Thursday, March 26, 2009

OPI Summer 2009 Colorcopia Collection - 20th Anniversary of OPI

Colorcopia is a special OPI collection- instead of being a set of twelve brand new colors, they have re-released the most popular or best-selling shades from classic OPI collections.

I absolutely can not think today so please don't mind my incoherent babble. I can't even remember my middle name right now, much less construct an understandable sentence! Also, another warning ahead of time: OPI picked the twelve most IMPOSSIBLE to photograph shades they could think of, so not all of these pictures are 100% color-accurate. I did the best I could, but pinks and reds do a number on my camera!

I have many thoughts about this concept, but I'll save that for last. Swatches first!

Berry Berry Broadway. Re-release from the New York City Collection (2000). A bronzed berry shimmer.

Cancun Fiesta. Re-release from the original OPI launch in 1989! A medium blue-toned pink with very subtle shimmer. This is not a very good representation of the shade- it's more saturated and leans a little more purple in real life.

Copper Mountain Copper. Re-release from the Winter Resort Collection (1995). A rich red-mauve near-metallic shimmer. Not really what I think of when I hear 'copper' but it's still a beautiful autumn shade.

D.C. Cherry Blossom. Re-release from the 9091 Collection (1990). A saturated blue-pink creme. This color isn't the most unique but it's really hot. On the rare occasion that I do wear pink, I love these nearly-purple bright pinks.

Florentine Fuchsia. Re-release from the International Collection (1991). A medium fuchsia jelly. This is also a fairly poor representation of this shade- it's nearly impossible to photograph. It's very jelly-like: squishy looking and nearly translucent but not sheer. It's more of a berry shade but it's not like Misa Push Upon It or Zoya Moxie.

French Bordeaux. Re-release from the International Collection (2001). A warm red with slightly magenta-hued shimmer. This color is a little more brown in real life. It appears a lot more brown in the bottle, but when applied it is a brighter shade of red than expected.

Kinky In Helsinki. Re-release from the European Collection (2002). Pearly metallic fuchsia with blue-pink duochrome. I love the name of this, it was one of the first OPI polishes I ever bought just for the name. This is a really glowy shade, it looks lit from within.

Mediterranean Moonlight. Re-release from the Mediterranean Collection (1994). OPI describes this as "a light shade of gleaming caramel" but it's so not caramel. It's peach... Deep peach. It's a little more faded looking in real life.

Purple-opolis. Re-release from the Greek Isles collection (2004). A light, shimmery red-toned purple. This looks really different in sunlight and indoors. The sunlight picks up on the warm tones in the polish, but in dim light the cooler more blue purple shade comes out. Very, very pretty. Although, I'm pretty sure this is a bit different from the original release, but I can't find my bottle to compare. I need to re-organize. Ugh.

Sahara Sapphire. Re-release from the Painted Desert Collection (1998). A metallic blue pearl. This goes on with heavy brushstrokes, but they fade a little bit as the polish dries. They don't completely disappear, but they're not too bad. It has the same texture as Pike's Peek-A-Boo Purple. This almost has a hint of violet to it in certain lights. Serene looking.

Shootout At The O.K. Coral. Re-release from the American Collection (1995). A bright coral with blue/pink duochrome. This was my go-to pedicure color for years. It is very bright but not quite neon.

Venus Di Violet. Re-release from the Collezione Italiana (2001). A soft lilac pearl with blue-violet duochrome. A very unusual color!

I think it's really cool that OPI re-releases shades from long discontinued collections. I love old polishes and I love that people will have the chance to be able to buy them again for a regular price. However...

... I think they picked the most bland, boring shades they could find! Okay, there are a few old favorites of mine in this collection of re-released shades, but three reds? Three pink cremes?? Cancun Fiesta isn't really a creme, but the shimmer is so subtle that it could pass as one.

OPI has released some *incredible* unique shades in the past and I would have loved to see them as part of this collection. I feel like the colors they chose are really playing it safe. It is stated that the colors selected for this collection of re-releases were past best sellers. I believe that. These are the types of colors that tend to sell really well. That doesn't necessarily mean they're unique, but they'll most likely be very popular.

If I had to choose twelve shades to re-release in my very own Colorcopia, they would be these:

1. Rainforest
2. Jasper Jade
3. I Get A Kick Out Of Gold
4. Black Tie Optional
5. Crim-Sun
6. Amethyst Abyss
7. Mystic Moonshine
8. La Boheme
9. Affair In Times Square
10. Vampire State Building
11. Real Teal
12. Home On The O-Range

Okay, that's just one possible set I can think of- there are hundreds of combinations of 'vintage' awesome colors that could be re-released. Those are just a few long-gone favorites and impossible to obtain wishes of mine.

Overall, not a terrible collection but not terribly adventurous. I love a lot of the colors- Venus Di Violet, Kinky In Helsinki, Shootout At The O.K. Coral, Florentine Fuchsia, Sahara Sapphire- that's almost half! I can't complain too much, but I would have liked to see some of their more unique shades in this collection instead of three uninteresting reds and three easily duplicated pinks.

And, just for fun, here are some very old pictures of me wearing the original versions of a couple of these colors:

Kinky In Helsinki.

Shootout At The O.K. Coral.

What would you have rather seen in this collection? Or is it perfect the way it is?


  1. I like the idea that they are re-releasing some htf polishes. Id found 3 or 4 polished that I will probably pick up.

    I agree though that they could have picked some other more interesting and vhtf colors - but hey, it's suppose to be four special collections to celebrate OPI IIRC so perhaps there will be more repromotes :)

  2. I agree that I Get a Kick Out of Gold would have made a nice addition to the collection. Ever since I saw The Polish Addict's, I've loved it.

  3. They did a 'greatest hits' collection and DIDN'T include La Boheme?! *weeps bitter tears* I'll never get my hands on that lovely color at this rate! Or Rainforest, or Blue Moon Lagoon, or Standing Room Only Silver...

  4. Thanks for the swatches! I think I will get... two lol, c'mon OPI you can do better than this!

    Although I did hear that this was part two of six for celebrating 20years or whatever it is

  5. Sensational pics Scrangie! I'm not sure why you apologize for them, they are beautiful (as are your gorgeous nails)!
    Those are some pretty awesome colors too. I am glad OPI brought them back!
    Thank you for the nice examples.

  6. I'm just a little bit bummed that Russian To A Party was not re-released. Sure. It's a red, but one of my favorite reds ever. I agree with your other choices too!

  7. Oh wow, Purple-opolis is gorgeous! Heh...just when I think my collection has enough purples, you show me another stunner. :P Thanks for sharing your pristine swatches with us.

  8. I really like the Kinky in Helinsky, but some of the rest of the colors, not so much.

  9. Dang, they couldn't re-issue How to Jamaica Million? Plah!!

  10. Your list sounds like it came right out of my head. That would have been perfection!

  11. How do you always get the newest collections before they are released? lol just wondering, i love your blog :)

  12. I can't believe these were the best selling ones?! They suck. They need an NBer over there. I WANT PMaGG to be re released! And CDM! And JJ. Dude. And before your pics, I thought I wanted DC CB and now, completely underwhelmed. BOOOOOOOO OPI

  13. They're all beautiful colors. But... I don't see any that I need to have.

  14. i personally think its a horrible collex. they released reds and pinks AGAIN. and boring reds and pinks to kick. *rolls eyes* yea they might sell but opi is quickly turning into a boring and non-cutting edge line. essie came out with more exciting colors this time around...

  15. Well, there are some really pretty shades here, and I will be buying a few of them, but I wish they'd featured at least one "great," you know? I already have LaBoheme and Black Tie Optional and Vampire State Building and many other htfs. But I would love to have seen Black Magic Mountain (or is is Black Mountain Magic? I'm never sure) or Hollywood and Wine. Ah, well. The eBay scalpers win again.

  16. I see purple-opolis everywhere! And i just bought berry berry broadway off of a nail salon... oops. should have done my research.

    I'm wearing La Boheme- Only tipwear and no tips after 3 days! SO good for me!

    I'd love to see Rainforest, BTO (its too expensive on ebay!), and several others!

  17. i think the ok coral orange is my fave out of this bunch and your pedi is gorg!!!

  18. Right now I only like Sahara Sapphire.

  19. Oh, how fun they're re-releasing polishes! I do miss some other polishes though, but I can imagine French Bordeaux on my nails, actually.

  20. i love your blog. I have bought so many polishes because of your swatches! I like the idea of this collection but agree that they could of done a few more unusual colours. i will prob get sahara, mountain and violet. do you know if kinky is similar to pompeli purple or flashbulb fushia

  21. These are very pretty colors on your nails. But, there is nothing really that hasn't been done and over done by OPI or the competition. Has OPI hit the creative bottom? Maybe rename some of these: Suzy Has Writers Block or Hire Another Catchy Name Thinker Upper or Oh Well, They are Better Than a French Manicure. However, I love your vintage pic of Kinky In Helsinki. I just re-read your synopsis of each color; you capture it. Forget what I just wrote. Thanks for doing such a great job on your nails.


  22. excuse me, i need to pick up my jaw, they dropped to the floor while looking at this page. and put it back so i can start drooling. These are very lovely pictures and again i'm going to run to my nail polish store to stock up as i hear they are raising the prices soon. Hollywood blonde in pink!

  23. Yeah, I feel like they threw in a blue to mix it up--even though they have been throwing in a blue into most new collections lately.

    I mean, they couldn't throw in one vampy color? Or one green? I feel like all of these colors are mid-range with the exception of one pale one.

    The one Wild Card they put in isn't very wild.

    Which isn't to say that I won't be buying some of them, because I sure will be. Thanks for the pics! They are awesome as per usual! =)

  24. It's just sad. I cannot believe their marketing department is incapable of doing a very simple search on ebay. I hope this collection will fail miserably sales-wise because OPI really needs an eye opener (more like a kick, actually).

  25. Aw I'm only getting Kinky in Helsinki for the name alone so I can send it to some of my friends. Even the blue looks crap. I'm dying for Real Teal do you hear me OPI dying!!

  26. Oh! that's a great collection. I already wrote down some of my favourites....thanks! :)

  27. I would have loved to have seen black magic mountain in this collection as I have been lemming it for ages! I agree that mystic moonshine and vampire state building should also have been included. I do like venus de violet though, very pretty I shall have to pick that one up!

  28. Elvira- I agree. I want Russian To A Party!! That color was beautiful, especially on toes.

  29. I would have absolutely flipped if they had re-released Down to My Last Copper from the Vegas collection. I'm down to half a bottle and don't really want to pay Ebay prices for another :/

  30. When and where can we get these? Im interested in the Venus di violet. Aside from VDV, purple-opilis and the O.K. coral one, the collection is weak, nothing exciting or worthy of bringing back after years. They should have focused more on hard to find exclusives instead of "best sellers" because there will always be reds and pinks in a best sellers list since thats what they keep most stocked on the shelves, duh. Do better OPI.

  31. Don't put yourself down, your pictures are great, and your nails are beautiful, especially around the cuticles, hate it when pictures are posted with sloppy cuticles, really takes away from the polish. But I do have to say that I have been using OPI Polish for a VERY long time, and have seen a lot of colors come and go and really the lack of imagination is horrible. Every collection seems to be a repeat of the last. Just look at all of the collections in the last 10 years and you will see what I mean.
    In case anyone from OPI reads your blog (and George and Suzi really should be reading it every day) I just want to say: Please bring out some really original colors, no line needs 40 reds and a ton of pales that all look the same. I love nail polish and don't mind spending the money on it, but please, make the cost worth while!
    Thanks for letting me vent Scrangie and keep up the good work!

  32. Gorgeous nails and pictures. I don't have any of the re-releases. I had gotten rid of my older polishes a long while ago. Before reading nail blogs that is. I could just violently hurl!!! How long have you been doing your blog? I've only been reading since last year. But I sure added tons of polish since then. You are a danger to me. But I love it. Where are the freaking' greens!?

  33. To be honest, OPI is annoying lately. I bought 1 polish from South Beach, but all of my other purchases for months have been China Glaze.
    None of my greatest hits are here, do you know how many people would have bought about 4 bottles of a re-released Rainforest?
    I'm getting Purple-opolis for my mom, and that's it.

  34. Just needed to say your blog is absolutely great. I don't have access to any stores that stock OPI so I always have ordered from the www. However, until I found your blog the colour choice was a bit hit and miss! I really love the way you show the colours. It makes choosing far more fun and definitely not hit and miss! Thank you so much for spending the time to do your blog. Don't ever give up.

  35. hrm... I think I may have gotten screwed sorta. are the re-released colors three free? I just bought Sahara Sapphire and it has a black label and says it contains the old chemicals--did someone just sell me an old bottle and say it was new? or are the new versions using the old formula?

  36. Sahara Sapphire is the only one that really stood out, but it looks like it has pretty noticible brush strokes. :( Oh well. I also like some of the bright pinks but I am to lazy to go and look back and see what their names are.

    i have been thinking recently, you should start selling nail polish. It could be called Scrangie ( Of course :D) and the slogan could be...

    " For all the Nail Polish Junkies! "

    That sounds kinda corny, but just something like that. Just think of how much the nail polish world could be changed! Lol.

  37. The two I love in this collection am already proud owner of (Kinky in Helsinkki and Sahara sapphire). I want to see Jasper Jade and Golfcourse Green again. They are way to expensive to buy at eBay and i really want them both.

  38. I just got hold of 2 of these. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if Copper Mountain Copper compares to Romeo & Joliet?

  39. Can you believe they add a taupe to the brights collection?! Are you kidding me?! So annoying! GREEN GREEN GREEN! I wish I had their contact info I want "write a letter"

  40. Copper Mountain Copper was my first OPI and so I will pick that one up...the others? Not so much....

  41. Just brought home THREE bottles of Venus di Violet. It is a very different formula from the original. The iridescent purple undertones don't show up at all and the consistency of the polish seems much heavier, leaving lines. I do have a little of the old formula left for comparison. It's just not the same and it's going back to the store. :(

  42. TAKE IT FOR GRANITE!! Why won't they re-release that one?!? It was my fav color to steal from my mom when I was in high school! I've been stalking it for YEARS.


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