Friday, September 19, 2008

Swatches: China Glaze Sleigh Ride

The Sleigh Ride trio is a set of three festive Christmas-themed glitters- Ruby Pumps (an old favorite), Tinsel and the brand spankin' new Emerald Sparkle. When you buy the trio they include a cute mini holiday-print nail file. Cute!

I'm freakin' thrilled to death with these. Emerald Sparkle could be my new #1 favorite polish. It's so unbelievably stunning- I can hardly contain my excitement over it. Observe:

Here's the set- three full sized bottles. Not minis! I had assumed they would be minis. They're not, yay!

Emerald Sparkle. I think my brain is going to short circuit. Am I really wearing this??? Is it real??? It's a deep emerald green base with tons of fine bright green glitter. It has depth, shimmer, sparkle, vibrant color, everything.... What's not to love? It even applied well! It only needs two coats, too. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruby Pumps. Is it me, or is the new version slightly lighter than the old version? I'll have to go digging for my old bottle to compare, but it seems like it is. It's still gorgeous- golden orangey red glitter in a red jelly base. It looks lit from within. This is two coats.

Tinsel. A sheer silver glitter in what appears to be a sheer silver base. Very pretty, sparkly and delicate. Not too gaudy, either. The glitter is very fine, not chunky or rough. Takes three coats to achieve opacity.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how well these applied after all the bad luck I've been having with China Glaze lately. They were a little on the runny side, but that's definitely a huge improvement over the thick and gooey formulas I've been bitching about... All three of these polishes are winners- no complaints about any of them! They're perfect. Emerald Sparkle is pure genius.

I can even see glitter-haters loving Emerald Sparkle. It's too sexy not to love.


  1. Where do you get these polishes? Are they sent to you before they come out?
    Anywho. I'm not a sparkle girl, nor into Holiday Colors. They are pretty though.

  2. Oh, my! I literally gasped when I saw your swatch of Emerald Sparkle. I am such a green girl anyway. I love glitter and shimmer. This is just too much!

  3. Smirfy, I got mine from :D

  4. Tarotbydiana, isn't it a-m-a-z-i-n-g??? I am stunned by how gorgeous it is! :D I'm so happy you like it too!

  5. I agree with you, I think this Ruby Pumps is brighter. Mine is more of a blood red. With that said, I guess it makes it worth having both versions. I love the Emerald Sparkle. It looks stunning on you (what doesn't though?)

  6. what do you recommend for a shiny shiny shiny top coat!

  7. I will get it!
    I WIIIIIIIIiLL get it!
    No nail polish buy- can you end now? please?

  8. wow!!! i am so excited for my 8ty8beauty order now! i will put on emerald sparkle the minute i get it.

  9. I hate glitter but I gotta have these!! I think Emerald Sparkle has to be the Christmas day mani!! :-D

  10. i was never very interested in green, but this... *oogles* i am soooo tempted now! you're positively evil! (that was my wallet's opinion)

  11. Wow they are stunning, I agree with Carla G - Emerald Sparkle is definitely the Christmas Day colour! Am off to see if I can get these in the UK yet...

  12. Wow, I'm a fan of green, but I've never found the perfect shade of it...until now. And when it's so sparkly? How can I resist? You should get commission from those sites because I'm sure that you've referred hundreds of thousands of nail fanatics there! :P

  13. I'v been waiting for this for some months now so I hurried over to Their faq stated that they ship internationally and I spent quite some time this morning putting together a nice little present of oh... about 9 polishes for my self.

    Enter checkout: No place to choose an international adress. I'm so bitter right now. Very, very bitter...

  14. SiennaX, thank you :) Yes, my older one is also a darker blood red, this one seems to be a bit lighter, more 'normal' red lol

    Anonymous, Seche Vite! It's the best thing in the entire world :D <3

    Sanna, I need to go on a no-buy too! Maybe you can save this one for when it ends... But definitely get it lol :D It's very pretty!

    KoalaJ, oh I'm so excited for you! You'll have to let us know how you like it :D

    Carla G, they're festive, aren't they? I don't think they're too 'tacky' glittery, more glimmery glittery :D

    Kinna84, muahahaha! :D Thanks! :)

    Evie, I might have to do a little Christmas nail art with these... I think it would look perfect with a little wreath or tree on it!

    Atomica, omg I wish! One of these companies needs to send me a paycheck or something LOL :D But, the hole in my bank account just keeps getting bigger instead XD

    Fifrildi, oh no! I do know they ship internationally but I *think* you have to email Tom first, to get a shipping rate? Any international readers know for sure? I think I've read that you email your orders, but I'm not 100% positive!

  15. I NEED EMERALD SPARKLE, :O NOW.. I will do anything to have it, even pay a fortune in postage.. Hence I am now ordering this from

  16. I cannot WAIT for Emerald Sparkle! Damn, that's hot!!

  17. fifrildi, I also wanted to order the set this week. normally there is a place to enter an international adress, but they seem to have a new layout... so I sent them a mail and described my problem and they answered immediately letting me know, I should order next wednesday. so I hope they fix that problem and that ordering will work by then, because I NEED emerald sparkle as well. It's just so plain GORGEOUS :-) scrangie, I love your blog and your swatches! they are also gorgeous, as usual ;-) your really make any polish look just stunning ;-)

  18. I was so excited when I saw Emerald Sparkle was already out - I thought I was going to have to wait at least another month. The girls I babysit are going to be so happy - I give them manicures whenever I go over there and they love Ruby Pumps (or ruby slippers as they call it!).

  19. I wander if you've been eating recently... Judging by the whole load of swatches on Nailgal, not really.

    Please, don't forger about yourself. We need you, as well as US economy needs you :)

  20. scrangie, did you know that seche vite dry fast top coat is not the big three free? how often do you use yours?

  21. They are beautyful! I hade bad luck with Ruby Pumps before. It never became glossy, maby this will be better?
    Emerald Sparkel is amazing!

  22. Scrangie and Fifrildi - I've made international orders with 8ty8 before and I swear I didn't have to email first. You just made the order and they emailed you later to confirm shipping, a la Head2Toe. Then I went to order some more Cuticle Eraser and I found I had to email Tom, and then he confusingly replied saying they wouldn't be filling any more orders for 8 weeks because they had a backlog. WTF?? I'm seriously disappointed because they're my only source of CND here in Australia, aside from achingly overpriced salons. Honestly, if these e-tailers only realisd the amount of business they'd get if they streamlined their international shipping.

  23. Rach - 8ty8 is seriously backlogged right now, and has been for a little while. Both 8ty8 and H2T are tiny stores with few employees, and I don't think they want to turn down business, but it's probably better for them to do so than take every order and upset some people when they can't fill them.

    (scrangie, forgive me for interrupting on your blog...I'm sure you know I always have to butt in about the etailers! :D)

  24. *drools*
    I'm a sucker for jelly!
    And although I don't think green is the best thing for my Asian skin, I think I'm gonna have to add this one to the collection. Thanks for the peek! ;)

  25. @Scrangie: thanks :) I'm hoping for it to work out, otherwise I'll just have to wait for head2toe to get it in.

    @anonymous: Thank you for the info. I emailed them yesterday, but since that's a Saturday I have not got my answer yet.

    @rach: I know. And it should be rather easy to streamline international shipping. I live in Norway and I shop online *a lot* since we have very slim pickings of nearly everything in this country. And when we do have something similar the price tag is horrendous. The price of an Essie polish is nearing 20 dollars...

    @gymnastgirly: I'm willing to wait :o) (as long as they inform me about it)

  26. Love that green!
    Good to know these applied well. I'm getting unbelievably annoyed with how China Glaze polishes have applied lately. If I could get an application like Orange Pacific from the Surf collection I'd be one happy lady!

  27. Gorgeous colours! Emerald Sparkle is truly divine, it looks like it's glowing!
    I do agree that Ruby Pumps looks lighter than the original, or at least compared with the bottle I currently have.But it still looks great!

  28. I saw these and I loved them so i got them they came today and am super excited, which for me is rare because i have only used opi or essie.

  29. Lina-Elvira, oh it's so beautiful you won't regret it! I can't stop staring at it!

    JB, my thoughts exactly! :D

    Anonymous, thank you SO much! :D

    Elizabeth, oh how sweet! I'm sure everyone will adore it!

    Masa_inn, awwwwwe thank you! <3 I appreciate your kind words :) I am working hard on swatching, but maybe I need to rest a little :D

    Hallie, yep, and that's why I like it! I use it every day. I much prefer nail polishes WITH the big 3, they're so much better than without!

    CrazyNails, I think Ruby Pumps has so much glitter in it that it needs a little topcoat to make it shiny. It's definitely not as rough as other glitter polishes, but still not as glossy as without glitter :)

    Rach, thank you! I see now. And that's so strange about the backlog- I guess they've been really slammed with orders lately! I hope it speeds up again soon!

    Gymnastgirly, thannnnnk you! I love that you do, you're like my International Sales Consultant! :D <3

    FauxFun, this one is worth trying on at least once- it's too pretty to pass up :D

    Fifrildi, I really wish it was easier for you lovely European readers to get your polish :( I feel bad that it's such a hassle!

    Miss_Red, oh, I'm glad I'm not imagining it! My old one doesn't seem as bright and 'fresh', and I kinda like it better :D

    Badbomben, YAY!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    Chiffy, I used to be OPI only back in the day, but I'm glad I branched out into other brands- so many colors! You will love them :D


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