Sunday, March 22, 2009

MAC Sugarsweet Polishes: Seasonal Peach and Peppermint Patti

I'm sure you've all seen these a bajillion times already, but I've been wearing Peppermint Patti since it arrived on my doorstep on Friday and I snapped a few pics.

It is super hot. Seriously.

MAC Peppermint Patti, in sunlight and indoors. It's not 100% accurate in these pictures, it's a bitch and a half to photograph! It's not as blue as these pictures suggest. It's a soft minty, nearly turquoise green. I had no application problems- it was smooth, dense and creamy. This is two coats. Very pigmented. Excuse the tipwear, I've been wearing it since Friday.

The decal is by Fing'rs EDGE Royal Punk Nail Art. Isn't it awesome?!

MAC Seasonal Peach. A creamy, milky retro peach. I bought this when it came out last year, so I'm not sure if there are any formula or color differences between this and the one released with Sugarsweet. I love this color. It's so retro! It's very flattering and feminine on my hands, but it's not boring. I think the starkness of it gives it an edge. I don't have very many colors like this in my collection and I can't think of a single duplicate.

I also had no problems applying this one. It's streaky on the first coat like any other light milky color would be, but it was pretty much entirely even on the second coat. I do three coats when I wear it, just to make sure it's entirely opaque. Many people complain that this is a nightmare to apply- it wasn't for me. It was actually really nice. So, your mileage may vary.

I think these would look even better together. I was going to do Peppermint Patti on all fingers but my ring finger and then do Seasonal Peach on my ring finger, but then I decided I wanted a decal instead. I'm definitely doing it next time!

I'm also testing out a few new things- a fake nail that promises 10 days of wear and topcoat that promises not to chip or peel, so we'll see how that works out. I look like I have Frankenfingers- one nail is short and french, the rest are long and green with skull decals. I feel like I have someone else's thumb attached to my hand, it's so bizarre. Stripper thumb transplant FTW!!


  1. Peppermint patty must be the prettiest peppermint green ever! This is the first time I'm so sold on a MAC polish. And the decal is so cute.<3

  2. I got Peppermint Patti yesterday and I'm loving it. But my bottle was a nightmare, but half the time it was just me. I was so excited that when I reached for Seche Vite, I ended up denting my nails.

    But this color is so worth it. It's a very flattering shade.

  3. I've been wearing Peppermint Patti since Thursday. I don't have any tip wear yet, but the only thing I have been doing that could be hard on my nails is typing and washing my hands. MAC polishes last okay on me. I got 6 days out of Dark Angel once. If you have tip wear, it's not very noticable. Overall, I am loving the color. I keep looking at my fingernails.

    I can't wait to hear about the topcoat and the fake nails.

  4. I've been thinking about getting PP, but have been so-so on every picture I've seen posted...until yours! You've pushed me over the edge.

  5. Wow! Awesome decal Scrangie! I love peppermint patti it is a super pretty color it is just the most ideal shade of green ever!

  6. I've been wearing peppermint patti since Friday too! love it! my application issues were the same as yours, not too bad and SO worth it!

  7. i just polished my nails with PP today! I love it!

  8. I love you Scrangie! I was contemplating giving this a miss because of the nightmarish formula everyone was complaining about, and you just gave me hope that all is not lost!

    I'm running out to give a bottle as soon as they launch it here in Asia. Thanks for the beautiful swatches.

    (P/S: why are you testing one lone fake nail and not the whole set? I'm curious to know.)

  9. I'm digging the Peach. Smooth, opaque creme. It's da bomb. Thanks for the swatches.


  10. Peppermint Patti is wicked cute, much better than I'd anticipated. So springy. Love Seasonal Peach, but for me there was lots of bad luck application wise.

  11. Hi- I found your blog from a message board link... & I love it; I have had ONE manicure in my life & usually don't wear polish... but I spent the weekend looking at your pics & was inspired... I wanted a manicure but there was a long wait- so I bought polish & did it myself. I got Pure Ice "Cheatin" & I really like it. I put on 4 coats because I wanted it to be really opaque... it is clear polish with purple glitter, & hot pink & turquoise glitter also... small round glitters & it looks SO pretty in the sunlight!

    I looked through the search function; I know you have swatched Pure Ice before but I couldn't find this color on your site. Have you worn it? I really like it; I suck at doing my own nails but this was easy to apply & it dried fast. :) Foolproof.

    Thanks for helping me try something new... I want to get some more colors now!

    Take care~

  12. I'm just getting in to nails(because of you blog!) and the color is gorgeous but I don't think I can spend $11 on a nail polish

  13. WOW! I need to go buy Peppermint Patti pronto! It looks major cute in the pics!

  14. Scrangie - i LOVE your blog ! it makes me smile every time :-)

    I really like this Peppermint color, it seems cool and unique

    can't wait to hear about that Topcoat..

    have a nice day !

  15. Wow what a gorgeous green! I adore that cute little punk nail sticker too ♥

  16. The skull is sooo cute! I totally love skulls.

  17. Sanna, it is a really fun color and I love it! :D I love my little skull decal :) <3

    Helen, Awwwe, I'm sorry to hear that! It is an amazing color though!

    Deb, yep, today is Monday and my nails still look the same as in the picture! I don't usually wear my polishes longer than a day or two, so I never get to see how well they wear over a long period of time :)

    Body and Soul, haha, well, get it while you can because it's already sold out online!

    Asia, thank you, I just *love* it! And the color, I love that too :)

    Anotheremptysky, that's good to hear! I thought it was downright dreamy :D Still wearing it too haha :D

    Imsopretty08, yay, awesome!

    Penny, awwe thank you! I think it's weird about international release dates too, they should just do them all at once!
    I'm only testing one nail for two reasons: One, it's French and I hate french manicures, and two, I won't be able to swatch if I have a full hand of fake nails :)

    Scott, thank you, you're da bomb :D

    Clockwork, love both colors and I'm even surprised because I don't have any dupes of them, winners in my book :D

    Jenny, hello! That's so awesome to hear! I LOVE Pure Ice polishes! I haven't swatched very many of the ones I have, but I am working on it :) I don't think I have Cheatin', I'm going to go get it when I go looking for the new ones :D

    Colette, awwe, thank you! There are much cheaper polishes around that are just as good, maybe not the same color, but you could try Essie's Greenport when it comes out :)

    Jackie.jaci, it is super cute!!

    Tuli, awe, you make me smile! :) Thank you!

    Stefanie, thank you :)

    Alexlyndra, yay, me too, I'm happy someone else appreciates it :D

  18. Looks beautiful on you Scrangie! Damn that it's sold out! I ordered it online and then cancelled it. I just couldn't break my Lenten sacrifice even for Mac. I can still bitch and moan about it. Do you think I will automatically go to Heaven?! I also love the Seasonal Peach.

  19. Very pretty!
    I really like the Peppermint Patti and the decal is sooo cute!

  20. Oh my god I can't wait on getting Peppermint Patti IT'S SO FRIGGIN GORGEOUS!!!!
    I want it so bad. But I'm far away from a MAC store or counter, that really sucks!
    They aren't really cheap on eBay.


  21. I got the last Peppermint Patty at the MAC counter and I am glad that I did!!! It is beautiful!!! Going to do my nails with it today. Where did you get your decals from? They are so neat!!!!!

  22. Lucy, haha thank you! You did the right thing :) It may show up again in the future, you never know :)

    Phyrra, isn't it? I want to wear one every day lol

    Mikki, awwe I'm so sorry! :(

    Kathy R, yay! I got mine from Meijer, but you can get them in most drugstores/grocery stores :)

  23. I love Peppermint Patty...I might have to buy my first MAC polish then :)

  24. Beachbunnydesigns, it would be a great first purchase :D

  25. Thanks for the great swatches, i am digging Peppermint Patty too, and Seasonal Peach is elegant, but it looks a little different than your previous swatch on Seasonal Peach, or are they from the same bottle? Just the camera or lighting changes? Or a change in the formulation?

  26. Shunian, Same bottle, just different lighting :)

  27. I had to go through eBay to get a bottle of Peppermint Patti, but did manage to get one, and I LOVE it. I had some issues with the application, but once I got to 3 thin coats, most of the unevenness was gone. It's very pretty, and it's been lasting really well! I have tipwear (I type HARD), but no chipping, and I've been wearing it for days longer than I usually do. I am very impressed with this polish, and it's just such a lovely colour!


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