goes on toes!" but there's no reason you can't wear these on your fingers. I do!

The formula is excellent. These polishes are quite sheer, I did three coats in these pictures, but the formula is so thin and smooth that doing three of more coats is easy. I'm pretty sure that these are big three free, but they don't feel like it. The formula is too smooth. These all dry quickly. No complaints.

I love all the colors. They're bright, flashy, adventurous, and best of all, not boring! I'm so sick of boring polish colors being released all the time and I don't think Piggy Polish even has a boring color in their line. I love them for that. They are willing to take a chance and release fun, cheerful shades instead of the depressing red cremes and sheer pinks that plague the polish racks.

Another thing I love about Piggy Polish is that they come with toe rings. I believe the flowers on the toe rings used to be porcelain roses, but now they are made of a much less fragile plastic polymer clay type substance. Each toe ring is coordinated to the color of the polish in the bottle. Genius!

Overall, Piggy Polish rocks and their polishes always excite me and rarely, if ever, disappoint me. Their line contains brights, blues, greens, purples, duochromes and the holo glitter that I can't live without- Sunshine On Snowflakes.

The only retail store I've ever seen selling Piggy Polish is Ulta, but I believe you can order directly from Piggy Polish as well.


  1. Great colors, and Lily Pad really rocks my socks. I might have to go looking for that.

  2. they have them @ Sally's beauty supply too!

  3. ok i lied.. i got them with finger paints mixed up

  4. Scrangie, thanks for swatching and all that. These are very pretty bold colors. I digging Azure Thing and Grin And Berry it. Berry looks super smooth and rich.


  5. These are awesome. I think Ulta's having a Buy one, Get one half off sale on Piggy Polish, so now is a good time to pick some up.

  6. dog daisies reminds me of mac phosphor. too bad that kind of yellow looks dog-ugly on me.

  7. Wow... that yellow one is almost a dead ringer for the yellow polish MAC put out last year. Phosphor, I think.

  8. Oh wow, gorgeous colors! I actually want everyone of them.

  9. How similar would you say Grin and Berry It is to OPI On Collins Ave.?

  10. Eeek! Thanks for posting these lovelies :D I am in love with Lily's pad since you posted it before!

  11. I just finished scrolling through your entire blog (it took me two days), and I have to say I really like it, and be sure, I will return! What better thing to do than write a comment while my top coat is drying?

    So, hats off to you, 'cause you'll probably help draining my economy completely, by swatching all these must-haves! I'm drooling here. :)

    /FĂ©line, one of all those Swedish readers

  12. Love Lily Pad and Dog Daises of Summer. I don't own any of this brand. I'll have to check these out. They all look pretty on you.

  13. The Piggy Polish display at Ulta always makes me smile. So many pretty colors! They look like jewels, all lined up in a row. I'll have to go down there and look for the new colors next week. (I get paid on the first of the month. ;) )

  14. HOLY MOLY!! Who knew!??!?!?! I love them all!

  15. HoneyHoneyNY, so good to see another green on the shelves! :)

    Adrienne, hehe that's okay :)

    Velvet, I agree!!

    Scott, thank you :) It's so cool that you appreciate polish as much as I do! Rock on!

    Linds, oh, awesome!! *runs to Ulta* :D

    Steph_mark, it is somewhat close! I kinda prefer Phosphor, it's more opaque :)

    Anonymous, yes, they're very close!

    Alexlyndra, it's a fantastic collection!

    Atomica, oooh, good question... Grin And Berry It is less bright and more rich, slightly more pink than OPI On Collins Ave. :)

    Lina-Elvira, it's so glowy!!

    Feline, hahaha thank you so much!! :) Swedish girls rule!! <3

    Lucy, definitely take a look at them, you might love them :)

    Electrogirl, me too, it is truly a beautiful and happy sight to behold :)

    Callie, haha aren't they pretty?? ;-)

  16. I sooo want Azure Thing, but it sucks that it's so pale.
    Grin and Berry it is pretty!

    Do you have swatches of them over black?

  17. the yellow stained my do i get it off? fun colors and all, just wish it didnt stain :(


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