Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stash organization before pictures

Already swatched!



  1. I want to come play with your stash :)

    Can I request multiple pics of the OPI rack that you have? I need more pics to convince the SO he needs to build me one...

  2. I am jealous of your France collection. I spend too much money shopping so I have to wait a while to get that one. The colors look amazing. You also have a lot of Zoya. I like zoya colors but why is the application so messy and I always get bubbles in the color!
    Also, I can't remember if it was you or polish addict that suggested seche vite fast dry top coat, but I got it in the mail a week and a half ago and i agree, it works wonders. How do you pronounce the name though?

  3. I just showed this to the boyfriend to convince him that my polish stash is a small one, that I'm not crazy and to convince myself that I should not have eBay-regret for buying Starry Starry Nights (+some, to make the postage worth while) the other day.

    I simply love your stash :)

  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like a polish heaven! I adore it. :D I'm dead envious of the racks you have there and wishing I had some too. Sadly, I don't have any space whatsoever for them, so it's a no go even if I manage to find them..


  5. Wow!!
    Can I come & play at your house? If you like cheesy zombie flicks I can bring Dellamorte Dellamore (sp?) I'll just hop on the next plane from England ;-)

  6. hahahah i agree with fifrildi!!! i just showed my BF to try to convince him my stash of 250+ does not compare! (as well as your beautiful OPI rack) i looooove your collex, can i come over and play?!

  7. Wow, Scrangie, that is so awesome...I bow before the mistress of polish! :) I totally agree with the other posters...nail polish playdate! I look forward to the final count!

  8. Wow. I am QUITE jealous :) My polish stash is quite tiny in comparison (I only have one 14x10 bin of them). My collection will grow though over winter break, because I am making a hefty h2t order and I'm gonna order a few more RBLs. (I wouldn't send them to my apartment here in Boston bc I don't trust them to stick around on my stoop)

    Can't wait to see some swatches and hear the final count. Thanks, Scrangie.

  9. Is it wrong to become excited about these pictures and cry "Oh look at that one how nice is that??" to my BF. BF now agrees my 200 strong collection is small in comparison :) I only have small plexiglass rack (to display my faves, manicure essentials and new buys), the rest are in a plastic box, but I am convincing my handy-with-a-hammer brother to build me special shelves now.. :)

  10. omg omg what is that green nail polish in the bottom righ hand corner of the Zoya photo?? :O

  11. OMG, Gorgeous!

    May I ask, what color is the 3rd row, 4th polish in the first Zoya photo? I am in love with it! :-)

  12. O.O
    I think I'll blow up when I see the "finished" pictures! Beauuuutifuuuul!

  13. Lina-elvira - I'm not scrangie (obviously!) but I'm 99.99999% sure that the green you're looking at in the Zoya pic is Sinful Show Me the Way, found at Walgreens :)

  14. Oooooh, that's like "polish heaven"!

  15. Gymnastgirly - Thanks! It's lovely! That will be added to my list, although I find it very hard to find any Sinful ones in the UK :( If you have any tips on where to get them apart from shhhh *ebay*, please share :)

  16. Love to see your pics! I also want to have a place for all my polish like that:)

  17. Gymnastgirly, that would be fun :D And sure thing, I'll snap a few pics :)

    Hallie, I haven't had any problems with 99% of my Zoyas, but I do get a ton of bubbles when I use their base coat and topcoat :) Seche Vite is amazing! According to the back of the box, it's "se-shay veet" but I think the jury's still out on what the 'proper' pronunciation is :D

    Fifrildi, don't have regret- it's a GORGEOUS color!! My stash is out of control lol

    Chasophia, heehehehe thank you!! It does take up a LOT of space :( I don't like keeping them all in boxes because I can't look at them that way, but maybe I should because I'll have so much extra space that way!

    CarlaG, HELL YEAH!! <3 Playtime!!

    Andie, hehee, excellent! :D That would be fun :)

    Mellie, :D I think I'm about halfway done, I didn't expect it to be so much work! XD

    Grace, I used to keep my stash in a photo box under my bed.... Now look what I've become XD XD XD

    Lina-Elvira, awesome! <3 Luckily my husband doesn't mind my stash *too* much, as long as it's not in the way lol :D And the green is Sinful Show Me The Way!

    Melissa, that's one of my favorites! It's Zoya Gabrielle and it's *gorgeous* :D

    FauxFun, lol! I think I'll blow up trying to get it finished! XD XD XD

    Gymnastgirly, wow, you're good! You're absolutely right!! Thank you :D

    Sanna, yes it is, whenever I'm angry I go in there and play with polish to relax LOL

    Lina-Elvira, hmmm if I find out somewhere that sells them, I'll make a post! I've only seen them at two stores :(

    Casey, thanks! :)

    Crazynails, I'm working on organizing still but I think I'll take some more detailed non-flash pictures when I'm done :)

  18. is the green lina is ttalking about the one that is barely showing in the bin on the bottom of the first pickture...because i hope thats not what it is....ILL NEVER FIND THAT!!! (i was going to ask also what it was!!! ).... ill be soo crushed.... is there any where alse i could find it... and scrangie....are there any other sites and such you dont mind sharing with me too look around on .... 8ty8, h2t, and Trans.D. are the ones you have givin so far ....any others :o)
    thanks for sharig with us ...cant wait for the final count!!! im so jealous of all you girls with 200 and such.... my SO is at the "you crazy" point right now.... as i JUST startedcolecting merely weeks ago!!!! and 22 polishes !!! soooo are you guys (you and polish addisct) saying that they (the loved ones) get over the whole "were putting you in an asylum" phase?!? i hope so! lol

  19. Danielle, ahhh sorry! It is Sinful Show Me Te Way- Sinful is a drugstore polish here, but I've heard that you can order from the website (have never tried it myself).

    The one next to it is Amour Ellis Green, which can be ordered from :)

    Those (8ty8, h2t and td) are the websites I order from 99% of the time, but I've also used,, and just recently


  20. If these are before pics what is the after going to be?

  21. OMG!!!!!!!! That's a lot of polish, I would love to raid your stash lol. Your Stash is my dream :) Hopefully I will get there one-day lol, I love your blog :)

  22. eye-popping WOW!!! *jaw drop*

  23. goodness gracious me! Fantastic collection! *My arm reaches out to play with your huge polish stash* ;D

  24. Nina, hopefully not such a mess LOL I visualize everything lined up neatly and sorted by brand and color and no more clutter :D

    JOI, hahaha thank you!! I even enjoy raiding my own stash :D

    Fudge, hee hee thanks! It gets a little overwhelming at times!

    Badbomben, hehehe if you weren't so far away I'd say come over and play! Maybe someday. :D hey, that rhymes! lol

  25. Hey Scrangie,

    I don't think I saw Orly's It's up to blue in the Orly box. If not, get it - fast! It is such a beautiful, vibrant, shimmery teal.
    I'm in love!

  26. Pepygw07, wow, good eye!! You're absolutely right, I don't have it! I'm gonna get it :)


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