Monday, March 2, 2009

Nail Polish Wishes

I have been thinking a lot lately about new nail polish collections. Wondering what types of colors the polish companies are creating and why. What influences them? Is it fashion? Art? Or is it just the numbers, new creations based only on what sells?

I fully understand that I (we) are a different type of nail polish consumer. The main difference between me (us) and your average salon consumer is a big one: Volume. While the average salon patron or nail polish customer may purchase one or two polishes every couple of months, perhaps spending up to $20, we, the nail polish connoisseur, are no strangers to purchasing twelve polishes at a time, usually more, spending more on one polish purchase than the average polish consumer will in her lifetime.

Polish connoisseurs like you and I buy polish because we love color, and we love being able to have a little fun with our nails. We don't buy polish because we have to maintain our perpetually sheer-pink tips and our only bottle of Essie Ballet Slippers is running out. We buy it because we love it.

In my opinion, that should give us more pull with polish companies when they consider the colors for their collections. I feel like the only look at what the salon consumer is likely to purchase, but us polish junkies need some love too!

Please don't think I am being ungrateful and whiny- I know that polish companies have been very good to us. They've been listening to what the nail polish connoisseur wants, and giving us a little something every season. I mean, even Essie, the queen of sheer pinks, gave us Mesmerize this season. China Glaze gave us two unique collections, Romantique and Summer Days. Zoya's spring collection rocked my socks, and do I even have to mention Barielle and Color Club? I know they've been good to me, but I still can't help but feel like some things are missing.

Here are my nail polish wishes for this year.

I want....

GREENS!!! Specifically, Mazoo's 'Bahama Greens'. But really, I'll take all the greens I can get. Please skip the light golden-shimmer greens, please! We need a variety of greens in all tones and finishes. The world is severely lacking in dark to medium greens. We have a reasonable amount of light greens with gold shimmer, as well as pale pastel green cremes and chromes. We need more Zulus, more Recycles, more Evergreens, more Date Nights, more Rainforests, more, more more! And we need creme, yes, but frosts, shimmers, glitters, duochromes, jellies and holos! May this be the year of the greens.

I also want....

Camouflage colors! Drab green, olive, dusty grey, dirty brown. Not enough of these colors exist in the world, and I don't want to have to resort to 'frankening' my own. They are chic ad much as they are edgy, and I think people would be open to them if they had the option to buy them. And not just the traditional Woodland camouflage, either! How about desert camo, snow camo, urban camo, heck, even pink camouflage pattern themed colors? You could sell them in sets of three or six. It would be awesome.

I want....

More holo colors! Not just duplications of the holographic colors we already have, I want entirely new shades of mesmerizing holographic goodness! We don't really have a true red holo, nor do we have a dark blue or green holo. We don't have a yellow holo that isn't gold, and we don't have an orange holo that isn't pink. I want darker hologrpahic shades to contrast with all of the very light bordering on pastel holo shades we already have. And I wand more smooth holo like this Nfu Oh- it's extra awesome.


I want more unique glitters!! We have plenty of gold glitter, plenty of silver glitter, heck, even plenty of plain holographic glitter. I want more funky shades! Dark colors are especially rare. I bet people would love a dark blue glitter, and just look at the frenzy that China Glaze Emerald Sparkle caused! I know that a few people were even hoping for black glitter, and I think it could work. How about darker shades with a handful of holo glitter? Think about the Massini glitters and how much they rock. And don't be afraid to mix shades together, like these mind-blowingly awesome gems in a bottle:

I also NEED....

More Magnetiques! We only have a blue and a brown, think of the possibilities! And don't make them country-exclusive and don't make them limited edition. Does Lancome hold the patent on these? If not, why hasn't anyone else created these?! I have never gotten more compliments on my nails than when I wear Bordeaux Esmee.

I want...

More Mattes! I have both ManGlaze shades, and two Knockouts, but all together that's only six matte shades available for purchase. Two blacks, a grey, a white and a pink. You can do better than that. Matte is cool, we just need more variety. How about a matte red, a matte blue, a matte olive or a matte green? I think the green should look like moss, and maybe even be named moss.

And last but not least, we need more...

FLAKIES!!! The polish finish that magically transforms a plain polish into something special. There's nothing like flakies. And really, outside of Nfu Oh, there are no flakies that are easy to find. There are maybe one or two readily available shades from CND and Nubar, but other than that they have all been discontinued. Flaky polishes are truly unique and the possibilities for creating opal-like shades are endless. Please give us more.

There are a ton more things I'd like to see created by polish companies, but I could really go on all day. This post is long enough with my demands :) Maybe I will do a part two?

I hope that one day I get to see some of these things come to life. Every time a polish company releases yet another red or sheer pink (on top of the thousands and thousands in existence), I feel a little bit sad and wonder if it could have been something awesome instead.


  1. Testify!
    And please, please, PLEASE we need some flakies. NEED. And dark jellies. And everything. I want the entire Pantone color book available to me in a variety of finishes and glitters.

    BTW, I liked your piece on the ALU site.

    Thanks Scrangie!

  2. Yes! I couldn't agree more. I work at a spa (receptionist, not doing nails) and am constantly antagonized with requests by people asking me to help find them the perfect sheer shade. That's fine, we cater to the public and their wish for a clean look but once in a while someone comes in looking for a fun color and I can't help them. We only carry Essie and OPI, even my boss who has been doing nails for 20 years laments over how they release all the same colors over and over again, so much that she's at the point where she doesn't want to order the new collections. We can't even carry the OPI Brights collection because they won't sell. She is a professional and the companies should cater to her as well as consumers because we keep them in business. The polish freaks are a minority in our spa and there's only 1 lady who shares my love of crazy colors so I bring some in for her pedicures :P

  3. I agree with you in every word.
    And imagine, I live in Brazil, where there are not China Glaze, Opi, Essie or any other fabulous brands that you swatch all the time...need to improvise or pay international shipping.
    I want more creative nail polishes! Funny nails im ny life!

  4. Have you swatched the KO colors? Are they fantiastic?? I keep ALMOST ordering them...

  5. Yes! Yes! And Yes!

    More greens, more ditry colors, more mattes, more holo and glitter and flakes....I want it all! I wholeheartedly agree that we need more dark sparklies. And peach flakes. I'm having a hell of a time finding those.

    I also want a miracle remover that sepcializes in taking off glitter and flakes. NFU Oh! is such a bitch to get off.

  6. Scrangie what green is that first OPI one? I sooooo agree with you, we need more olive greens...

  7. well I'm not a huge fan of Mattes and Flakies BUT I agree with everything else 100%. What about a pea green holo? LOVE!

  8. i totally agree with you! i can't wait to get my hands on some nfu oh.

    i live in Singapore and my friends thinks that i'm crazy whenever i change nail colors every few days. and one of them thinks that holographic polishes look scary!

  9. I agree! I'd totally love some more unique polishes.

    In regards to the star polishes, I think L'Oreal/Lancome might hold the patent. L'Oreal has recently released a line of 6 or 7 star magnet polishes, but so far they are only here in Scandinavia.

  10. If NP companies grant but 1 wish from this list I would be happy! Here's hoping.

  11. I was at Walgreen's last week and I SWEAR I saw a package of Sinful nail color in a rainbow of greens!!! I assumed it was for St. Patty's Day, but green isn't my thing. It was up at the front where they put the "new" cosmetics and displays.

  12. I agree! Instead of more creme Nfu-Ohs, I want unique holos!
    Loved the article on you at ALU!

  13. Yes to all!

    And please stop releasing polishes only in certain countries or areas. You manufacturers could be making the money we give to scalpers to get the polishes we want!

  14. Yes! to all of these, especially the greens and glitters, two tragically under-represented categories. Oh, man, what if someone released a glitter collection with only green shades? If only...

  15. Your list of wants is soooo much like my own! Glitters! Flakies! Holos!
    And what I seriously want...
    bahama greens.....
    I just melt when I see that pic, everytime!

  16. I agree witcha - even the stores are mostly selling what the salons are carrying so you have to go to the depths of the internet to track things down... haters!

    i think a lot of companies are also reluctant to carry more bold colors

    love the site

  17. I agree with everything you wrote! I love love love holographic's......

  18. Scrangie,
    What is the gorgeous Butter London shade? Also, what are your thoughts on the brand in general?

  19. Agree completely with all your wishes, and especially the greens and holos. A medium grass-green holo would be excellent; I just ordered L8R G8R, and while I'd have rather it been a touch darker, it should sate me for awhile. Also, I want Sally Hansen to rerelease some of the awesome polishes they had back in the day. The Chrome Nail Makeup, the Opal shades, the Magic one...I'd love to have a cheap/easy-to-find exotic polish fix again. Back when they were around, I was too young to really appreciate it--but I still wore the absolute hell out of some silver chrome nails. I'd also love to see some of the old Revlon Streetwear-type colors make a reappearance. They had a dingy, dirty moss green that was just awesome--and one of the best gunmetals ever. Again, too young to really appreciate. Love your blog, by the way! I check everyday for swatches and news, haha.

  20. Glad you are feeling a little better. Thanks for posting some nailphile psychology, too. You are the best.


  21. Vampy--(I mean, Kelly, lol) I think it looks like OPI At Your Quebec &'s an olive green shimmer that looks like it's totally up your alley :)

  22. I'm with you on the red holo and the black glitter. I totally need these. totally.

  23. I've always wondered if things could work out if there was a white polish with black/navy glitter. I'll try to make my Frankenpolish.

  24. Can I get an AMEN?!!!

  25. Nicely said. Be unique nail companies!! Don't do the same ole, same ole. I vote Scrangie for President!!! Yeah, I agree w/ Vampy Varnish, I love that unique olive-y green OPI. What's the name?

  26. Firepail, thank you :) And I'm so happy you agree!!

    Rachel, oh wow, thanks for your comment! That's very interesting!

    Missblume, oh no! At least you can get your fix from 8ty8beauty :)

    Bottoms_up, you know, I haven't swatched them yet! I was swatching them the day I broke my nails, so I decided to put it off until they grew back! *sigh* Stupid broken nails... lol

    Teggy, woohoo yes! And lol but they are SO worth it, aren't they?

    VampyVarnish, it's OPI Greenwich Green :) I thought you might like that!

    Bananarchy, hell yeah! :D

    Ty, scary?! They are the coolest thing ever, maybe she will learn to love them lol

    Pixie, awe, that's what I was afraid of :( At least there's something awesome and cool for you guys- it seems like we (USA) seem to get all the stuff lately!

    Ladyslatternly, I hope they're reading, look how many customers they'll already have!

    Bethany, you are correct! Two new greens for St. Patrick's day plus the two they already had, how awesome!

    Nessa, yay, thank you :)

    Silverin, AMEN!!!

    Styrch, thank you :)

    SolSister, yess! Thank you :)

    StephNJ, thank you!

    Linds, oh man, I hope I hope I hope!!!

    Erin, yay! Isn't it the coolest thing ever? Mazoo is awesome!

    Miss Yaya, thank you! :)

    Deez Nailz, OMG that is the best name ever!!!! Love it! :D

    TheAsian Girl :D

    Astrid, that shade is called Fash Pack. Unfortunately, I can't say I'm really a fan of the brand- overpriced, thick formula, horrible bottles. I might like them more if they changed to a better bottle and lowered the price!

    Initiales CC, I agree 100% with everything you said, those are my wishes also :D

    Scott, thank you- YOU are the best :)

    The Asian Girl, you're close! It's OPI Greenwich Green, they are quite similar :)

    Chloefpuff, yay, another customer, see that polish companies? hehe :)

    Anonymous, that would be so awesome, let me know if it works out!!

    Deb, AMEN sister!!!!

    Denny, hahaha thank you so much! :D It's OPI Greenwich Green, very very very old :)

  27. Scrangie, you make me want every polish you swatch, AND every polish you just wished for. Especially the flakies and creative glitters.

    Hey, did you hear the rumor that MAC is releasing some matte polishes this Fall. I wrote it up as soon as I saw it! Hopefully this truly will be a trend for Fall, as rumored.

    Love you and your blog, girl! Keep writing those wishes, 'cause I believe the polish companies are the most responsive to The New Media!


  28. I agree, bring on the holos, glitters and flakies. I'm a new polish junkie and missed out on a lot of the HTF's.

  29. Oh definitely! I especially want more greens- there's just not enough variety.

  30. I am so with you on your wants! Especially the flakies and holos!

  31. Oh yes, you are my psychic friend. Fantastic post.

  32. Scrangie, you've been reading my mind again. I agree totally with your wishes. There are enough "safe" colors out there. Bring on the colors we desire!

  33. Whoa, how long ago did the Magnetiques come out? I'd love to get my hands on those, just beautiful!

  34. Oh man, more green! And will anyone swatch China Glaze: In the Limelight? Dying to see that one on before I make the leap and purchase it!
    I agree with all of Scrangie's wishes!
    China Glaze, are you listening?

  35. Scrangie, I love your blog! And most of your wishes are also my wishes ;)

    About the flakes... have you tried Gosh's Rainbow yet?

    Link to pictures of this gorgeous Rainbow polish:

  36. well said hun!! here's to hoping this article gets read by the big companies... :D

  37. ITA, im at a point where i have a lot of polish & want more unique stuff. CND discontinued their only flakie and their awesome glitters: vip status, disco ball, pulse, & limelight. :( they need to bring em back!!!

  38. I thought it, but forgot to leave the comment: most brilliant nail polish blog post ever!

  39. I think I may have stumbled upon a hidden flaky polish. NYX has 4 called "pink ave" "peach ave" "blue ave" and "purple ave". I just bought peach and purple from which has free shipping for the next couple of days. Hopefully they live up to nfuoh! They are only 3.50 each!

  40. Oh Scrangie, that Man Glaze looks sooooo good on your nails. I am jealous, considering that it's originaly intent was for guys!

    I totally agree with you on the additional colors. The matte finish is really a nice change!

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Lately, weirdly I've been thinking about a white polish with black glitter. I don't know if it will exactly look great, but hey, sounds cool.

  43. Very nice blog, I love all those colorful pictures +_+ ehehm. Thanks to you my boyfriend wants that black Manglaze polish. And I own the bordeaux magnetique, but the blue one is new to me.
    Have a nice day!

  44. oooh what No. is the Nfu-Oh polish you used over black? the one that looks white-ish in the bottle and is in the picture right after the black manglaze?

    It looks gorgeous and i'd like to layer it over my other colours :D thanks sooo much!

  45. I would really like to know the nfu oh polish you used in the picture after the man glaze!! gorgeous..

  46. Some of your wishes did come true! :)


    another magnetic polish!

  48. :D I think that your polish wishes have largely come true since 2009!

  49. Oh my! Reading back on this one - you got a lot of what you wished for - but alas, still no yellow holo that I have seen!


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