Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rescue Beauty Lounge Fall/Winter 2008 Preview!

A collection inspired by fashion - fall fashion- specifically opaque tights. I love the idea and look of different colored tights worn with different outfits for a unique look. I remember when I had a favorite pair of tights- they were bright green with black stripes. I used to wear them ALL THE TIME. I wore them with black skirts and miniskirts, under ripped jeans, with shorts... I wore them so much that the toe area of the tights disappeared. I still have them... I haven't worn them in years, but for some reason I can't bear to part with them.

Anyway, I'm babbling. Here are the colors for the collection, and as soon as I have visuals I'll post them!

Teal is a perfect deep green/navy that adds the right touch of mystery when worn with all black. Or wear it with bold winter florals or plaids to tone down the pattern. Ok fashion confession-Iʼm still haunted. Remember that perfect greenish blue Lanvin bag three seasons ago? I didnʼt get it and Iʼm getting this out of my system.

No More War—this olive green is the perfect counterpoint to the defused earth tones on many of the runways.

Bruised is a deep plum brown. It actually goes with everything this fall from cooler shades of charcoal gray to saturated rich hues.

Plie, a classic opaque neutral beige with a hint of blush welcomes back the return of winter whites.

All of these will be available soon at!


  1. oh boy! these sound fab! can't wait to see them!!

  2. Ai. There goes the nail polish budget. An olive-green RBL. Be still, my heart.

  3. I'm so excited for this collection!!

  4. That olive green might just be my first RBL!

  5. Visuals here!

  6. I already have Plie, and it really is a nice opaque neutral/pink BABB.

  7. Shit. There goes 72+ dollars.

  8. Grace, me too! I'm especially excited about the olive green!

    Sarasotagirl, I love olive green and I'm sad there aren't more! I bet this one will be amazing!

    Jen, I will do my best! I ordered them all so hopefully will have them soon :)

    Diann_co, my thoughts exactly :D

    Allie, me too! These sound very refreshing and unique!

    SiennaX, you have to at least try them once! They're magical!

    Karman, OMGGGGGGGGGG! Those are so amazing, thank you for posting that!!! *dies*

    Jennifer Mayer, ooh I'm glad to hear it's a good one- I'm always afraid of those types of colors but Rescue always seems to make them extra special :D

    Steph, exactly. *sigh* I will have the best nails in the poorhouse! Hahahaha....

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  10. Scrangie - the email I received says this won't be available until October! But will you have them early?

  11. OK, I'm an oddball. I'm not excited about this collection.

    Teal and olive are wonderful and I appreciate their beauty, but it's not me.

    I tried Plie in a store and it seemed a total meh; probably I wasn't a ballerina enough to like it.

    Bottom line - I'm interested in Bruised only.

    I look forward to see all your swatches, thou.

  12. Aaaah, stripey tights... I had a serious Sock Dreams and general tights-buying habit a few years back. ^_^

    The Teal is calling to me. Seriously--it's my wardrobe's non-gray or -black neutral. I wonder how close it is to that one LA Girl Flare color?

  13. oh man. since discovering your blog i purchased 16 nail polishes in one day!!!!

  14. Oh wow Scragie, I saw your bruised swatch on Nail looks fablously beautiful on you!!!!!

    Now I have to have it!!!


  15. Karman, yes ma'am! I got them on pre-order :D

    Masa_inn, it will save you a big wad of cash that way :D

    Caviglia, yessss stripey tights forever!! I don't have the L.A. Girls one but I'm looking for it :D

    Sara, welcome to the polish addiction! Hehehe :D Hope you enjoy your new polishes :)

    Deborah, thank you! I love it :D


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