Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Preview: OPI Breathe Life

OPI Breathe Life. Four coats, indoors.
Just a quick shot of it for now- it's stormy outside so I can't get a nice, sparkly sunlight picture. Not that I'm complaining- I love the rain! Only... not when I want to take pictures of polish. I'll do a more detailed picture of this as soon as the lighting cooperates.

Here's what OPI says about this gorgeous shade:

So We Can All Breathe Easier …

New OPI Breathe Life Nail Lacquer Supports

New Lung Cancer Foundation of America

The facts can leave you breathless: Lung cancer is the #1 killer of women, making it more deadly than the six next largest cancer killers combined. And 60% of new lung cancer victims will be non-smokers.

For these reasons, OPI is proud to join with the Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA). LCFA’s primary goal is not just to prevent lung cancer, but to cure it. To help “breathe life” into raising funds for early detection, diagnosis, and a cure, OPI has created an exclusive new Nail Lacquer called Breathe Life – a fresh-air, silvery-blue.

“The statistics are shocking. Lung cancer has stopped our breathing long enough, and we need to stop it now,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.

In addition to this new Nail Lacquer, OPI has also made a donation to LCFA. “Because LCFA is a new organization, working on the frontlines at the grassroots level, every dollar contributed makes a tremendous impact,” Weiss-Fischmann says.

Release date is April 1.


  1. That color is absolutely "breath-taking"...I love it! Beautiful swatches.

  2. Wow this is beautiful! I've been wanting to see this color since I first saw it in a magazine earlier in the month.

    So four coats are necessary on this one?

  3. I need it.

    how does this compare to stars in my eyes?
    [sorry my monitor is on the fritz]

  4. wow this is awesome. Finally a nail polish for a cause that is actually beautiful and not boring! :)

  5. Ooh....I don't generally like blue polishes, but that's quite pretty.

  6. This is gorgeous! Do most of the major polish companies send you their new polishes in advance to review and sample?

  7. auuuughhh!

    Really, really beautiful. I love this shade. It looks so pearly and wonderful!

  8. That's so pretty, I doubt it will be available in the UK though since it's for a US cause. Your swatches are always so gorgeous I always end up with no lemmings and breaking my no-buy vow everytime you post!

  9. Great colour, wish Suzi would come up with more ones like these *mutters like a crazy lady about xmas 2009 collection*

    And for a good cause too. Can't go wrong :)

  10. Love it.

    Would love even more to see a comparisons with Essie Sag Harbor (and to BB Couture Electric Avenue).

  11. Green and blue must be a trend in spring, huh? I'm not complaining, I'm loving it.

  12. Very pretty. I have to have this also. Hope there will be plenty to go around. My no buy for Lent is up on Easter, April 12th! I will be happy to buy this especially since it's for a good cause.

  13. This is a beautiful color and I love the nail of it. Do you know if Ulta will carry it?

  14. I just sent you an email and realized that you've already swatched the Nubar :(...but I haven't seen the dada glow here, so there;'s still something new! Your nails are fabulous!

  15. Wow, that nail polish has a very... lit from within... look to it. It's really pretty!

  16. What a beautiful shade. Even better that it's for charity.

  17. This color is remarkably similar to my Orly shade, Blue Belle. But I might have to buy it again to support lung cancer!

  18. You can't beat a fabulous shade that helps a great cause. I'll definitely be picking this one up.

  19. Wow, beautiful swatch, Scrangie! The colour is gorgeous!

  20. This is so astounding - I just found out my mom has lung cancer last week - and the statistics are wretched - even with early detection. I don't care if the color is straight-up boring pink or the color of baby food - I *will* be buying it. (Lucky it's actually a gorgeous shade!)

  21. How much of each sale are they contributing to the cause? Do you know? My grandma just passed away from lung cancer so I would pay full price for this if they were giving away a good chunk of the proceeds.

  22. That is so beautiful, it almost glows. I've seen ads for it but seeing it 'on' someone is great! My FIL died of lung cancer so I'll be keeping my eye out for it.

  23. GAWD that is pretty! Thanks! How did you get it early? You are the best. A Nail Celebrity.


  24. I saw that color in my local Han's Beauty Supply store last week! Are you sure the release date is April 1? :P

    I love the color though! :D
    Maybe I should go get it (=

  25. hey girl! i AWARDED your blog! Come see my post!

  26. Gorgeous colour! I assume we may not get it up here in Canada. It is definitely for a good cause!

    It looks a lot like Go On Green (which I have), but without the duochrome. If I can't find it, then I may have something dupe-y.

  27. Beautiful shade, a must purchase.

  28. this is beautiful and I will definitely be picking up a bottle. Beauty with a purpose, you gotta love it!

  29. where can i get this.

  30. Not only is that an absolutely GORGEOUS color, but my father just died of lung cancer, so the message is really meaningful to me right now.

  31. Thanks for the early swatch! I've been dying to see this color in person.

    I've also been trying to compare Breathe Life to Essie Sag Harbor, and it looks like OPI may be more opalescent(?)!

    Regarding whether proceeds from sales will go to the cause, it sounds like OPI already donated, so a percentage of sales isn't set to be donated thus far.

  32. Anyone know where I can buy this online? I haven't seen it at my usual websites.

  33. Jamie, thank you :)

    Perla, it looks good with one coat or four coats but not really in between :)

    Firepail, it's lovely! I don't think it's much like Stars In My Eyes- this is sheer, blue and doesn't have those little shimmery things that Stars In My Eyes has :)

    Faith, I agree! I hope they keep up the trend!

    Teggy, ooh I'm glad you like it :)

    Sprinkles, sometimes :)

    Jen, it is very pearly and looks great layered on other colors!

    Alisonmidd, thank you :) It might make it- I think you guys got Pink of Hearts, right?

    Lina-Elvira, haha exactly :)

    Anonymous, I don't have that BB Couture, but this isn't really anything like Sag Harbor. Sag Harbor is an opaque baby blue creme with shimmer and a hint of grey and this is pearly medium blue and sheer.

    Anonymous, me too, I'm happy to say!

    Lucy, this should be around for a long time! Though I don't think the proceeds are donated.

    rmcandlelight, I'm almost positive that Ulta will have this soon.

    Color Crazed, that's okay! Thank you :)

    Decorative Diva, it does! It's wonderful!

    Tarotbydiana, even more beautiful :)

    Kimchix3, Ooh I don't think I have that Orly but if it's like this I want it! I don't think the proceeds are donated to charity but OPI made a donation to LCFA :)

    Linds, I agree!

    Atomica, thank you!

    Nivipa, oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that :( I will pray for her!

    Banana, I don't think they donate any of the proceeds :( I'm so sorry :(

    Body and Soul, oh I'm sorry to hear that :( Defnitely pick this up in his honor!

    Scott, hahaha thank you! :)

    Velvet, it's so calming!

    Anonymous, hey, I didn't choose it, OPI did! lol that's the date they gave me!

    Natalie Jo, oh, you are so sweet! Thank you! I will check it out ASAP :D

    Charming Nails, indeed :)

    Melli, ooh, I'll have to go pull that one out to compare! It also reminds me a little of Mali-Blue if you have that one :)

    Clockwork, even better in person!

    Shana, amen!

    Danielle, this will probably be available online soon but lots of people have seen it instore already!

    Anonymous, I'm so sorry :(

    Meilily, I believe you are correct about the donation. I can't find anywhere something saying that proceeds are donated but I do see that they have already made a donation. I don't think this really compares well to Sag Harbor- this is much more vibrant, sparkly, sheer and blue :)

    Teggy, I haven't seen it at the usuals yet but I did see it for full price at a few websites I haven't personally had experience with so I don't know if I should recommend them or not :(

  34. Wow, I was so shocked and blessed that there finally is more out there for this cause. My Mother and Grandmother died of Lung Cancer and there isn't a moment that goes by that I ponder how I can get involved to bring more awareness to this disease. Love the color!!!!


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