Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random nail-related post of the day.

Today I went to Bark-a-paw-looza (yes, goofy name) which is basically a big dog party. While I was there, I stopped to look at the cutest little pit bull puppy ever and noticed that the owner of the puppy had a pretty wicked awesome variation on a french mani!

She had long, natural nails with black polish and metallic cranberry colored tips. How cool! If I had to guess, I'd say the tip color was China Glaze Vertical Rush. Needless to say, I was excited but too shy to say anything!

I had another nail encounter last week at Target- the cashier had neon skittles on her very overgrown acrylic nails. I told her I loved her nails. I did! They looked way better than the usual overgrown stark white and very square pink and whites I usually see on girls here.

So, woo! Random nail encounters!

In other news, I was bitten by the creativity bug today and mixed up a bunch of nail polishes. I've seen this referred to as "frankening" or creating a Frankenpolish. Frankenpolish, I love that!

I made a bunch of really cool colors and I can't wait to post my creations here!

Have you ever made a 'frankenpolish'?


  1. *prepares to buy a ton of new polishes so i can make the no-doubt awesome frankens you've just concocted* ;-P

  2. I did my own sendup of Chanel Vamp. I must say it turned out splendidly!

  3. i franken-ed OPI's Just Teasing, with 'My Daddy's the King' and it didn't turn out like anything except a tiny bit more glitter

  4. Oh, I love those nail encounters! I have a cashier at my supermarket with beautiful acrylic nails that she always has amazing airbrushed stuff on!
    But I must say it is way to rare with cool nails on people...

    I have frankened a couple of blues and greens, but I don't think I made anything that special. One of my green frankenpolishes are in my blog. It was inspired by Sanna on MakeUpMyLack, she makes awsome frankenpolishes! Love that girl!

  5. I'm scared to do frankens...I am very klutzy and I have a feeling I'd just end up spilling my NPs everywhere! Maybe if there were some kind of step by step directions????

  6. I haven't frankened anything myself, and have just started with the layering experiments. Two layers of CG He's Going in Circles over two layers of OPI Go On Green looks quite lovely!

    As for nail encounters, the ones that please me the most are seeing ladies in their prime (50+) with vampies, blues or greens on their always makes me smile and want to hug them! Here in T.O., there are tons of ladies with fun acrylics, so they just blend into the background. Give me the funky grannies any day!

  7. Hey scrangie I was wondering if you knew of a polish similar to OPIs shangri-la-la lilac?

  8. I did one with clear nail polish and food coloring to get a sheer tinted red.

  9. I once had a bout of trying to make a dark creme green but it came out a kind of khaki green which was in itself quite cool but I already have on of them.. any tips for frankening up a green creme?? Can't wait to see your polishes :)

  10. scrangie - you have puppies? haha i am more interested in that than the nail stories. i got the spend the weekend with mine.

    i franked a teal b/c i refuse to pay RBL prices. and i added ChG Kaleidoscope Him Out to NARS ME in attempt to make an Essie SSN dupe.

  11. Psychoswim, hehe I used all inexpensive polishes and small amounts of MAC pigment so not much wallet damage ;-)

    Anonymous, wow, why didn't I think of that! I spent $20 on the real thing and I never wear it :(

    Fudge, aww, but that's still pretty, right? :D

    Sminkan, oh, how cool! My nail encounters are rare but I always enjoy them! And I love Sanna too, she's so cool!

    J, I think as long as you do it over some newspaper or paper towels you should be fine :) I can give directions when I post my pics :)

    Melli, oh yes, those are the best! It always makes me soooooo happy to see a beautiful older woman with funky nails!

    Nail Juice, hmm, I'll check my stash and see what matches! I think I may have something :)

    Diana, how cool! I would have never thought of that! That gives me ideas now hehehe.... Hmm, the possibilities!

    Lina-Elvira, I actually started out most of my frankens by making a green creme! I used New York Summer Amaranth and a little black polish to make a dark green color!

    Tink, haha yes three wonderful doggies! I love dogs a *lot*, they really are (wo)man's best friend!

  12. Hmm..maybe I'll get the Zoya Voodoo gloss!

  13. Rachell, Pretty, isn't it? I love the color and the sparkle!


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