Friday, September 12, 2008

Swatches: China Glaze Operation Color

Pics first and then my opinion!

Agent Lavender. Not really lavender, is it? It's more of a greyed-out blue/purple... Periwinkle?

Code Orange. Perfect pumpkin orange with a hint of red/pink shimmer.

Golden Opportunity. Golden yellow with subtle gold shimmer.

Pink Underground. Candy pink with silvery shimmer.

Revolution. Bright orangey red creme.

Secret Peri-wink-le. Dusty periwinkle blue creme.

Overall, I'm extremely disappointed in this collection. I really love the color of Code Orange, Agent Lavender and Secret Peri-wink-le, but the formula SUCKS.

They look really bad in these pictures because they were impossible to apply. They were so thick they wouldn't spread! Just a big sticky, gooey, globby mess. Shame on you, China Glaze!

The only exception was Revolution, which applied amazingly well. Too bad I don't wear red!

When I first saw pictures of this collection, I was confused. For a collection called "Operation Color" it's really not very colorful. It's really muted, "dusty", bland. I don't understand why this was called Operation Color- I think a different name would have been more appropriate for these faded looking shades.

I think I've fallen out of love with China Glaze. Aside from Rodeo Diva, their formula has been sucking lately. It's too thick, gooey, stringy and bubbly and it never dries. Unless they really wow me with some great colors, I might not be buying any more China Glaze! Bahama Blues looks interesting, so I'll give them a chance to redeem themselves.

Another thing I'm annoyed with is the fact that they never respond to their emails- I've emailed them at least half a dozen times without so much as an auto-reply! Again, shame on you, China Glaze! Companies should care about the consumer and make answering customer emails a priority! I guess they're too busy booking out-of-work strippers for their promo images to respond to emails. Hmmph!


  1. Really? I was totally psyched for this collection because they're such 'me' colours. I was waiting to hear what the general nail blog reaction was to the ChG formula, and I'm sad that it's no good. Oh well. I have too many new polishes to try, anyway. Thanks for saving me some money :)

  2. I feel the same way about butter LONDON right now. They don't even have a phone number on their website or invoices and I have emailed them 3 times trying to cancel a backordered item with NO response! I feel like that's their way of taking advantage of people, they have my money but won't respond to me. Very bad way to run a business!

  3. I had trouble with the application of one of the colors from this collex but the other applied perfectly. Do you think there's some discrepancy from bottle to bottle? I did have application trouble with some of the Bahama Blues though.

  4. Well thats a downer. I was looking forward to using the blue for my cosplay, but if its crap I have to choose something else. Maybe pour me something tall and strong?

  5. I don't know. Nothing about these polishes interest me. And I kind of like muted colors. I would only maybe go for Code Orange for a Halloween-y color, but that's about it.

  6. I totally agree about the formula. But, since Rodeo Diva came out allright they obviousely still can make a decent polish.

    I am not too thrilled about these. I think I'll order Secret Per-i-wink-le. I am looking forward to the Bahama Blues! Who can resist blues!

  7. This collection doesn't do I for me either. I really like Revolution though, but it's nothing special.
    even if I love wearing red.
    And I sounds like Chg needs to do something about their customer service, because that so important

  8. how do i watch the live blog.....!!hopefully i dont nees flash!! im on the ps3...and when will it end i have to wait for him to go to work before i can try and tune in....:o(

  9. Thanks for the great review! When I saw the previews of the collection my first thought was, "Those are not comic book colours!" I tend to think of more saturated, primary colours when I think comics, and the red is the only one that fits. And LOL re: the ex-strippers for the ads!

  10. Rach, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the colors- they're really nice colors, but the collection name doesn't seem to reflect the colors it contains :) The formula, though, is bad news :(

    VampyVarnish, I just got my first Butter London- I know I shouldn't have bought it, and I already hate it. ARGH!! :(

    Steph, there must be- every single color besides Revolution was super-thick. I know some thinner would solve it, but I shouldn't have to thin brand new polish :(

    Nail Juice, ooh cosplay? Who? (I've cosplayed a bit in my past hehe)

    Robyn, I like the muted colors, but I really LOVE Code Orange- it's pretty much the exact color of a pumpkin with a little shimmer. Perfect for halloween :)

    Sminkan, Rodeo Diva was mind-numbingly awesome so I don't understand how this ended up so... weak? Hmmmm

    Sanna, Revolution is a really interesting red, if I wore red more often I think I'd love it :D

    Danielle, no worries, it's just going to be text/pics :D Until I get a webcam, that is... hehehehe

    Melli, that's exactly what I picture too! I used to be a big comics junkie so I was expecting those sort of POW comic book ink colors! :D

  11. scrangie..I just discovered your web site and I love it!

  12. My Secret Peri-wink-le looks nothing like that. Mine is a bland, muted blue. I wish mine was as nice as yours.


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