Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scrangie Goes Green!

That's right... I'm giving up my nailpolish and my car and my AquaNet and I'm gonna SAVE THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, you didn't think I was serious, did you? Me, the Queen of Chemicals???

Well, one thing I *am* going to do is post pictures of green polish. There are not enough green polishes in the world, but I've rounded up the greens from my collection and I'm going to post them here for all to admire.

I will most likely have to do this in three or four installments, so consider this Part One!

On to the greens!

I'll start off with some more common and well-loved greens:

China Glaze Gussied-Up Green

Color Club Limelight

Misa Green With Envy

Misa Toxic Seduction


Zoya Suvi

Zoya Tangy

Sinful San Fransisco

New York Summer Amaranth

Nubar Green Tea

NYX Las Vegas

Nubar Grass Green

OPI Green-Wich Village

China Glaze Outta Bounds

Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle

Sinful Show Me The Way

Sally Hansen Glow

Rimmel Camouflage

Revlon Lush Lime

Sally Hansen Emerald City

Many, many more to come!


  1. Visual Overload!
    Thanks so much for the swatches.

  2. i don't do green but you gave me lemmings!

  3. Oh man, green & blue are my all time fabourite np colours ever! I love that NYS. Beautiful :-)

  4. I'm still drooling over SH Glow since the last time you posted it. It's beauuuutiful!

  5. Oh boy, I am already salivating for the olive green's I am sure you will show!

  6. Anonymous, oops sorry! :D You're very welcome!

    Tink, really? At least they are pretty to look at :D

    Carla G, yay! I love green, blue and purple the most... And brown... and orange... Hmm... I see where this is going lol :D

    Emelie, I have another polish that looks like that too- Maybelline Go Go Green. Can you get Maybelline in Sweden? They're quite similar! :D

    VampyVarnish, you know, sadly, there aren't too many olive greens in existence, but I do have a handful that I'm working on swatching :D

  7. zuuuuulllluuuuuu where are yooooouuu???

  8. Greens are my all time favourites. Thank you for these swatches, although you make me want Sinful San Francisco and Sinful Show Me The Way even more than I thought possible!

    Can't get Sinful polishes down here though :(

  9. Gorgeous in Green Scrangie!!!

  10. I think I just died a little bit!
    You know I love greens.
    I'm going to say like Steph "screw zulu" lol;)

  11. *Drooling*

    I am so happy over the fact that Gussied up is coming to me, soon. It looks gorgeous on you! Greens are so vivid and beautiful!

  12. I do love green nal polish! And now I crave every one of these that I don't already own... You tempt me every day with new wonderful polishes. If only they where easy to get hold of, but no, it has to be difficult, hasn't it? Giving me a real challenge in life. Well, it might take me some time but one day they will be mine! :D

  13. Mom likes Nubar and Recycle...for greens. :P

    I love you!

    And it doesn't help that they discontinued it ;)
    It just makes me want it even more...

  15. AAAAAAH I adore greens! Do you want to kill me or what?? LOL! J/k, love this post!

  16. Andie, oh no! Sorry if I've created a Zulu lemming!

    Mazoo, you're welcome! I have a big shoebox full of green polishes that I'm photographing for this project :D

    SiennaX, why thank you dear! :D

    Sanna, you look awesome in green :D And lol, SCREW ZULU!!!!

    Badbomben, oh, I know you're going to love it!! :D

    Lina-Elvira, hooray! <3 <3 <3

    Sminkan, I don't know why more of these companies don't sell all over the world! It seems like more customers = more money, but maybe I'm wrong!

    Mom, yay, love you too!

    Tiffany, you may want to sign the Polish Addict's petition to bring back Zulu!! I hope they do bring back Zulu, it really is unique!

    Rocketqueen, hehehe! :D I'm so happy to see a lot of you guys love green!! :D

  17. I'm currently wearing Sinful's San Francisco and I've gotten so many compliments on it!

    Also, I'm sure I'm not the first to ask, but HOW do you get your polish so absolutely perfect? I always struggle to get mine nicely rounded near the cuticle like yours!

  18. Sasha, yay, green rocks! As for the polish application, I guess it just takes practice! And light pressure on the brush with only a small amound of polish, it helps control where the polish ends up :)

  19. Thanks for the tip!

    P.s. Love your blog, it fuels my polish addiction =)

  20. Sasha, thank you! And you're welcome :)

  21. I think i found a dupe for Nars Zulu, and it looks even closer if you add around 10 drops of black nail polish.

  22. The brand is Tropical Manicure, and the polish is number 14. Without the black added it is a brighter green, but it a jelly, and if you add black it look so much like Zulu.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.


    This website has it, but the swatch is not accurate.

  25. Thanks, Batchy! I actually picked this up a couple weeks ago :)

  26. Can you recommend a a bright apple green?


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