Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rescue Beauty Lounge Fall 2008 Swatches!

Again, please ignore the broken nails- I know they don't look pretty!

Bruised. This is very nice for fall. It's muted and soft but it still stands out.

No More War. THIS IS HOT!!! It's the exact color of a green olive. I don't own any other colors like this- it's totally unique. I'm a huge fan of olive green and I will be wearing this color a LOT.

Teal. Much darker than I thought it would be. Very nice blue creme that seems a little faded. I also don't have any colors like this one.

Plie. A pretty pink creme, the color of ballet slippers. At first I didn't like this because it made my hands look dirty, but looking at this picture, I think it's really nice now!

All of these are totally unique and completely different from everyone else's fall releases. I think that's one of the things I love most about Rescue Beauty Lounge- they always have something different! While everyone else is releasing vampy metallics and red cremes, Rescue Beauty Lounge stands out by releasing muted, unconventional colors in a creme formula. Awesome.

The formula on these is amazing as usual- all are pretty much one coaters, but I did two anyway. Plie was a little streaky. Otherwise they're smoother than glass and you could apply them with your eyes closed.

On a different note, apparently I haven't been getting my comment notification emails! I think I have it working now, so if you've left a comment recently and I haven't responded, I'm sorry! I'm going through my posts now to see what comments I've missed. Your comments mean a lot to me and I'm very thankful for your feedback!


  1. Those all look awesome. I also got No More War & Teal and I too absolutely LOVE olive greens and will be wearing No More War A LOT! Thanks!

  2. Holy frijoles!! :) No more war is TOTALLY just like olive green, it is just like a green olive. The blue is my fave, totally adding that to my list :)

  3. Great swatches but the olive is just weird. Sorry

  4. No More War is PERFECT! I think I'd like Teal better if it were lighter. Ah well. I need to cut down a few polishes for my next RBL order. Right now I'm thinking: Au Chocolat, Dead Calm, No More War and possibly Teal or Underwear. They're all go great though! Grr RBL for being so expensive.

    Thanks for the swatches. I was dying to see these!

  5. i looooove no more war!! is there anywhere to buy rescue beauty lounge besides online?

  6. "No more war" is now on my list to buy for my lady! LOVE IT!!!

  7. Scrangie, these are gorgeous!! I wish the teal was.... teal-er, you know? Hahahaha! How does Plie compare to Opaque Nude? I have Opaque Nude and it's definitely coffee with too much creamer on me. It's a bit TOO beige-y/flesh colored band-aid. Plie seems pinker, but in the same family, yes?

  8. Grrr... Scrangie, I had come to the conclusion that I didn't want any of these this morning, and now, now I must have them all. I blame YOU!

    : P

    *ps you know I loves ya! & No more war looks fab on you!

  9. These are awesome! I want that olive green one

  10. Whoa that green is....hmmm. I'm not usually concerned about wearing non-conservative colors to work, but I don't think this one would make it past my boss's office w/out comment.

  11. Why did you do that?? Now I'm going to be spending far too much money shipping No More War and Teal into Australia! Grr.

  12. I shouldn't have looked! Now I want No More War and Teal.

    Also, could you compare Bruised to $OPI It's Somewhere in my Purse?

  13. Gorgeous!! I just ordered No More War and pre-ordered Bruised. I hope RBL pays you handsomely for the advertising! ;)

  14. You know.. I curse every time you display any of RBL's lacquers! Bruised and No More War looks absolutely gorgeous, and I'd have to throw in a bottle of Teal too if I ever feel that I can afford these polishes... GNnnnn!

  15. These are just sitting on my desk saying - try me, try me, try me. : P Can't wait for Saturday.

  16. Love the swatches and as usual, your stellar manicure skills sell more polish than any other advertisement ...more lemmings for me! I noticed that Bruised and Teal need to be back ordered according to the RBL website.

    BTW, I have just tried Au Chocolat, which doesn't look brown on me at all! It looks dark reddish plum in most lights. Granted, I am a porcelain princess :), but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

  17. I am totally digging all of these. However, the price tag plus the expensive shipping is just not worth it for me.

    I am still VERY happy with my Rodeo Diva and La France Collex purchases.

    Thanks for all that you do Scrange!

  18. Anonymous, yay, me too!

    VampyVarnish, fantastic! They rock pretty hard :D

    Lina-Elvira, isn't that neat? I had a jar of olives in my fridge to compare, lol :D

    Diann_co, lol! It *is* weird, I think that's why I like it so much :)

    Grace, that sounds like an awesome order. Dead Calm is a total must-have for anyone who likes blue! I also wish they weren't so expensive, but at least they're worth the price (IMO!) :D

    Annessa, hmmm, I'm not sure! I have heard that a lot of salons carry the Rescue brand, but I personally haven't seen them anywhere but online. If you're in New York, I'm sure you could stop by Rescue Beauty Lounge and buy them, though :D

    Ron, fantastic! It takes a very cool lady to wear such a cool polish :)

    Stella, you know, me too! I wasn't expecting it to be that dark, but I still love it. As for Plie/Opaque Nude, Plie is definitely pink. Opaque Nude was coffee-with-cream on me and Plie is... hmm... how to describe... Milky muted pink, definitely same family but not brown :D

    Blackdove, hahahaha! :D Thank you! They're all so fantastic :D

    Nina, it's definitely unique- you won't find another color like that very often :)

    Anonymous, hmmm.... Maybe wear gloves! LOL Or convince them that olive green is the new pale pink :D

    Rach, hahaha I'm sorry :D They really are gorgeous :D

    Keslynn, I don't have that polish yet, but after hearing that they might be similar I am going to check it out! If I get it I'll definitely do a comparison :)

    Anonymous, yay, I think you'll love them! And I WISH! No one pays me for anything :( One can dream, though :D

    Chaosophia, ahhh I'm sorry! I know that they'd look amazing on your gorgeous nails if you ever ended up buying them :D They are hard for me to afford as well, but try to justify it lol

    Steph, hehehe :D

    Melli, awww thank you! That's strange about Au Chocolat! I'm definitely pale but not porcelain, maybe that's why it looks so much more brown on me. Very interesting!

    Stubby, awwwwwe thank you! <3 You're so sweet! And yes, I wish they weren't so expensive :(

  19. that teal is so pretty!!!!

  20. WOW! Thanks for taking the time to swatch these- they are really amazing & very unique, as you say. Uh-oh, another dent in my wallet! :)

  21. No More War looks so awesome:O
    love that one!

  22. OMG That Olive Green is Smoking HOTTT, I have to get my hand on that color love it. It's looks so pretty on you Scrangie.

  23. Anonymous, I think so too! :D

    Astrid, hehehe uh oh! I love swatching and I love helping everyone with their nail polish needs :)

    Sanna, it *is* awesome :D So unique, I'm happy there's finally another olive green!

    JOI, thank you!!! It's fantastic! I pretty much jumped up and down in excitement when I took it out of the box :D

  24. I've been trying to avoid them. I have a store where I can get Essie for $4. But I might have to break down and get Bruised and No More War. they are so stunning. The teal is gorgeous too. help me...............

  25. Deepo, they are really high quality. I hate buying expensive polishes, but this is one of the few pricey brands that I consider to be worth it.

  26. Hi, Scrangie,
    Your blog is fantastic and very helpfull for me. I live in Brazil and I always chose the colors from your pictures before ordering them on internet. Unfortunately, due to the high price of the shipment, it is not worth to order from Rescue Bauty Lounge. But a friend of mine is going to New York and Atlanta next week so i will ask her to buy them for me. But I am not sure where she could find them. Would you tell me where Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes are sold?

    Thank you,


  27. Alice, check for locations :)


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