Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Essie Summer 2009: The North Fork Collection

Here's a quick look at Essie's upcoming collection of blues, The North Fork Collection.

This is what Essie says about it:

"Within the soft palette of hues that floated down this season's runways, one color stood out among the rest... blue. Dreamy blues reminiscent of bright open skies and deep welcoming waters lead Essie founder Essie Weingarten to create The North Fork Collection - named for the quaint vacation villages perched around the waters of Long Islan's East End.

"The new nail colors remind me of the most beautiful blues that surround The North Fork," says Weingarten.
"Tranquil yet playful, the colors cross over in fashion and nature."

The nail colors in The North Fork Collection capture the essence of blue. The fashion-or azure fingertips lounging under the sun.

Greenport, Sag Harbor and Shelter Island, each named after areas around The North Fork and Long Island Sound, are an homage to the beauty of nature."

GREENPORT - Dreamy aquamarine paradise

SAG HARBOR - Cool silver blue

SHELTER ISLAND - Sky blue radiance

Wow... Essie, is that really you??? A collection of all blues??? Rock on!


  1. they all look beautiful! it's been a while since the last time i wanted a whole collection. i can't wear greens..so i am very excited about this. maybe essie is finally getting it! (not to mention the recent hit, mesmerize)

  2. omg omg omg i am BEYOND excited about these!!!!! <3 <3 <3 LOVE blues! cant wait!!!!!!!!!

  3. **wants**
    Hope these aren't sheer!!!!

  4. Great! I'm thinking about ordering some nail polishes, the more I wait the more I add though and I want a light blue. I had considered buying St Bath blue but maybe I'll go with one of these. I was highly disappointed with my Barbados Blue it's a milky blue that looks grey under most lights. Every time I wear it I end removing it after a few hours to put a prettier shade.

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! So pretty!!!!

  6. I wonder if these are the same as the top ones in the post above with poor color reproduction

  7. Very pretty colors. Very exciting to see some different Essie's. I hope they finally "got it".

  8. these look so pretty and yet unique. I really hope they are not sheer

  9. I cannot wait to buy these. I usually experiment more with makeup than nail colors, but I love a good blue and will buy these for sure. The last good blue I had was from Face Stockholm in 1998! 11 years :)

  10. Lena, I think so! They're doing neons again too!! Yay!!

    Lizzz262, They are so awesome, I can't believe it's really Essie!

    Emelie, I agree :D

    Amanda, They aren't, how awesome!!

    Meyah, hold out for these, St. Barth Blue is very sheer :)

    Steph NJ, I know they'll look awesome on you!

    Diann, That's what I'm assuming but I don't know for sure!

    Krasey Beauty, are you from Long Island? Very neat :D

    Lucy, agree 100%!

    Shadowy Lady, they are actually very pigmented, I am quite pleased!

    Karley, WOW! I remember when Hard Candy got famous for their baby blue nail polish (Sky) :) That was a long time ago!


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