Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Essie Summer 2009: The North Fork Collection

This is the first installment of Essie's summer 2009 releases, and I am quite excited about it for two reasons:

This collection consists of all blues. This is Essie we're talking about. Yes, BLUES!

This may be a sign of things to come- Essie doing blues? Three of them? What other cool colors does Essie have planned? I hope no more sheer pinks and nudes like usual!

I'll get to my review in a moment, but you can also check out reviews for Essie North Fork at The Nailphile, and here at The Crystal Files.

One more thing I'll say about this collection before I post the pictures- These colors resemble the three turquoise shades from the 'mystery' imaginary collection than they do the ones in the press release. YES!!!!

Greenport, full sunlight and indoors. A relaxed yet vibrant turquoise creme. Can you believe this is an Essie polish?! It's so hot! It has some similarities to Misa Dirty Sexy Money and Barielle Sweet Addiction, but it's not a duplicate of them. I hoped that I would see a color like this in OPI's South Beach collection, but I'm content with having it from Essie.

Shelter Island, sunlight and indoors. A bright, cheerful sky blue. Another shocker! A bright blue, I almost can't believe my eyes. Essie did a bright blue. Hallelujah! I love this color a lot, but it is very similar to a lot of other bright blues like Barielle Swizzle Stix, OPI Just Groovy, Zoya Yummy, Misa something-with-a-really-long-name-I-can't-remember.... But still, it's hot and you won't hear me complaining about another beautiful blue.

Sag Harbor, sunlight and indoors. A light, slightly greyed pastel blue shimmer. I don't think I have very many colors like this. It is a little similar to some of Essie's discontinued blues like St. Barth's Blue, but at the moment I can't think of another color that looks like this. The name Sag Harbor always makes me laugh. There is this clothing brand called Sag Harbor that has styles mainly geared for the retirement-age crowd and I always thought that was a funny name for the brand. I never realized it was the name of a place. Sag Harbor... tee hee.

The formula on these is fan-freakin'-tastic. All are opaque in two coats, no streaks, no sheerness, no bubbles, no runny globby three-free formula, NOTHING! Just pure smooth creamy pigmented polish. They dry super fast even without topcoat- this could be due to the fact that the polish doesn't require more than two thin coats or it could be the formula. Either way, I love it. Three-free formulas seem to be improving.

From the moment I saw the first promo image of these I knew I'd like them, but I didn't think I'd like them as much as I do. Like I mentioned before, these resemble the set of blue imaginary polishes more than the 'real' image from the press release. Observe:

This is the image from the press release, which is the 'official' correct image from Essie.

This is the mistake image that was sent in error along with the press release.

See what I mean?? It was the imaginary ones after all!!! Now if they would only release the trio with the green, golden-white and yellow....

By the way, Shelter Island, Sag Harbor and Greenport are all limited edition shades which are officially available starting in April and will retail for $9.


  1. Wowie Wow Wow! Love them all. Especially the blue. You make everything look pretty. Will definitely be buying all colors. Yes, please release those other "fake" colors. It's about time the got the message.

  2. I gave you a blog award :) /but of course!/

  3. Greenport is awesome. I find it much more appealing than Dirty, Sexy, Money.

  4. All 3 look amazing! I hope this means Essie will be branching out more this year.

  5. Essie is moving in the right direction:) they look very pretty on you!

  6. When I look at your swatches side by side, Greenport looks a LOT like Sweet Addiction and Shelter Island looks a LOT like Swizzle Sticks. Maybe they're more different in person?

    Also, any chance of you reviewing Orly's Prepster collection?

  7. I want all of these. Sag Harbor looks like an old polish I had years ago, except it was OPAQUE IN 5 COATS, had a pungent smell (similar to artificial banana except more chemical-y). I want all of them. I will patiently wait for them at TransDesign/Head2Toe!

  8. $9 ?!??!

    when did essie go up that hihg? i swear i bought an mesmerize for 7.50 a couple of weeks ago! *grumble grumble*

  9. Those are beautiful! I'm definetely getting Greenport and Sag Harbor :D

  10. I agree the second "mystery" pic looks more like the actual polishes than the official picture.... something I'm delighted about since that was the picture I was most excited about! I think I'll pass on Shelter Island as I already own Zoya Yummy and OPI Just Groovy, but Sag Harbor and Greenport will be mine!

  11. They are all very pretty. The names of the colors and the collection itself are all resort towns located on the northeastern tip of Long Island. My boyfriend is from Long Island, so I've heard all about these towns.

    I do think of the JC Penney clothing brand when I hear Sag Harbor though. Even as I was reading your entry I was getting visions of polyester pants and "Mom" jeans. If you Google it, the JC Penney website comes up before the town's website.

  12. I'm still not sold on the blues, I'm still holding out for those imaginary greens.

    If you have time, would you mind comparing Greenport, Dirty Sexy Money, and Sweet Addiction?
    Thanks =)

  13. Me think the error pics were prettier lol.

  14. I love these! I really hope they will be released in the UK. We did get the love beverly hills so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  15. Scrangie, thanks for the pics of these, they are beautiful!

    I just have a couple questions for you. You mentioned the formula of these Essies and how good it is.
    Does that mean Essie still has the old chemicals or have they gone Big 3 Free? I would love to know if they have or not.

    Also, I am trying to decide between Greenport and Misa Dirty Sexy Money. Do you have one you prefer over the other?

    Would love to see a comparison.

  16. It's odd- your Greenport and All Lacquered Up look totally different - hers looks like the 1st picture that you show, and yours looks like the second....is there somehow two collections getting sent around???

  17. Thanks for posting these swatches, Scrangie. Your nails look lovely in these colors. Does Shelter Island have a jelly quality? I'm looking for a sky blue jelly polish.
    -Dana Cerise

  18. Lucy, I hope they do! :D

    Masa_inn, awwwweeeeee! I'm gonnga go check it out right now :) <3

    Emelie, less dirty! More sexy! Hahaha, more money too. XD

    Linds, I really, really hope so!

    Sanna, thank you :)

    MoLo, they are similar but more different in person, I will compare them (The Crystal Files did a comparison :) ) I will be reviewing some of the Orly Prepster collection :)

    Anonymous, ahhh old polishes, as smelly as they are I love them :D

    Ocelot1, I know, that seemed high to me too! Maybe it's just for these polishes? OPI is still only $8.50. :(

    Beachbunnydesigns, they are so oceany!

    Diana, definitely! I'm thinking the mistake was a mistake lol

    Deb, lol, you're right, it does! XD I'm so glad someone besides me thought about the Mom Jeans :)

    Anonymous, sure thing!

    Meyah, lol, but these look like the error pics!

    Alison, I'm sure they will be :)

    Sarah, thank you! Essie is now Big 3 Free and all Essies with blue lettering on the labels are three free. Kinda like how OPI does the green labels.

    Between Greenport and Dirty Sexy Money, hmm... I don't know if I can pick! Greenport is brighter and less dirty... I can compare them :)

    Anonymous, oh, I'll have to go check, thank you for letting me know! It is possible that there are two versions (Essie is notorious for that) but it's most likely a lighting difference. I will double check!

    Dana, thank you! Shelter Island doesn't seem to me to have a jelly quality... Maybe on the first coat, but it's too dense really. Claire's has a bright blue jelly but it has glitter. Some of the New York Summer blues are jellies :)

  19. Hi, Recently found your blog and love all the nail pics. I really love the Green Port and Sag Harbor colors!!! Will have to add them to my nail stash!!

  20. What is your favorite nail polish brand? Which brand do you think is worth the most as far as quality goes?

  21. I'm not normally into blues, but seeing Greenport and Sag Harbor is making change my mind - they look great!

    Greenport is reminding me a bit of China Glaze's For Audrey. Are they similar? It might just be my monitor though..

  22. I can't help but wonder if that trio with the yellow is for an upcoming late summer collection and Essie accidentally released the images. The official pic and the mistake pic both look like The North Folk collection, but in different lighting. Hmmm.

    All three colors seem so incredibly relevant! Greenport is my polish love of the three.

    In seemingly another life, I used to work for a major department store. I managed Misses Sportswear. I spent lots of quality time with the Sag Harbor brand. Flower print, button front, elastic waist in the back, mid ankle length skirts...racks and racks of them. Perfectly rectangular pastel, linen blazers with shell buttons. Elastic waist striped rayon pants that taper at the ankle. The best is that all of it matches. Please scrub it from my brain!

  23. They look great on you!! I don't own any Essie polishes yet, but Greenport look lovely and Sag Harbor looks really classy, it's classy made blue! I think it could be even work appropriate!

    Thanks a lot for these!!

  24. Oh I love them, thanks for the ever excellent pics! Gotta have gotta have.

  25. thanks for the pics and your funny,sincerely review. i really like the way you write about nail polish.

    i am start to be a polish addict woman.

    but i am in Thailand... so sad that it it very hard to find ESSIE brand in Thailand.

    O.P.I. / China Glass / Orly can find in Thailand....*sign*

    i try only O.P.I. ,it is good for me.
    and i start review my nail polish in my blog but it is for Thai.

    Thanks u for my inspiration.

  26. yay!! I'm proud of Essie for releasing more interesting and unique colors.

    As much as I don't care for the name, I'm drooling over here for Sag Harbor.

  27. OMG!! I can't believe you have these already. They look FABULOUS! Wow! I want to get that asap!

  28. Sag Harbor f'ing ROX. Thanks for swatching; Scrangie f'ing rox, too.


  29. Emily, hello, welcome! I hope you find my blog helpful :)

    My Spot, I don't know if I can pick a favorite! I love them all, but I especially love Rescue Beauty Lounge, OPI, Zoya and Lippmann Collection. I truly feel that most polish brands are equal in quality. There is very little difference between most brands, though some brands are more consistent in formula or color quality.

    Kay, I don't think they're very similar. For Audrey is more pastel (less bright) and definitely blue. :)

    Tarotbydiana, I really hope so! And LOL!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of that when I see the name!

    Bianca, thank you! They are truly lovely :)

    Vanity, thank you :)

    Vodca, wow, thank you so much! :D That's so great!!

    Gerry, I'm actually shocked that these are really Essie! I'm not a fan of the name either lol

    Itzzzkimmm, Ulta and Essie.com have them now, should be at the etailers soon! :D

    Scott, awwww hahaha you are too kind! :D

  30. Hi Lacquer Lovers ~

    I just noticed that Head2ToeBeauty.com has all three of these gorgeous blues available for $4.00 each!!!

    Shop til ya drop ;}


  31. PS


    Thank you for your response to my e-mails. You always make me smile and laugh :} Always!!!


  32. try one layer of opi's princesses rule over shelter island and
    opi's significant other color over greenport pretty!

  33. I can't find greenport anywhere :(

    Do you know a good dupe?


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