Saturday, September 13, 2008

Polish Addict and Scrangie Liveblogging, continued...

EmpressStephanie: should i group all my glitters together as glitters or put them with colors

xkeinmitleidx: Hmmmmm…. I keep my glitters together
EmpressStephanie: yea I think that’s probably the best way too
xkeinmitleidx: Okay, gonna grab another bucket of stuff to sort lol
EmpressStephanie: k
EmpressStephanie: my only other vice is horror movies
EmpressStephanie: although I did used to have a problem with buying books compulsively
xkeinmitleidx: Ooh, Iove books and horror movies!
EmpressStephanie: its so sad because no one I know enjoys horror movies so I usually have to coerce people to go with me
xkeinmitleidx: I like weird foreign films too
EmpressStephanie: me too!
xkeinmitleidx: there’s this Danish movie I love
EmpressStephanie: what is it?
xkeinmitleidx: De Grone Slagtere
xkeinmitleidx: (The Green Butchers)
EmpressStephanie: don’t think I’ve seen that one
EmpressStephanie: what’s it about
xkeinmitleidx: It’s a very dark sort of comedy
EmpressStephanie: love those
xkeinmitleidx: These two guys open a butcher shop, but aren’t getting any customers. They accidentally kill someone in the shop and hide it by marnating the ‘meat’ and selling it and become super successful
xkeinmitleidx: LOL
EmpressStephanie: LOL
xkeinmitleidx: But (spoiler)
xkeinmitleidx: In the end, it wasn’t really the meat the people liked, it was the marinade
xkeinmitleidx: lol
xkeinmitleidx: So funny
EmpressStephanie: have you seen Delicatessen?
xkeinmitleidx: No! What’s that one? Same sort of thing?
EmpressStephanie: yea it’s french
xkeinmitleidx: I’ll have to get that
xkeinmitleidx: I like cheesy zombie movies too
EmpressStephanie: basically its like a post apocalyptic world where there’s no food
EmpressStephanie: it gets really really silly
xkeinmitleidx: I’ve been wanting to rent “Dead And Breakfast”
EmpressStephanie: but it’s kind of hard to get into
xkeinmitleidx: ahhh sounds good, I like weird movies :D
xkeinmitleidx: Or… The Gingerbread Man starring Gary Busey lol
EmpressStephanie: LOL
EmpressStephanie: thank god for netflix
xkeinmitleidx: Sometimes some good stuff ends up in my OnDemand free channels
xkeinmitleidx: Saw this one, can’t remember the name… Hmmm
xkeinmitleidx: Wind Chill?
EmpressStephanie: hmm dunno
xkeinmitleidx: That was kinda cool. Reminded me a little of Silent Hill
EmpressStephanie: oh man
EmpressStephanie: I was *SO* excited for silent hill
EmpressStephanie: I set myself up for disappointment
xkeinmitleidx: I was disappointed that they changed the plot from the game to the movie :(
xkeinmitleidx: I think they’re releasing a Silent Hill 2 soon
EmpressStephanie: ahh
EmpressStephanie: well i mean I’ll see it of course
EmpressStephanie: the best thing i’ve seen lately is Cloverfield
xkeinmitleidx: I have a hard time with game-movies and book-movies
EmpressStephanie: and I really loved the Orphanage
xkeinmitleidx: Oh, I haven’t seen those
xkeinmitleidx: My favorite of all time is Kansen. I could watch that movie 100 times.
xkeinmitleidx: So bad but so good.
EmpressStephanie: you’ll love the Orphanage
xkeinmitleidx: I’ll have to look for it, I haven’t seen a movie in quite some time. Last thing I saw was Arnold killing satan or something like that lol
EmpressStephanie: Is Kansen, infection?
xkeinmitleidx: Yes! Love that freakin movie lol
EmpressStephanie: its awesome
EmpressStephanie: I love the lighting
EmpressStephanie: do you have Essie Encore?


  1. Ha! De grønne slagtere. I love that movie. Isn't it great that they make Mads Mikkelsen look sooo gross, when most women (here anyway), think that he's so handsome? (I don't, but he's also a little bit too old for me:) )?

    - Rebecca, Copenhagen, Denmark

  2. I've seen Delicatessen and *love* this movie. My ex-BF have a taste really similar to yours, guys :)

  3. 'EmpressStephanie: Is Kansen, infection?
    xkeinmitleidx: Yes! Love that freakin movie lol
    EmpressStephanie: its awesome
    EmpressStephanie: I love the lighting
    EmpressStephanie: do you have Essie Encore?'

    This conversation makes me love you both.

  4. Rebecca, it is! I think he's quite handsome even if he is a bit too old for me :D Hehehehe!

    Masa_inn, awesome! I will definitely have to track that one down :)

    Rach, hahahaha :D <3

  5. I LOVE that last line of that convo LMAO. Useless trivia: Silent Hill was filmed in my shitty little town at an old girls school that burned down in May.

  6. Bratt, hey there!! :D Ahh, how cool! I love trivia :D


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