Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's Alive!!

The other day I had mentioned that I was playing mad scientist and created a few of my very own frankenpolishes. I really wanted to make some colors that I couldn't buy anywhere. There are not enough greens, purples, glitters or holos in the universe, so I attempted to make a couple!

As always, please click the image to view full size.

#1. Bright purple holo with slight green duochrome, green, holographic and blue glitter.

#2. Medium green with varying shades of purple glitter.

#3. Dark forest green and gold holo.

#4. This isn't blue! It's bright purple! Bright purple with green duochrome and glitter.

#5. Metallic olive green with holographic glitter.

#6. Bright purple/blue duochrome loaded with iridescent and multicolored pink, purple, blue and holographic glitter.

#7. Deep green with holographic glitter.

#8. Luminous dark green shimmery metallic.

#9. My very own homemade holographic glitter topcoat! Unbelievably sparkly.

#8 with #9 on top.

So, how did I do? I love all my colors! I've since made a bunch more 'frankenpolishes' and I think I'm hooked! I love making my own colors!


  1. oh my, they all look perfect! i couldn't decide which one i like most, they are all so beautiful! i would take them all :D
    by the way: i just ordered black diamond this week, can't wait :-)

  2. you are going to mass produce #2, right? :D

  3. These are awesome. I really like the olive green and forest green polishes.

  4. so, like when are you starting your own company??? because,i want EVERY SINGLE one of those polishes you just frankened, and i usually think alot of frankens are just normal and kinda boring, they take skilll....and girl you got it !!!

  5. #1 reminds me of a better version of OPI DS Royal! Pretty, pretty! And my hubby said "wow!" to your homemade topcoat! All are very creative, Scrangie! Can't wait to see what others you made!

  6. Wow! These are beautiful! What did you put in these? I mean, not how you made them, but like, what kind of glitters and polishes did you use? Did you use like, Mac glitters or anything? :D

  7. No, really, when are you starting mass producing #2, #7 and the sparkly topcoat??? :) These are all awesome, I would so pay you to ship these to me :)

  8. They look awesome! I am in loooove with 4 and 8!

  9. Everyone of them was TO DIE FOR!!! I'd buy them!

  10. Those are so nice! Can you make #1, #2, #3, #4, #7, #8, #9 for the rest of us?

  11. Oooh, publish the recipes, pleeeeeze? Gorgeous!

  12. Love them all especially #5 of course. Wow how do you create these? I say bottle 'em up, slap a label on them and start selling baby! :-)

  13. Wonderful, all of them!
    I have frankened four polishes, two dark greens with holo-glitter and one steel blue and one dark, midnight blue with holo glitter. I love them!
    It is great fun to do your own colors!


  15. damn - they are all gorgeous!
    i wish i have the heart to try that too, but i fear ruin my polishes to odd shades by franken them *g*
    (also i have no idea how to get polish in another bottle - other than drop by drop).

  16. A++++ for your post scrangie!
    The colors are amazing and so perfect.


  17. If you start selling your frankenpolishes, you're going to be rich, rich, rich! :D Wow, I absolutely love that first purple one, and all the green ones are to die for!

  18. mass produce #8!!!!!!! I love it!! I had a peacock color like this a long time ago and I have looked to find another like it and I can't find it anywhere. That is exactly what I was looking for!!!

  19. Beautiful work, Scrangie! Seriously, you could start your own polish company with some of your creations. If I had the cash, I would definitely back you in this venture!

  20. Ooh, Scrangie, #8 is GORGEOUS!

  21. those are amazing!!!! i want to buy them all :D

  22. The olive green one is just incredible!!!

  23. i love them the purples and blues esp! scrangie, we need answers to these questions.. particularly what glitters do you use. i'm always looking for shimmer-- party on the nails!-- but not fat junior high school glitters.......????

  24. Black Diamond, wow, thank you! I just wore Black Diamond this week because your name reminded me of it hehe :D

    GH, hehehe that would be cool! Scrangie brand nail polish!

    Azia, thanks! I love the way these turned out :)

    Danielle, wow wow wow thank you! I'd love to start my own company and never sell a boring nail polish hehehe :D

    FauxFun, awww thank you! I'm having a lot of fun mixing polishes lately :)

    MariahGem, I did use MAC glitter for these :) I used MAC pigment, MAC glitter and existing nail polishes mixed together to create these colors :)

    Lina-Elvira, wow, thank you! I had no idea everyone would love them so much :) Hmm, maybe I should make nail polish... *lightbulb!*

    JB, thank you! I am too :D

    SiennaX, awwwwwwe thanks!!! <3

    Chiffy, hehe that would be fun!

    Tink, #1 is New York Hot Purple, Sation Black, Nubar Grass Green, Pure Ice Heartbreaker, China Glaze Sexagon and possibly one other thing that can't remember >.<

    Wiltedlettuce, I didn't think to write down my recipes! Oh no! In hindsight, I should have :( But I think I remember most of what I put in these, so I'll try :D

  25. VampyVarnish, thank you! I just mixed a lot of random crap together and got these :D lol

    Sminkan, yay! How cool! Now that you mention them, I think I may have seen your frankens... *goes back to look in your posts* :D

    Sanna, wow, thank you!!! :D

    Ray.of.night, I used mostly polishes that I either could buy again easily if I ruined it or polishes that I had more than one bottle of or had matches for just in case I didn't like how it turned out :D And I just poured the polish right out of one bottle and into another, only made a little mess hehehe

    Nitzan, thank you so much!!

    Atomica, hmm, I like that idea! :D Thank you!

    Anonymous, I think #8 is my favorite :D I wonder what it would take to sell nail polish... Hmmm...

    Melli, wow, thank you so much!!! I had never thought of making my own polish, but now that I have and like the results I'm really enjoying it :D I'd love to make Scrangie brand nail polish hehehe ;-)

    Samhainophobia, thank you! It might be my favorite of the bunch :D

    Sara, thank you!!!! :D

    Sigrun, thank you! I love how it turned out :)

    Yummy411, I'm a fan of all kinds of glitter, but for these particular polishes I used:
    MAC Reflects Transparent Teal
    MAC Reflects Blue
    MAC 3D Silver
    MAC Reflects Very Pink
    New York Purple Glitter, Fuchsia Glitter, Lime Glitter
    Nubar Grass Green

    and there may have been something else I have forgotten, I didn't write down my 'recipe' :(

  26. just from one bottle into another? he, that sounds good to a really awkward me.
    i really need to try, i will buy some cheap stuff this week and do it!

    i hope i get results half as good as yours *g*

  27. I LOVELOVELOVELOVE #1! Great Job Scrangie! I swear the NBers should all start a polish company lol

  28. Scrangie, I REALLY think you should be creating your own line of polishes. REALLY. SERIOUSLY!!

  29. I second all the other folks who said you should start your own polish brand. Think about it: you are a total expert in this field. You absolutely know what the market wants. You know what's missing. You have a niche. You have an audience. And I certainly would buy up all your polishes. So do it!

  30. Every single one looks gorgeous, but No. 6... wow!! I'm just in love with that colour, you did an amazing job =)

  31. scrangie's secret blend of funky colours!

  32. No. # and #8 made me squeak, stop and stare... ^^

  33. I'd like to see a lot of those, especially the last one the #8/#9 combination, with the essie Matte top coat finisher.

  34. These are amazing - especially #3, the dark forest green with gold holo! Just beautiful.


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