Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Swatches: China Glaze Bahama Blues

NOTE: I have revisited this collection in a new post. For pictures, please see the new post: China Glaze Bahama Blues Revisited.

In my last China Glaze post I had stated that I've fallen out of love with China Glaze polishes due to the crappy thick gooey formula. Unfortunately, Bahama Blues' polish formula is only a hair better than Operation Color. I had serious application issues with most of the colors. Thick, stringy, bubbly and extremely difficult to work with.

As disappointed as I am in the terrible formula, I am happy to say that these colors are worth the headache. They're simply beautiful. Observe:

Bahamian Escape. for some reason this is photographing really weird. It's not really that radioactive blue in real life- the bottle shows the true color. It reminds me of For Audrey but brighter and more vibrant. It's a creme opaque bright sky blue. Very, very pretty.

Bermuda Breakaway with Calypso Blue on pinkie. Fantastic bright creme blue that's somewhere in between OPI Dating a Royal and Misa Pour Me Something Tall And Strong. I thought this and Calypso Blue looked kinda similar in the bottle, so I put it on my pinkie to compare- not even close. I don't know what I was thinking.

Blue Island Iced Tea. Super-sparkly metallic blue with chunky metallic shimmer. Looks much better in sunlight than it does indoors.

Blue Paradise. Glowy blue pearl. Smooth texture on the nail, despite the sticky weirdness of the formula.

Calypso Blue. Deep dark blue creme that's not one of the dark blue cremes that looks black. It looks blue. That makes me happy. It's a cousin to Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm.

Caribbean Blue. WOW! Bright sky blue with China Glaze's pretty glass fleck shimmer. This makes me think of a baby Blue Sparrow. How cute! I really like the shimmer in this one.

Overall, a good collection, but I'm still not in love with China Glaze again. I don't have the patience to work with bad formula polishes. These may be an exception because I love the colors, but still... Why so thick?? Rodeo Diva was amazing, why aren't these amazing? These did seem to dry a little faster than some of the other China Glazes I've been having problems with, so that's a plus.

The colors really are extremely nice, so if you don't mind thick polishes or having to thin brand new polish, I'd definitely recommend them!

Be sure to check out The Polish Addict's swatches of these, too!


  1. Gorgeous swatches! I've seen swatches on Polish Addict and Nailphile but I just can't get enough of this collection! This will make me wear more blues!

    For me China Glaze is a hit or miss...the two polishes I have from imMaterial Gurl or whatever it's called (Mom's Chiffon and Second-Hand Silk) were super disappointing. They were thick, goopy, and super streaky. Rodeo Diva, on the other hand, were super smooth. China Rouge was unbearably goopy and thick, it bubbled like crazy too. Side Saddle was amazing and although Red Stallion was slightly goopy near the end, it was manageable. I also have Let's Do It in 3D, which is great as well. Hopefully this collection will work ok for me!

    By the way, how a percentage (being the math geek that I am) would you say RBL Dead Calm is to Calypso Blue??

  2. The more swatches I see, the more I love them and I'm so glad I ordered them!

    Now CG just needs to bring on a super sexy green collection...

  3. Damn you Scrangie!!! Between you, ES and cRc, i've gone from wanting 3 from this collex to thinking i need them all!!!!! ;-P

  4. Oh, those blue cremes are must haves for me!!! They are the poor girl's answer to RBL Dead Calm!!

  5. Hey Scrangie! Gorgeous swatches as usual. Do you have Jessica Solar Eclipse to compare to Calypso Blue? How many coats was that btw? I'm such a sucker for blues. Also, you've made me need Caribbean Blue, thanks. :p

  6. Karman, hmmm that's a good question! I'd say they're 80% similar, with Dead Calm being lighter and slightly more translucent and Calypso Blue being darker and more 'creamy' :D I've had a bunch of China Glazes with good texture and a ton with bad, I don't know what it is with them! >.<

    Mazoo, they are very beautiful! I agree about the greens! :D That would rock!!

    Psychoswim, hehehe sorry! <3 At least they aren't expensive like other brands :D

    SiennaX, yes, they are truly lovely and a good alternative to Dead Calm for sure!!

    Bratt, Hey! Thanks! :D Actually, shockingly, I don't have *any* Jessicas! I've been thinking about picking up a few but haven't taken the plunge yet :) All of those are two coats except Blue Island Iced Tea which is three.

  7. Blue Island Iced Tea, I BURN for you.. I really want them all but in a bout to try and save up for my house buying, I have decided I only "really need" Blue Island Iced Tea and Calypso Blue. I do. But. I want them ALL! :)

  8. You seriously need Jessicas. I used to used them when I was a beauty therapist many years ago (okay, 6) they are really good, I'm surprised they dont get so much love.
    I need all those blues. China Glaze should seriously employ you & ES :-)

  9. Ooh beautiful! But I totally agree with you re. the formula. I recently got Sexy Lady because it looked so pretty in your swatch but it was so thick and nasty that I took it off the next day. It's a shame because I'm new to CG but it's making me realise why I've been a strict OPI girl for so long...

  10. Thanks Scrangie! I took the plunge and ordered my RBLs...I'm having them sent to wackymichy on MUA and then she will USPS them to me. MUCH cheaper (and no fear of extreme customs and brokerage fees) that way. I ordered Teal, Bruised, Stormy, Pink B. Cause too!

  11. Want want WANT! All this talk of application issues has me worried, though. Are they good after a shot of thinner?

  12. Lina-Elvira, house money is way better than nail polish money :D I don't think they're limited edition, so they'll still be around when you're able to buy them :D

    Carla G, that settles it, I WILL get some Jessicas! :D I have only seen a very limited selection at Ulta and Target, so I might have to look online. I agree- China Glaze or anyone really should hire me- I need to get paid for this! lol

    Evie, I totally understand. I've been going though a lot of my old China Glaze polishes this week and some of them apply so perfectly, and all the new ones are like trying to spread Marshmallow Fluff on your nails lol

    Karman, oh wow, congrats! I think you will love them! WackyMichy is such a doll :D I love her nail pictures!

    Rach, I think a little thinner would fix these :) The colors are so pretty, it might be worth it to tweak 'em a little lol

  13. I need this collection. Blue is my absolute FAVORITE color for polish. It figures that I found these beauties 3 years too late. :( *sulks*


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