Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OPI Fairytale Bride: Soft Shades 2009

OPI's soft shades for this year are actually quite interesting. Instead of being plain pale cremes, each color has a soft base color with a contrasting flash of another color. They're not true duochromes- the flash is strong enough to be noticed but not so strong that it overpowers the soft base color.

There are only four polishes in this year's collection. They are:

At First Sight. A very pale and soft nude/neutral base with gold flash.

I Pink I Love You. A soft baby pink with blue flash.

Isn't It Romantic? A very pale pink with green flash.

Otherwise Engaged. A pinkish-white with purple flash.

All pictures are three coats of polish. All of the colors are very sheer, as you can tell by the visible nail line even with three coats of polish. Four coats would make them almost entirely opaque. These can easily be worn with only one coat because they are not the least bit streaky and add an interesting shimmering pearl effect to the nails due to the colored flash in each shade.

The formula on these was fantastic. I had no application issues. They were neither runny nor thick like three-free polishes tend to be. The drying time on these was quite a bit longer than other OPI polishes. I'm not sure if it's because I did three coats or if it's the polish itself, but even with Seche Vite I could dent these up to two hours later.

Overall, they're not too bad for soft shades. They're not streaky! Not that I'm happy about more sheer pinks being released, but at least these have the fascinating colored pearl flash and there's only four of them instead of six.

I wish OPI's next Soft Shades collection would be a set of sheer crystal shimmers like Hollywood Blonde and Up Front And Personal, but in soft shades of blue, purple, gold, silver and green. That's my dream soft shades collection!


  1. I thought I was the only one that could dent nail polish in 2 hours with Seche Vite. O_O But this only happens with China Glaze or OPI for me.

  2. Okay Scrangie, your nails look so beautiful that I love this collection. I think it must be the sunny day doing a number on me. Much nicer than the Essie collection for brides.

  3. Anonymous, It happens to me all the time with China Glaze! Takes 24 full hours to dry, at least! :( Same with Orly and CND :(

    Lucy, aweeee thank you so much! It is a *lot* nicer than Essie Bridal, that's for sure!

  4. They aren't the most interesting polishes ever, but boy do they look good. Love the non-streakiness. Thanks for posting these - all us ladies who work in conservative professions thank you!

  5. I would love a bridal collection based a la Hollywood Blonde/Up Close and Personal too...if there must be sheers, at least be sparkly and pretty! These are really nice, though.

  6. I really like all of these, but I am a rareity amongst nail polish addicts in that I love sheers and neutrals! I especially like isn't it romantic, they all look really pretty on your fabulous nails!

    I actually broke with my soft shade tradition today and ordered all three Essie North Forks! I don't normally like blues or greens but you're swatches were so lovely I couldn't stop thinking about them!

  7. Thanks for posting these shades. I've been curious to see what they look like. Your nails make all colors look fab! Lol!

  8. Wow...I can't believe I like sheers...darn you Scrangie and your pretty pictures!!:)

    I can honestly say that I would never buy these, but I like that you are posting about a variety of polishes. You are a true inspiration :)

  9. Quite like the Isn't it Romantic? shade, will keep my eyes peeled for these.

  10. Scrangie your nails are so pretty and every color just look great on them..
    those kinds of pale colors are usually not my cup of tea, but i do like I Pink I Love You, it seems really nice...

  11. I really like the first one.

    Thank you for the swatches!

  12. these are gorgeous! i love shades like these :) thanks for the swatches.

    and i love the name "I Pink I Love You" soooo fun!

  13. You're the best Scrangie!! I just ordered a truckload of polishes off of TransDesign and I can honestly say your swatches had a lot to do with it. =) I guess I'm gonna have to order the Fairytale Brides too now bc they look gorgeous and I love sheers! =) Thanks soo much!

  14. First the Princess Charming collection (although not new, but new to me since I have none!) and now this?!? You're killing me.

  15. Heya Scrangie, love all your articles and swatches!! So gorgeous!! But are there any similar colour with rescuebeautylounge Bruised?


  16. Scrangie These colors look great on your nails. Thanks for swatching these polishes.


  17. Hey Scrangie, thanks for the swatches :)

    Are these polishes come with the normal brush or the Prowide brush?


  18. HEY SCRANGIE!!!!!!!!
    So I have been thinking recently, I don't really think kumkwats are all that great anymore. I am into Coconuts now! GO COCONUTS!
    -Shibong Quisha

  19. They all call to me! Of course me being a more sheer pale lover I want them all.

  20. Great nails as always, Scrangie. :) Soft sheers like this don't really excite me, but I may pick up one or two from this collection for future interviews. If I have to have something conservative in my arsenal, at least it can have some color in the pearl flash!

  21. Hi!

    Why the first photo of each set are pearl and the second photo are glossy? You have put a finish transparent coat?

    Thanks and sorry for bad english

  22. Lausiepoos, for sure! Thank you :) I am trying to post more variety lately!

    The Asian Girl, Yes, yes, yes! Please, OPI, do this!! :D

    Alisonmidd, it's good to branch out and try something different every once in a while, you may end up finding a new favorite :) I change my mind so often that sometimes I find myself wanting to wear colors like this :)

    Velvet, awwwe thank you :D

    Melli, lol awwe thanks! :) I have been trying!

    Clockwork, definitely see them in person if you get a chance. They are more interesting than my pictures show :)

    Tuli, thank you! Same here :)

    Masa_inn, anytime my dear! <3

    Aquaracer, they come up with the cutest names, don't they? :)

    Martha, hahaha awwwwwwe!! Thank you! You're wonderful!

    vbie3714, hehehe sorry :) <3

    Anonymous, thank you! I'm sorry to say that I don't really know of any colors similar to Bruised! :( Anyone reading this have any suggestions?

    Scott, thank you! These are your type of shades, aren't they? :)

    Elaine, they are Pro-wide :)

    Shibong Quisha, I LOVE COCONUTS TOO!!!!!!!!! I hear Revlon released a scented coconut polish! I love exclamation points!!!!!111!!!!!

    Vanessa, oh I forgot how much you liked sheers! I'm always visualizing your nails in a pretty pink jelly with konad designs :)

    Electrogirl, exactly! If I ever *had* to wear sheers I'd want them to be rebellious sheers at least lol

    Lixy, hi! :) The first picture is taken in direct sunlight and the second is taken in the shade indoors, so the light reflects off the surface of the polish differently :)

  23. Just a question: are there two versions of I Pink I Love You? One from this collection, and another from the Japan 10th Anniversary Collection that's darker and more sparkly?

  24. hi there! i was looking in the internet right after i saw this, coz i want to order them online. i did not find one place that sells them, even Amazon didn't have it. can you plz refer me to a website that sells it?
    thanks so much.

  25. Scrangie,

    Is Zoya's Dharma a similar dupe of Opi's I Pink I Love You? If not, which shade would you recommend? Thanks!


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