Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Best Polish Names Ever, Part 1.

There are polishes in my collection that I bought for only one reason: They had an awesome name. Most of them I don't even wear, but I can't help but pick them up every now and then and feel happy, or confused or entertained or... something.

The first polish I can remember buying for the name alone is this little gem from Essie....

Essie Meet Balls.

Yes, the name of this polish is actually Meet Balls. I don't really understand the reasoning behind giving this polish such an awesome and bizarre name, but I am thankful they did it. Cause it's awesome.

So, after you Meet Balls, do you Shake Hands With Beef?

The color of this polish isn't so bad, either. It's not a color that I would normally buy for myself or wear, but the freaky name made me give it a chance that I might not give to a polish with a more normal name.

It's sort of a warm reddish-mauve with gold shimmer. I know, right? Reddish mauve? Ugh. But it just looks so flattering on my nails! I can't deny that I actually like the way this looks on me.

So, bonus.

I'll be periodically posting some of my favorite polishes with wacky names, but I want to know... Have you ever bought a polish just for the name? Do you have any polishes with bizarre names? We might even have some of the same favorites!


  1. Hi there,

    Not sure where to post this request but..

    Could you please do a comparison swatch on Rescue Beauty Lounge's Om and OPI's Baguette Me Not?

    Thank you :)

    -Lucia fr SG

  2. Two I bought particularly for the names were Urban Decay's Violence and Salmonella.

  3. yes, I also have bought stuff just for the name of it, though in my case it was mostly eyeshadows ... the she space and archetype cosmetics come up with the coolest names for eyeshadow colors, like gloomy sunday, save the trolls, alia of the knives (character of "Dune"), belladonna, rapunzels bad hair day, ruler of the land, dark and stormy night, chubby skeleton, corpse candle, goddess of destruction, hells kitten etc etc ...

    so I know what you are talking of :) I really don't know why I fall for this, cause I even bought colors I wouldn't normally wear, but wanted to have a sample with the nametag on it ....

    oh and dear scrangie, if I may ask for this, could you please please please do the swatches of your remaining Del Sol color changing nail polishes?

    Cause some friends and I are gonna order from them and I just can't decide which 3 colors I want - cause 3 is the maximum I can afford right now.

    And while I'm at it, THANK YOU a lot and almost endlessly for your blog, your lovely photos, your swatches, your descriptions, I have been consulting your blog for nail polishes I want, ever since I found it on one gloomy winter day.
    You are a great person!


  4. I like having colors like this in my stash -- I don't wear them a whole lot, but they're nice when I need a conservative polish that won't absolutely put me to sleep.

  5. i bought some polishes that have my name on it..OPI Sweet as annie-thing, Zoya Annie.. etc.. eventhough i don't really like red..

  6. HA! I bought my guy friend shopping with me and as always, I ended up looking at nail polish at Duane Reade. He then starts flipping around all the bottles and remarks they all sound like porn films.
    Most memorable was Essie Berry Hard (immature, I know) and the Thrill in Brazil.

  7. I'll have to go back and look at names. Nice idea and I would like to read if others did this. I do like the color though. Does look nice on you. I bought Mac's lipstick Pervette just for the name. I'm sure I did that other times but I just can't think offhand. We're never too old to be amused by these names.

  8. Normally it's a combination of the color and the name for me (OPI gets me with a lot of their names). I know my husband likes Sation Sporty Kar Red (yes with a K - used to be Corvette Red I believe) because he has a '74 Stingray that's red LOL!

  9. What a pretty color, Scrangie! It reminds me of MAC's Strawbaby lipstick...

  10. I bought a Rimmel color earlier this year just because it was named Twilight. :) It's similar to Zoya Pasha, but I prefer Rimmel's name more.

  11. i bought opi's melon of troy and i dont even wear pink.
    i'm just really into greek mythology and stuff like that. owning it makes me happy(:

    i'm STILL waiting for the day that zoya releases a namesake polish for me, Emily

  12. huh.. what a weird name. but it made me think of "meatballs".. so.. maybe? i dunno.

  13. I bought Zoya Lillith not only because I like the color, but because I HAD to have a polish named Lillith!
    CG's Evening Seduction I bought based on the name.
    CG's QT cracks me up because of an inside joke.

  14. I found the collection, Essie "Summer Balls" - I actually have "Adore-a-ball" from the collection... Was too streaky for my taste :)

    That name totally cracks me up, though. Who would associate meatballs with summer? Not me. (Or "ball-timore" for that matter) This sounds like a Jeopardy category gone wrong!

    Curve Ball

    When I first skimmed your post, I thought it said Essie "You've got some balls" :) Haha, perhaps some wishful thinking. Can't wait for the other funny names!

  15. I bought quite a lot of the OPI Chicago collection because I live in Chicago. I particularly like "Skinny Dippin' in Lake Michigan".

    And when I got engaged I HAD to have OPI's "Show me the ring" even though I don't like white nail polishes and it actually didn't go well with my ring at all.

    Also Essies "Mod Squad" and OPI's "You don't know Jaques" and OPI for Sephora "Queen of everything".

    Most of these colors (accept Show me the ring") are very nice colors though.

  16. I bought Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree by opi, because I am a cornball and love that song. :P

  17. No, but OPI names make me smile.

  18. I bought Essie's Honey Bun and ChG Chin Chilla-Vanilla for the names. I have 3 bunnies, 2 chinchillas and my user name is honeybunnie8. :)

  19. i bought OPI I'm Yours cos it was a Jason Mraz's song...

    Misa A Sin Worth Committing, Fatal Affair... Interesting and suggestive names all appeal to me haha. and i'll buy it without thinking.

    All the polishes i bought with interesting names never disappointed me. They end up to be beautiful colors always, somehow.

  20. I've bought a nail polish called "Pearly Death" from Rilken, a cosmetics company in Greece that is out of business (I think). I had my Dad buy me Essie's "After Sex" when he was on a trip to the US (he must have died of embarrassment) and today I bought two new nail polishes called "Rock Rebel", a blackened blue and "Fatal", yet another black nail polish. I do like looking at the names of polishes, I will buy it if the name stands out.

  21. Seems like a lot of polishes have funky, funny names. I was really disappointed with Zoya's Erin. I never wear sheer pink - I wanted it to be an excellent green. (My name is Erin Greene.)

  22. I bought Essie Shindig mainly for the name. (For the non-geeks in the crowd, 'Shindig' is the name of a Firefly episode.) It's not a bad color, shimmery coral-pink, but not something I would normally gravitate to.

    This was many moons ago, but I distinctly remember buying B&BW Beautiful By Nature's Lava Rock because I couldn't pass up that name. I'm a geology geek. (And I still have my Lava Rock! It's sort of a shimmery cool dark taupe.)

    And come on, who didn't buy Misa Dirty Sexy Money partly for the name? It's a gorgeous color AND it has an awesome name! Double score!

    Polishes I want based at least in part on their names:
    Essie It's Genius
    Zoya Lindsay (they even spelled it right!)
    China Glaze Tree Hugger
    China Glaze Venti Triple Shot Latte
    Orly Charged Up

    If anyone made a science themed collection, I would be all over that like Seche on a fresh mani!

  23. That actually looks really good on you. I might consider getting me some Meet Balls! lol!

  24. OPI's Kinky at Helsinki is my favorite, because name itself is funny and because I lived over 20 years in Helsinki :-)

  25. I'm still considering Zoya Bianca and Zoya Marcella, which is the name of my best friend. I might give it to her as a present... But I keep seeing colours I like better :-)

  26. I remember, when I was in Japan, there was this blue polish that was named AK47. But I through it out because it was too sheer and smells funny.

  27. Polishes I have bought for the name :

    OPI A Little Nookie
    OPI Melon of Troy
    OPI Taupe-less Showgirls
    Fingerpaints Divinely Deranged

  28. I bought OPI Honey Bunny because I have 4 bunnies (and can't stand the color lol). Also Essie Viva La Vespa because I love scooters.

    Ya know, Meet Balls does rather look like meat.....

  29. i love most of opi. its all i collect:

    im not really a waitress
    eifell for this colour
    kinki in helsinki
    you ottawear this colour.

    they are some of my favourits.

  30. Lucia, Sure thing!

    Clockwork, awesome, I would have done the same :D

    Sylvie, I love their names too! I have done that too :D Thank you so much! I have swatched them and they are up on, but I haven't posted them here yet :)

    Jamie, ah, definitely!

    Anonymous, oh, Zoya Annie is so beautiful!

    Kimchix3, LMAO you're so right!! Hahahaha!!!

    Lucy, never too old :) Especially if you have a juvenile sense of humor like I do :D

    Aquilah, ahh not the dreaded car with a K! lol

    *jen, ooh, I never thought of that! It kinda does! Awesome!

    Rachel, haha awesome!

    Anonymous, they probably will :)

    Izumi, me too, but, SO WEIRD. Even meat balls would be a crazy name for a polish. I love it!

    Phyrra, awesome! Glad to know there are other people like me!

    Ms. Lady, Summer Balls? LOL I don't even know what to say, Essie. Sounds uncomforable! XD

    The Austrian, I did the same thing with the Chicago collection! I don't even really like the colors lol

    Jenna, Haha nice!

    Anonymous, they have some cute ones!

    Anonymous, cute :D

    Layla, haha, if you like suggestive names you should check out Orgasm Cosmetics polishes!

    Melia, that's awesome! I love them all, especially Pearly Death!

    Silverin, ooh I just got Zoya Erin :) Maybe someone will make a green Erin just for you :)

    Electrogirl, sweet! I'd love a science collection too!!!

    Anonymous, lol thank you!

    Amabile, that's awesome! It's one of my favorites too :)

    Bianca, at least they're not limited edition :)

    Anonymous, I love it!! I want one! :D

    Leysa, Taupe-Less Showgirls cracks me up every time LOL

    Chloefpuff, cute :D it does look like meat now that you mention it lol

    Lilly, Kinky In Helsinki is one of my favorites too!

  31. Greetings from Finland!

    I'm living in Helsinki, so Kinky in Helsinki it is!

  32. Yeah! you know I got "Kinky in helsinki" just for the name:P

  33. yes, i buy colors all the time cause of the name. Like, when they have my name in it. (like the other person, my name is annie too...) I but colors cause the names remind me of special occassions.... (Essies after sex rings a bell.) The cute ones always get me too... i guess thats how my collection got off to start with!

  34. china glaze tickle my triangle

  35. Anonymous, haha too cool!! :D

    Sanna, I think of you every time I wear it :)

    Anonymous, nice! :)

    Anonymous, lol, naughty! :)

  36. Nars' Orgasm and Super Orgasm is very naughty and that caught my eye lol! I think that is part of the reason for the hype too, but the color issss gorge!

  37. I have a nail polish called "Under 18" and another called "Phallic". The Phallic one is blue.
    I was so excited when I found out Zoya had a color called Lauren, but when I saw it...blah.
    Lauren was a light, blah barbie pink. I like greyed-out colors, blues, holos, duochromes, dark purples, tomato red, emerald green etc. Barbie pink...ugh.

  38. I bought NARS " pussy galore " the name and the fact it was a light pink too cracked me up!

  39. I can't come up with any bizarre names right now. But I did buy Essie "Watermelon" just because it was named "Watermelon".

  40. For me, the name is more often the reason I DON'T buy a polish... for example, a rich chocolate brown would look quite masculine on my size 11-1/2 feet... but when women ask "What color is that", I really don't want to say "Suzi Loves Cowboys"...

  41. A color by SINFUL colors, not bought by me but my best friend
    the name is
    It is too funny..because its is just so RANDOM! The color is a pretty emerald green though, so it rocks!
    One of my friends is jocking shes going to give me Orly's "Toast to the couple" on my wedding day, which I admit, is awesome!

  42. My best friend has a nail polish from SINFUl colors called DAISY THE PIG!
    It is to funny because it is super random! It is a pretty emerald green though, so it rocks
    My friend also jokes she's going to give me Orly's "Toast to the couple" on my wedding day, which I admit, would be awesome!

  43. I bought O.P.I.s Aprhodite's PInk Nightie.

    I wanted to buy a pink polish and had a hard time deciding which to take. After some time (and getting kinda annoyed with myself), I flipped the bottles over and one of the pink polishes had the above mentioned name.

    And since I'm an archaeologist, I HAD to get it ^^


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