Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ad for China Glaze Kicks Collection

I just saw this ad and I thought I'd snap a quick picture of it to share. It's for the upcoming China Glaze Kicks collection:

You can click it to view full size. I know the picture kinda sucks, I really need to get a scanner!

The colors are:
Paper Chasing
Custom Kicks
Sky High Top
It's Poppin
Laced Up
Sneaker Head
Oh How Street It Is
Style Wars

Looks awesome! They look bright but not quite neon. There also seem to be sets of three nearly-identical pinks and oranges. Hmm... I'll have to see this in person to know for sure!

I love the nails on the model. I think I'll try them for my next manicure!


  1. Holy crap this looks awesome

  2. ooooh very cool! thanks scrangie :D

  3. YEAH!! Just what I've been waiting for! I hope these are all cremes, I've been craving some new ones from ChG. B-Girlz and Laced Up look like the exact same color but who knows we'll have to wait and see.

  4. Scrangie 2 comments!

    Or well 3...

    1) the ad looks a bit weird. and i'm not too fond of the series name o_O

    2) you do your nails so well near the cuticle! i'd love it if i could watch you apply nail polish... i always do it so sloppily near the cuticle--aka "the starting point." especially with opi's huge brushes

    3) also! you should quit your current job and open a high-end nail salon/boutique. i'm sure you'd do well and you already have so many followers that it wouldn't be a bad idea actually. i know i'd fly out to get a manicure, because of all the manicure's i've gotten--NONE OF THEM have done my nails as well as you do your nails. sad huh?

  5. Thanks for sharing! Those all look like great colors.

  6. Can't frigging wait!!! Thanks for the heads up!

    BTW, don't you think the turqouise on the model in the ad looks a bit like Turned Up Turqouise from CG?

  7. Hey, Scrangie, Sophia has a great idea: do a digital movie with your camera. Pa leeeese!


  8. Hey, I love fruit. I buy my china glaze polishes at Jiffy Lube. They have good fruit! Do you like kumkwats. I have drums in my basement. I can play the kumkwat song. Grapes have noses on the back of their snouts. Have u ever gone to the Fruit store? I LOVE FRUIT! My favorite punctuation mark is the semi-colon! ;;;;;;; GO SEMI-COLONS!

  9. These colors look fab!! Although, I could live without the pinks. I love all shades of pink, but already have too many.

  10. love the ad! the colors look fun and actually remind me of the 80's. I wonder if that was the purpose. Thanks for posting!

  11. Oh, very interesting! They look beautiful!

  12. These are pretty! is there a release date for these?

  13. OMG! Sophia's idea is awesome! I really hope you will make a video of u painting u r nails! I love these polishes, although there r to many pinks in the world! I especially love sky high top, fly and it's poppin! They are the most awesome colors in this collection!

  14. Oh, awesome, a combination of two of my favorite things. Nail polish (these ones being ChG and colorful, making them even more a favorite), and loud, retro-style sneakers. Nike Dunks! China Glaze, you magnificent bastards, I saw your ad! Thanks for the tip-off, Scrangie! My Sally's still hasn't got the ChG Summer collection in yet, and while I totally know I can order them online like, months in advance, it just feels like I'm betraying a brick and mortar near my house, haha.

  15. Scrangie, that design is super duper HOTNESS!! Can't wait to see them on you!

  16. Thank you for showing me this collection. It is great!

  17. Nina, I agree :D

    Steph NJ, no prob :D

    Gerry, All Lacquered Up had some pictures but I couldn't get her site to load, I think they were cremes but I don't remember!

    Sophia, lol I'm not either, but I like the colors! At least it's not low-budget porn like they usually do =x
    And thank you! I think I will do a video in the future, but I don't have a video camera and don't know how to use my camera for video! :(

    I would love to do that- that would be a dream come true! I'm the same way with manicures, I've never gotten one that looks as good as when I do them myself!

    Body And Soul, I agree, I'm looking forward to seeing them in real life :D

    Penny, you're welcome! :D It does look like it in my pic, but the 'real' ad shows it a little more of a deep sky blue, but I'll have to see the polish in real life to be sure!

    Scott, hahaha, perhaps! I will need to figure out how to do that first!

    Shibong Quisha, I love you. Seriously. I freakin' love you. ROCK ON!!!!!!

    Velvet, I have so many pinks and only two or three even look good on me! But I like to look at them lol

    Miss Yaya, me too :D

    Hontapocasgreen, me too! We need a good 80's themed collection right about now :)

    Alexlyndra, I agree :)

    Imsopretty08, sorry, I don't know it! The ad didn't mention anything, but since it's a summer collection I'd assume within the next two to three months :)

    Sara, isn't it awesome?!?! WOOHOO!!!!

    Clockwork, me too, not so crazy about the nearly identical shades on the bottom though!

    Asia, haha, well, I will eventually! :) Thank you! And I'm with you- those colors look awesome!

    Initiales CC, ha ha! :D Well, those online stores appreciate your business too- do you know they're only run by two people and the still get out orders shipped on time? Hard working people :D

    Steph, awe! I can't wait to see it on myself either, I need a break from swatching to do a 'real' manicure LOL <3

    Andreja, you're welcome! :)

  18. I just noticed that has these up for sale so I am chomping at the bit to order them but I would love to see them on you first. I love and die by your swatches! Can't wait ... and thanks for all you do :D

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  20. AngelBunny, awesome thank you!

    Polish Earthgirl, Umm..... okay.... I believe we've already addressed this?


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