Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update on Essie collections - 'Mystery' Collection and North Fork

Okay, here we go.

I think I may have caused a minor frenzy yesterday by posting images of six beautiful and untraditional Essie colors. Here's what happened!

I received a press release with images for the North Fork collection (the three light blues), but at the bottom of the email, two additional images were attached. I posted them because they looked like a collection to me- six shades, all within a summery, beach-like color scheme and they came directly from Essie. However, I have received confirmation from Essie that the attached images were in fact an error and are not representative of actual polishes.

I was really, really excited for that 'mystery' collection too. I mean, SUPER excited. I am very sad that it doesn't really exist. But, don't fret! The word from Essie is this: North Fork will not be the only summer release. They have a couple more things up their sleeve for this summer, so we might get something almost as good! We just have to wait and see, and you can be sure that I'll update you whenever I get new information.

So, here's the lowdown in case you didn't read any of this:

The 'Mystery' collection I posted below- NOT REAL.
Here's the link in case you missed it:

The North Fork collection I posted below- REAL. The picture in my post is correct, and it will be released in April. Three limited edition blues. Link

I'm sorry to disappoint everyone, I am disappointed as well! This is only the beginning of the summer collections this year, and I am confident that this will be a summer of GREAT polishes!


  1. No worries....we all get excited when we see companies go wild, especially Essie. The North Fork collection looks pretty, but I myself am waiting on the new MAC Peppermint green!!

  2. I'm still happy to be getting the blue shades -- it's nice to see Essie branching out because I love their formula.

  3. That's really ridiculous. If this collection doesn't exist, then how did Essie even have images to attach to the email (and how do you just accidentally attach images). Something's fishy here.

  4. Well then why did they stick those pictures on your email? That was mean of them! lol. O well, we'll live, I suppose.

  5. Haha no no! I don't believe that.
    I think it's very real and they just did that to see what kind of reaction they'll get! It's a collection coming out soon, I'm sure of it!

  6. I call shenanigans. I bet we'll see those colours in the future for sure.

  7. I prefer the "not real" ones.

  8. I prefer the "not real ones" too. I mean blues are edgy for Essie, but they don't scream "special!" at me the way the others did.

  9. That is just bizarre. Why do they even have stock photos of polishes that don't (or won't exist).

    If I didn't know better, I would think it was some sort of test. You know, they "accidentally" send out the photos and watch the reaction.

  10. Aww... I was really excited :( Boohoo.

    Well, some greens can make up for the 'just as good' part! HEY-YA!

  11. I'm so disappointed! Those colors were really pretty. I thought Essie had changed...

  12. it looks to me like the fake ones, might have seen a bit of photoshop and of accidentally been sent, because it looks like it's the same picture but altered to me because of the strange tint on the wands of the fake three..but it's only a guess. Hope it is just that they didn't mean to release the pics just yet.

  13. I'm not too disappointed since we are still getting the blue shades! I love Essie's formula, but I usually think their colors are boring, so this is great! Last years neons were great too, so I am hoping for another good Essie summer!

  14. Curses! Here I was all set to buy the whole collection. Well I have a feeling they will be in a future release. Thank you anyway Scrangie for your quick reporting.

  15. hey I have made a favorite blog list on my blog and you are in this list !!!

  16. Melli, whew! I got really excited, myself!

    Jamie, definitely, I agree!

    Anonymous, Yeah, I have really no idea, but maybe it will make sense eventually :)

    Faith, haha no idea! lol

    Kasja, I really hope so, but there's no telling what they'll do next :D

    Mazoo, I really, really hope so :D

    Dee, me too!

    Diana, well, we'll see eventually if this was really an 'accident' :D

    Deb, I know, right? Very weird! *cue X-files theme*

    Helen, haha right on!!!

    Jacy, the North Fork blues are really nice though!

    Anonymous, yeah, I noticed that too! I wonder...

    Erin, I think they're doing NEONS again!!

    Lucy, I hope so too, but they did promise they had something good coming, so we'll see :)

    Tartofraises, awe, thank you!! <3


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