Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swatches: Lippmann Collection Winter 2008

Wow! These are gorgeous!

I apologize for the poor quality of these swatches. I'm having camera problems today! I think my battery is going bad- I charged it to full and on the second picture of each set it gave me a low battery warning and refused to focus! :(

Anyway, here they are:

Maneater. Beautiful reddish brown creme, or dare I say, jelly? It's dark but still looks brown and not black.

Holiday. Ooooooh! A bright pinkish-red with tons of sparkle- same vein as Shut Up And Drive and Lady Marmalade. I'm thinking this is a re-release because the name sounds familiar and I could have sworn I saw this in a holiday set at Nordstrom or something. I would totally wear this.

SUPERSTAR! Brown and gold glitter! It's a brown jelly base with golden brown glitter. I'm in LOVE with this! I don't own a single color that looks even remotely like this. A winner in my eyes.

Icing On The Cake. A pretty, delicate yet super streaky metallic silvery whitish pink. Very 'dainty'. Super streaky, though. This reminds me a ton of those old Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome polishes they used to have- I'll have to dig a few out to compare- could be a dupe of Petal Chrome?

And the Party Like A Rockstar set:

Comes in an adorable black/blue shimmery snakeskin bag. I love it, I can't stop admiring it.

Devil In A Blue Dress. Deep, dark navy blue creme. Looks almost black on the nail.

Good Girl Gone Bad. Stunning mellow burgundy glitter. I think I need nine or ten backups of this. I could wear this every day. It's so beautiful! And it was super easy to remove- rare for a glitter polish!

Overall, these ROCK! The formula is magical- applies so smooth and even, it's almost as nice as Rescue Beauty Lounge. The bottles themselves are great to look at, they're some if the prettiest bottles around. I would 100% recommend these for anyone looking for a more interesting glitter shade or a unique creme polish. Love them all. Great job, Lippmann!!


  1. Gorgeous swatches once again!! I was so excited for Superstar and Maneater but they both look like polishes that I may be able to skip...I just can't do chunky glitter and I have some brown cremes coming (including the one I'm most excited about--Misa Fashion 4 Passion)...hopefully they'll have satisfy me enough so I don't need to go get Maneater!!

  2. Good god Scrangie!! These are fabulous! Too bad they're way too expensive for me...

  3. Oh well, now I "need" Superstar and Good girl gone bad...
    And I have no idea how to get hold of them. Another challenge in my life.

    Love yoour blog. Have I told you that lately? LOVE!!!

  4. Icing On The Cake looks a bit like OPI's Fee Jee Wee Jee Fawn ?

  5. No! Stop it! My lemming list is already so long it's unlikely I'm considering growing a few more hands.

  6. GGGB is lovely! I don't *want* to want this... but that's only because of my wallet.

    Beautiful swatches again! Thanks!

  7. Ohhhh Good Girl Gone Bad looks delicious! Oh no, I really want that one! I don't know how but I want!
    hugs & kisses

  8. These look amazing! Do you know if you can buy Good Girl Gone Bad seperately, or does it just come in the set? Also, (and this is a little sad), where does one get Lippman polishes? I've really tried to limit my brands to save money, but after seeing your swatches, I may have to add one more.

  9. Karman, thanks!! If you ever decide you want Superstar, you could try out Passion 4 Fashion with a gold glitter topcoat on top, that way you can get the same look without spending the $15 :D

    Psychoswim, aren't they??? I hate buying these expensive polishes, I think of how many OPIs or China Glazes or even Zoyas I can get for one bottle of Lippmann, but I really like these colors :D

    Sminkan, do you have Bath and Body Works in Sweden? They sell them there, but I can't remember if online ships internationally or not! And, wow, thank you!!! I really, really love your blog :D <3

    Fudge, hmm, you know I think I have that one somewhere, I will have to compare! That would be a great alternative to buying a $15 polish!

    Liz, lol!!! Lately I've been wearing a different color on each hand just so I can 'wear' more of my unworn colors XD

    FauxFun, thanks! It's definitely my favorite out of them all, and I don't think I have any other colors like it!

    Sanna, it is such a beautiful color! Muah! Lots of love to you :D

    Elizabeth, I think it's only available in the set :( This particular set is available at, nordstrom and a few other department stores. I usually get my Lippmanns from Bath and Body Works though :D

  10. scrangie, i got the name wrong its Fiji Wee Jee Fawn!

  11. That's okay, Fudge! I knew what you meant :D <3

  12. I bought the rocker collection! I LOVE good girl gone bad. I had to try it immediately over my Essie Honey Bun - pretty!!! And I bought brown eyed girl and layered over the Essie Lady Godiva on my toes - again luscious! mmmmmmm - can't wait to try devil in a blue dress and I'm not used to wearing anything that "wild". bought online at lippmann - only took 4 days.

  13. Deepo, aren't they GORGEOUS?? I love em! I was really pleased with the whole collection!

  14. Just put on Devil in a blue dress - love it but I went further. I put Lippmann's Dream A Little Dream on top. It's a clear with blue glitter but goes on smooth. Adds fabulous depth to Devil - even in the dark it glimmers. looks like the night sky with constellations!

  15. Deepo, that sounds AWESOME! Now I want to try layering it!!

  16. oh i'm so sad!!!! the only way to get this trio in the UK is to pay over 80USD for it!! what a bummer :(

  17. Oh no, I'm sorry Sara! That's terrible :(


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