Friday, March 13, 2009

Orgasm Cosmetics Hard Day's Night

Orgasm Cosmetics Hard Day's Night.

This is the first polish I've tried from the new brand Orgasm Cosmetics and I am really pleased with it.

This shade is called Hard Day's Night, and despite the fact that it causes the song of the same name to instantly repeat over and over inside my head, I really enjoy this polish. It looks like a rich charcoal grey with silver shimmer, but it has a really blue cast to it like it's not actually grey, it's a darkened, smoky blue. In fact, Orgasm Cosmetic's color chart portrays this polish as a dark blue-purple and not grey, so I can't be imagining the blue cast on the polish.

The formula on this polish is really nice. The color itself is opaque in two coats. The texture of the polish is 'normal' to me- not noticeably thin or thick and for a three-free polish it really doesn't seem like one (it doesn't have the runny/gooey texture that three-free polishes can have). The brush was a nice shape and didn't have any defective bristles. The drying time was reasonable- not particularly long or short. All around, a good, solid formula with no obvious flaws.

I really like the bottle- it's a unique shape. I have no other polishes that have the same bottle as this one. If you're trying to make your brand stand out from the crowd, a unique bottle shape helps. It also helps if the bottle shape is actually good (Butter London FAIL) and while this bottle isn't terribly fancy or anything, it is sturdy and stable and not an awkward shape and it doesn't tip over when you're painting your nails.

Another thing I like about this polish is that the name of the polish is printed on the bottle. I wish more companies would do this! I can't tell you how many label stickers I've found floating around in my polish bins. Certain brands are notorious for having the labels either fall off or fade completely, and that can't happen with this polish. Nice big print on the back of the bottle clearly displays the name of the shade. A really nice touch.

For a new brand, it sure seems like they did their homework. Fun colors, great formula and bottles with labels that won't fall off. The color chart on the website is the only flaw I've seen so far- it is a very pretty interactive color chart, but it's not an accurate depiction of the colors (at least for two of the four colors I have tried).

Orgasm Cosmetics nail lacquers are available directly from their website for $6.
Clicking on the color swatch of the polish you want will open the "add to cart" screen.


  1. You're not imagining the blue cast. It looks blue to me as well. It's pretty.

  2. I love their marketing ploy; it is so something I would've done! BTW, I gave your blog an award on my site :)

  3. OMG Scrangie! I love the company name and the color names!

    Intoxicating, How Was It, Dripping Wet, Impossibly Pink, Aroused, Right Here Right Now, What happened Under the Covers, etc all look great :)

  4. Wow, the selection of colors available is excellent! I like the names too. Esp. My Secret Garden ^^ Clever company name as well.

  5. The polish looks great! Their bottles do look nice too, but I wouldn't have noticed it until you pointed it out. (But, pet peeve: why, oh why, did they have to use the Papyrus font on their bottle and all over their website? Argh! XD)

  6. i really like this color - do you know where they are sold?

  7. Wow, Scrangie! Thanks for the Beatles riff running in my gord. I'm not going to comment on the Brand name other than 'I like it.'

    Thanks for swatching. Have I mentioned you ROCK!?


  8. AHHHHHH!!!! Must own. Must own. :P I LOVE the Beatles, and have more versions of Strawberry Fields. This baby needs to come home to it's family of Strawberries and Lucy In The Sky. whee.

  9. I gave you an award on my blog today. Take a look to see what to do!

  10. beuaituful colour on you!

  11. i love your blog!

    i have read it trough 5 times this month and its super helpful!

    do you have any comparison photo of lolli jolli and princesses rules and similar polishes? which is prettiest?

    you couldnt do a series for those new to nailpolish?

    like, if you could go back and help your old self who is just starting to get serious with nailpolish which were indispensible and which you could have passed up in favour of something else and why, what advise would you give yourself?

    When you have lots of money you can of course get them all but when you just start out with polishes (like me) and dont have even the basics you dont want to waste money on duds when there is so much polishgoodness out there. I can do that later when I already have everything. :)

    (trivia: in sweden, one bottle of fullsize OPI nailpolish costs 140 crowns or more. the dollar has gone up so much since obama won (from a low 6 to a high 9 crowns a dollar) it is difficult ordering from 8ty8 or head2toe without the pricedifference being eaten up by shipping charges and additional taxes.) If you had to pay 16 dollars (can be up to 22 dollars depending on the dollars value) a bottle for OPI. Would you buy? ;)

    for 23 dollars i get 3-4 polishes when ordering from head2toe. (cannot do larger orders without getting taxed). which 4 polishes should i start with?

    which are your favourite business polishes?

    favourite pedi colour?

    sexiest red jelly colours?

    ellis in sweden / forever looking forward to your new posts and pics.

    dont be scared to show old favourites that deserves attention. :)

  12. Hi Scrangie!! I am sooooo loving these polishes, I am saving up to get some :) I nominated you for the Fabulous Blog award, cause you have one! LOL you can see it on my blog :)

  13. A nice bottle shape is sexy in it's own right even without the printed on names giving me ideas, or more likely, making me laugh. I can't wait to give these polishes a whirl. I am curious about the greens.

  14. Scrangie you are so right about bottle design and labels. I to have found a bunch of labels that came off the bottles. Thankfully I was able to put them back.

  15. I dig the names, though naughty. I am interested in dripping wet. I've never owned a black polish. I have a deep purple that almost looks black. Does that count? Anyhoo, I want one of these!!!

  16. OH MY GOD! I want all these glazes!
    I see your blog a little time and adoreio the sally hansen magical!

    Your nails are beautiful, and now I'm addicted to glaze, I live in Brazil and here I not find so beautiful enamels = (

    I am crazy about these emaltes with hearts and sparkles!

    Hey sweet girl, create a CBOX thus facilitates the conversation with your friends =)

  17. These look great, any idea if they post to the UK????


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