Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reader Requests, Part 1!

Here are a couple of reader requests! Please ignore my broken nail in some of the pictures- I've been trying not to swatch until the broken nails grow out a little bit, but I got impatient!

In no particular order....

For lovely Karman, some comparisons. I've tried labeling them, but I'm not sure if it makes the picture too confusing. Should I keep doing comparisons with text, or ditch it?

Thumb to pinkie: Lippmann Bitches Brew, China Glaze Heart of Africa, China Glaze Metropolitan, China Glaze On Your Knees!, CND Dark Secret.

Thumb to pinkie: China Glaze Red Stallion, OPI Apple Of My Eye, OPI Never Lon-Done Shopping, OPI Red-y For Anything, Essie Valentine Red.

These two were a challenge! I thought there would be a lot of close matches, but after pulling pretty much every similar color out of my stash and lining them all up together, I only came out with a few close ones. Oddly enough, the nearest matches are all discontinued colors.... Maybe it's a sign? Then again, these are only dupes I have in my stash, I'm sure someone who has more of these types of colors would have more matches?

Another comparison, this one for the wonderful Grace:

Thumb to pinkie: OPI Espresso Your Style, Borghese Espresso Brown F, China Glaze Unplugged, Orly Golden Maharaja, Lippmann Brown-Eyed Girl.

I could do these brown comparisons all day. I love browns, and I couldn't choose just five.... I should do another picture! Anyway, these are all similar to each other, but different enough to justify owning them all. The shimmer in these are all different textures- some are more sparkly, more frosty, sparse, glowy... I love them all.

A purple comparison for the fabulous Tink:

Thumb to pinkie: Misa Fatal Affair, Color Club Electronica, Misa Forbidden Lust, China Glaze Drama Queen, China Glaze Coconut Kiss.

The request was originally just a comparison of Fatal Affair and Electronica, but these other purples were sitting in front of me and looked similar, so I included them as well. They all look much closer in color in the bottle- they're much different on the nail! All gorgeous, but an indication that sometimes bottle color can be deceiving.

A beautiful swatch for dear Tiffany:

Essie Starry Starry Night.

I think Starry Starry Night is a perfect name for this color. It's spectacular!

I'm working on editing the rest of the request photos, so I should have them up soon.

Thanks for the great requests, guys! I had fun doing these!


  1. Thank you for labeling the polishes but the drop shadow on the text makes it hard to read.

    I'm just glad you put up new swatches. I have been checking everyday for new ones. Your nail doesn't bother me.

  2. I'd love to see a swatch of the Nubar Moodie you mentioned some time ago... :)

  3. Thanks so much Scrangie! You did a great job of both of my requests...Bitches Brew doesn't seem to have an exact dupe, but many of those you chose were very close! And the Red stallion choices were awesome too!

    I didn't see the text in the picture until you mentioned it!

  4. Awww! Bless the lil' nubbin! It still looks fab! I would 2nd azia about the shadow on the text though.

    I want to know how come every polish looks gorgeous on you? So unfair! J/K, Lol. :-P

    Thanks for the great swatches Scrangie.

  5. Thanks for putting up new swatches! Like Azia, I've been checking everyday. :) You're so good to your readers!

  6. You know you're awesome, right!?
    because I don't think I've ever told you that before *lol*

    Orly Golden Maharaja looks freakin' hot! (and the others too)

  7. I dont really like reds on myself but Im really digging the darker reds on you. Maybe those are the kind of reds I should be looking at.

    Going polish shopping with my mum later today :) Yaaaay im so exctited.

  8. Thanks so much! The brown swatches have definitely helped in the decision making process. You're the greatest!

  9. Great great great photos! I think you should keep labeling them on the pics, and I think it's easier to read if you have a... umm...whazzitcalled... like a white frame around the text!

    And you have to come over to my place to see some amazing Nfu-Oh's! Well who am I kidding... you've probably seen them all already! :D

  10. This is incredibly helpful--great reader requests! OPI Apple of My Eye comes out on my screen as a beautiful bright orange, is that right? I keep looking for a deep orange but I never seem to see them. (But then, I haven't been looking very long, LOL.) I know you also love the pumpkin. Any recs?

  11. Can I ask for a text/swatch comparison between some blacks? I am interested in Orly Goth and China Glaze Liquid Leather, not sure what others there are... (I only have Orly, OPI and China Glaze available in Singapore here.)

  12. Azia, aha! Thanks for the feedback! :D I'm glad my stubby little broken nail doesn't bother you :D

    NMW, Sure! I just got a couple more Nubar Moodies, but none of them seem to change color... :(

    Karman, you're welcome! I was surprised, I thought there would be a lot more dupes than there were :D

    Carla G, awww lol thank you! I will lose the shadow :)

    FauxFun, awwwwww thank you! You guys are the best!! <3

    Sanna, awwww :D You're so sweet! I think you're pretty awesome too :D

    Nail Juice, thanks! And polish shopping? How fun!!! :D

    Grace, you're very welcome, I loved doing them! :)

    Rocketqueen, ah that makes sense! It would make the text stand out more, thank you! I'd love to come over and see your Nfus :D

    Alyssa, I think the best way to describe Apple Of My Eye is... radioactive red. LOL! It's bright and luminous- it has some metallic quality to it that makes it light up, it's not really gold shimmer, it's like a gold glow. Very strange :D I'd love to help with oranges! I'm obsessed with pumpkins and anything even related to pumpkins so I have lots of orange things in my house :)

    Kinna, sure thing! Orly Goth is a dark smooth black with lots of silver glitter. Not a plain black, but it's very pretty. I will get a pic of this one soon :) China Glaze Liquid Leather is your standard shiny, glossy black, but I find it takes 3 or 4 coats to get it even. OPI Black Onyx is a nice 2-coat black if you were looking for one that takes fewer coats.
    Hope this helps!

  13. thank you for responding! oh, orly goth has glitter? great! i love glitter. but does it make it scratchy, esp.on surface of ails, and hard to remove? if not, i'm so getting it! (i dun think a coat of normal black over sexagon can mimic e effect of orly goth, can it?)

  14. Kinna84, yep! It's not very thick glitter at all- more sparse and random, and very smooth. Not chunky or hard to remove at all! I've just posted a picture of it on for reference, you might want to check it out :D

  15. Would love, love to see you do some more recent comparison swatching. I enjoy seeing these - helps not duplicate purchases and also gives me ideas for skittle manis where colors are all in the same close hues. Thinking this would be a good idea for blogs between the release of polish collections.


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