Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Black Polish Swatches and Comparisons!

I've been working really hard on my swatching project lately and I feel like I'm finally making progress on the giant mountain of polishes I wanted to photograph. Yay!!!

I've actually been working on photographing my entire stash for quite some time, but the problem is my collection keeps growing. That, and I get distracted very easily lately... But wow! Progress feels awesome!

Anyway, here are a few swatches I wanted to share with you:

Zoya Suvi compared to China Glaze Gussied Up Green. Index and middle finger are Suvi, ring and pinkie are Gussied Up Green, thumb is (left) Suvi and (right) Gussied Up Green. You can see that while they're quite similar, they're definitely different enough to justify owning both. Love 'em!

Red glitters! Thumb to pinkie: China Glaze Ruby Pumps, New York Summer Fire Red Glitter, Hot Topic Red Glitter, Zoya Delilah, Zoya Jade.
All quite different! And all very pretty. I still haven't quite figured out the text thing yet, but I'll figure something out!

And there's recently been a lot of interest in black nail polish, so I've swatched a few.

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Black Pearl. No, it's not pearly, it's creme.... Weird name lol.

Black Rose. It doesn't have a label so I don't know the actual name or brand, but I found this on the Fantasy Makers halloween display at Walgreens!

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Black Magic (over Black Pearl)

Orly Goth. My favorite black with silver glitter. The glitter shapes are somewhat random and it reminds me of snowflakes.

Petites Black Star. Gorgeous black and gold glitter!

Hot Topic Black Glitter. No label so I don't know what the actual name or shade number is, sorry!

Hot Topic Black Iridescent. This is one of the coolest polishes ever. It's full of little flecks of multicolored glitter- they change to all the colors of the rainbow depending on the light! It's unbelievable. If you like black polish, you MUST get this one- it's only $2.99!

Chanel Black Satin. If you're thinking of getting this, don't. Get Zoya Raven instead! It's identical and costs $6. Zoya's formula is better, too!

ManGlaze Black. I adore this.

Misa Wishing On A Star.

Misa I Will Survive.

These are just a few of the black polishes in my collection. If there's a specific black that I haven't posted and you'd like to see it, let me know and I'll be happy to post it for you!

I also took another taupe and dusty purple comparison picture with some new colors I got, but I think I somehow deleted it! I can't find it anyhwere in my photo library or my nail photo folder! :( Oh well... Guess I'll take it again. *sigh*


  1. Oooh! All those black polishes look amazing! Then again, all polishes seem to look great on your nails! Okay, I have a comparison request, but it's not for black ones. Could you please compare OPI Espresso and OPI I'm Fondue You? I'm having trouble decide on which one I should get. I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Thank you so much for the Suvi and Gussied Up Green comparison! I just picked up GUG and am still considering Suvi. GUG is more shimmery but the colors still look very similiar to me. Sigh, I'm still on the fence, but I really do appreciate the swatches!

  3. Atomica, thank you :D And of course, I'll get right on it- but I love them both hehehe :D

  4. The Fantasy Makers display I bought my roses from identified it as the Wet 'n Wild Deadly Rose collection. I think they are just called Red Rose and Black Rose. I would love to see a Chanel Noir Ceramic comparison and ditto on the brown comparison (but please include Borghese Espresso Brown). Awesome swatches.

  5. Black Iridescent from Hot Topic looks FAB! If it weren't for the ridicilous shipping cost, I'd have a small storage filled with that one already!

    ManGlaze Black looks awesome too. Where could I find one of these?

  6. Oh!!!! Hot Topic Black Iridescent looks fantastic! and oh my, that rose bottle! Crying like a baby because I want them!

  7. Wow I love all these random swatches you've done lately :) It might end up costly tho as I will have to add to my collection. LOVIN' ManGlaze Matte Black, any tips on where to get it in the UK/Europe?.. :)

  8. omg - black black black, i want them all :D (changed my username but not my love for that color *g*).

    and i think i will need suvi too, they are very simmilar but .. but .. this little difference! i am mad ^^

    thanks for the comparsion!

  9. The wet and wild polish is really cool. i like it a lot! also Orly's polish was great.


    Loved your post as always!

  10. Every lady should have black in their arsenal, like the 'little black dress'... superb swatching

  11. Sorry Scrange, black is not for me! Nice swatches though.

    It's bad enough when I wear my 'almost black' blue's, green's and purple's; that my second grade students say "Your nails are black"


    Have a great day and keep up the great work!

  12. whoooo! these blacks are so awesome :-) great swatches, as always! i like the wet 'n wild Fantasy Makers Black Magic. we also have wet 'n wild here in germany, but just boring colours... the Hot Topic Black Iridescent is also tdf, but it seems like they are just shipping these polishes to the continental usa :-(
    and i think i'm going to order orly goth, despite the drying issues i had with my other orlys before...

  13. Zoya Raven and OPI black tie (if still available) please Ms. Scrangie

  14. Lorraine, you're very welcome! :D

    Roberta S., A-ha! Thank you :D As for the comparison, I don't have Noir Ceramic, but I always thought it was the same as Black Satin... maybe I was wrong! I'll check it out :D And I'll add the Borghese to my brown swatches too! (have you seen the one I did last week wit Borghese Espresso Brown?)

    Chaosophia, ah I'm sorry about the shipping! I don't know why more places don't charge a reasonable amount or even ship to Europe! However, the only place I've ever seen Manglaze is The owner is very cool- I bet they'll ship if you ask nicely lol

    Sanna, awww! There, there. I thought they had those in Sweden :( I need to start a campaign or something so my European friends can have more nail polish!! *hugs*

    Lina-Elvira, awwwe thank you :D I have only seen Manglaze at I don't think they sell it anywhere else :(

    Rayofnight, they're all beautiful, aren't they? I love them all! :D

    Nitzan, thank you! :)

    Fudge, definitely! They're especially nice for layering, too. Lots of stuff looks really different over black :D

    Stubby, hehehehe! I get those comments too when I wear those types of colors- drives me batty! I have to argue with people, "No, it's blue, yes, really, it is BLUE I'm not making this up!!!"

    Black Diamond, I like your name! I know it's probably a skiing reference, but do you have the China Glaze nail polish named Black Diamond? It's a great color :D

    Anonymous, sure thing! Although, I don't think I have OPI Black Tie! I have OPI Black Tie Optional (which is more purple than black) and OPI Black Onyx, and I might have OPI Black Satin somewhere around here... did you perhaps want one of those instead? I'll do the Zoya right away though :D

  15. I've been trolling your blog for around a month now, I guess and you're getting me hooked on nail polish! Damn you! My nails used to be shitty and peely, but here of late they're actually quiet nice. I've filed them down because a few were getting too long. *shock*

    Anyway, thank you very much for posting so many swatches. It certainly makes picking out colors that suit me much easier.

    I do have one question about the blacks: How did each one fare as far as coating to opacity? I often use black for layering, and don't want to pick a new one up that's too thin and needs three coats.

  16. Hey Anonymous! Wow, that's awesome to hear :D Congrats! And thank you :)
    As for opacaity, all of the blacks pictured here are two coats. The Fantasy Makers Black Pearl really only needed one, which is so awesome because it's under $2- talk about economical! These all are around the same opacity, with a couple having more coverage on the first coat, but all needing a second coat.

    Hope this helps! :D

  17. hehe, thank you :-) no, no skiing reference here... i'm a huge KISS-fan, especially of the song black diamond ;-) i know about the polish and i'm also planning to order it soon, just for the name. but you're right, the colour is very nice too :D

  18. Blackdiamond, ohh KISS! Rock on :D Definitely try the China Glaze, it's very nice :D

  19. We must be on the same wavelength today because I just posted some comparison swatches of blacks and steel greys also. Although you have WAY more than me! These are all great, thanks!

  20. Thanks for the swatches - I love the red glitters; Im currently waiting for the CG Ruby Pumps to arrive!

    By the way, I recently noticed that 8ty8beauty has China Glaze Under The Mistle Toe collection - would you be able to do a swatch of these? I'm a sucker for anything red :p

  21. Awesome swatches as usual Scrangie! Does anyone know if Wet N Wild Black Magic is carried here in Canada? I have been stalking Shoppers' Drug Mart for it with no luck. I will also check out Rexall, but if anyone knows of a more reliable source, I would appreciate it! Thanks!

  22. VampyVarnish, hehe awesome!! I do have a lot... It's an addiction XD

    Hey there Kay! I'll take a look and see what I have- I think they're all previously released colors and I'm sure I have a few (or most) of them, so I'll post pics when I round 'em all up :D

    Melli, awwe thank you! And you're welcome :D I'm not sure about SDM- maybe one of the other lovely Canadians who read have some insight? :D

  23. Melli - I've had luck finding the WnW Fantasy Makers at London Drugs in past years. I can't recall having seen them at SDM though. The only Halloween stuff I've seen out yet is NYC at Rexall/PharmaPlus and SH at Zellers, Rexall, and SDM.

  24. Hooray, Gymnastgirly to the rescue!!! <3 Thank you SO much, I really appreciate that!!

  25. Thanks Gymnastygirl and Scrangie! The hunt continues...

  26. Oops...sorry gymnastgirly...I think I stripperized your name!

  27. Do you think the red HT glitter is a must have, Scrangie?

  28. GH, hmm... I would say no. It's red glitter in a clear base, so it takes two to three coats (depending on how thick you apply it) to achieve opacity. I'd go for China Glaze Ruby Pumps or Zoya Delilah for my red glitter must-have. They're both in a red tinted base and require only two coats. All are extremely pretty! :D

  29. Thank you - I have Ruby Pumps, but I guess I will need Delilah now too. :D

  30. Is there an Essie black with glitter that is similar to Orly Goth...or am I just thinking of Orly Goth? I may be thinking of Starry Starry Night, which is of course, blue. I want to get a glittery black for winter. I took a longish vacation from black polish when Chanel Black Satin came out. I was just overloaded. Philly is a black nail polish kind of town anyway and it was omnipresent for awhile. I just like to look at something different, you know? I enjoy the pleasures of variety. It's expensive.

  31. Hey, Scrangie, just wanted to say thanks for answering my question about opacity and coats! :D

  32. hey. thanks for the as-always-amazing posts.
    where's the "Hot Topic Black Iridescent" available thru? i'm in Canada and I wonder if it's an online brand??

  33. Tarotbydiana, hmmm.... I can't think of a black glitter Essie... There's Over The Top which is like a dark grey-black gunmetal. What I like to do is use various topcoats or sheer polishes over black- China Glaze Fairy Dust is particularly nice, as is Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond. If you just want a glittery black, you may be interested in the Misa polish Wishing On A Star that I posted- it's black with lots of grey-silver flecks :)

    Anonymous, you're very, very welcome!

    Anooshka, Hot Topic is one of those mall chain stores, like Claire's. They sell the polish on their website ( but I'm not sure if they ship to Canada or not!

  34. LoL. I have like seven bottles of that fantasy maker black Wet-n-Wild nail polish that I got for 20 cents each the day after halloween 2007! I agree that it's better than Black Satin (which I also have. My bff works for Chanel).

    I love the wet-n-wild because it dries fast and uber glossy.

  35. Angelina, I'm shocked at just how GOOD the Wet N Wild black polish is! For something so inexpensive, it completely exceeds my expectations :D

  36. I love the WnW Fantasy Makers Black Magic but can't find it anywhere. I have searched a bunch of Rite Aids and CVS'. Any ideas? I am willing to pay someone to pick it up for me :)

  37. Heather, I've seen it at every drugstore I've been to, but also at places like KMart and WalMart. I'll bet there's a website that sells it- I'll have to take a look and see what I can find! :D
    In the meantime, have you tried searching on Makeup Alley for someone who has one they would like to trade?

  38. I own a couple of black nail polishes myself (I'm always searching for the perfect black), and one that I think is fairly decent is Orly's Liquid Vinyl. It's seriously pigmented, and it goes on relatively smooth.

    I think the worst black nail polish that I've ever purchased is Deborah Lippman's Vinyl nail polish in Fade To Black -- it chipped the first day that I wore it (so much for eight bucks).

    The Man Glaze looks absolutely delectable! That's next on my list!

  39. I love all of your nali polishes, and the black rose nail polish bottle is really cool, and i love the color black. Its my fav. color

  40. Why the heck I had to come across this post after buying Chanel Black Satin that would have saved a lot of my money!!! Bummer!!!


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