Thursday, September 25, 2008

Preview: Essie Winter 2008

From the press release:

August 2008, New York, NY – Shine through the glamorous season with essie’s new winter 2008 nail color collection that is seductive, charming and right on trend!

Tailored jackets, floral prints and structured shapes brought an elegant grown-up look to this season’s runways. From New York to Milan to Paris, designers favored a sophisticated, ladylike silhouette with tweeds and twin sets to full skirts and full collars. Best of all, the little black dress is back with an updated twist and colorful accessories to accompany it! Try sporting a red suede clutch or amethyst ankle boots - and don’t forget the “it” accessory of the season, nail color!

Winter’s divine fashions parallel essie’s new collection of six striking nail colors from classy reds to shimmery violets and a surprising burst of gold, proving that “without color, it wouldn’t be fashion.” - Essie Weingarten

Show off essie’s winter nail colors for an instant chic look - and make sure to use a base and top coat like essie’s first base base coat and good to go! for a flawless manicure and pedicure!

Essie's winter 2008 nail color collection includes:

Bold & Beautiful – Rich, ruby garnet

Damsel in a Dress – Oh-so-deep currant

It’s Genius – A violet quartz shimmer

Rock Star Skinny – Glamorous crimson red

Sexy Divide – Electric Violet Temptation

Shifting Power – Sizzling molten gold

Special thanks to Essie for images and information.


  1. Sexy divide looks hot, Essies dont really call to me in general...

  2. I'm really impressed actually. I know a lot of people don't like Essie (often thought of as boring), but I do. I don't mind a boring color and I think there is nothing sexier than an amazing red nail polish.

  3. I love most of these!

  4. the gold and the purple are looking interesting to me...

  5. Oh my, as exciting as April 15th.

    I like Sexy D, thou. Seems close to VIP?

  6. Will be watching for Sexy Divide swatches. :)

  7. Some of these look nice :)

    I did check the actual retail price for an Essie polish in the one store that sells them in Norway. It's 29 dollars to be excact... How can that even be possible!?!

    On a sidenote: I bought starry starry nights, you said I would not regret. And I dont. I wear it now and it's the prettiest thing I'v ever seen :o)

  8. I think I will be getting Sexy Divide, Shifting Power, It's Genius, and Damsel in a Dress...

    I don't need any more red cremes but the others sure look interesting!

  9. Anyone know if Essie is "big 3 free" yet? I'm allergic and haven't been able to use their stuff in the past...

  10. Sexy Divide & Shifting Power for sure. I don't have many Essie's at all but I can't pass on those!

    Can't wait for swatches!

  11. I'm hoping that I'll love It's Genius on my nails. So pretty! Thanks for giving us the head's up, Scrangie!

  12. These look quite lovely! The only Essie I own is Aruba Blue, which is so awesome on toes in the summer. I normally find the other Essie colours kind of boring (except Starry Starry Nights, which I sadly don't own, but may buy now that it is back). The purple and gold at the end look worth it!

    Thanks again Scrangie...can't wait to see these on your lovely nails!

    Oooo, and while I am thinking of it, I think it would be cool to have an entry on what colours you are wearing more than once this fall (i.e., the kind that you buy more than one bottle of, just in case it gets discontinued). My current one is Zoya the greens!

  13. Hi Scrangie - love your blog... its as addictive as nail polish itself!

    But I have a favour to ask... I subscribe to your posts on RSS but can't seem to get any of the text in the body, just the heading. I'm not sure if this is a setting that you have chosen in blogspot but if so, can you please update this so I can see the whole post?

    See the following blogger site:

    Thanks in advance!

  14. I like these! They do great reds, and I'm always in the mood for a great, deep red.

  15. Hi Scrangie!

    I was wondering if you owned Essie Viva La Vespa?

    I'm seriously considering it but I have never seen it in person and I was wondering if you'd be so kind and swatch it for me, or maybe you might have a pic of it in your good ol' trustee library of fabulous swatches!

    Hope to hear from ya.....

  16. Carla G, I think a couple of them might be kinda awesome, but I won't know until I see them for real :)

    Robyn, I used to be an Essie hater, but I've discovered the rare gems in the sea of sheer pink Essies and am in love now!

    Diann_co, I can't wait to see the textures and colors on the nail!

    Kathywa, those are the ones I'm curious about too ;-)

    Masa_inn, lol!! Maybe it will be close to VIP, cause then I won't be looking for it anymore hehe :D

    Hailey, the minute I get them I'll be sure to post 'em! :D

    Delirium, oh my, you can NOT be serious! That's ROBBERY! I'm so sorry :( Starry Starry Night is one of Essie's best polishes EVER!

    Karman, that's exactly that I was thinking!! :)

    Nixxy78, I'm pretty sure that they are- all the bottles with the blue text instead of black seem to be 3-free :D

    Mazoo, my Essie collection has recently grown and I've been very pleased with the formula and drying speed!

    Atomica, you're welcome! I can never resist a good gold or purple and this has me very interested!

    Melli, that's a great idea! Thanks :) I used to think Essie was super boring too, but I found a couple really neat ones (Can't Filmfest is a hidden gem!)

    Reen, thank you so much for bringing that to my attention! I'll see what's up with my feed and fix it asap!

    Sarasotagirl, as much as I don't normally go for reds, Essie does have some amazing reds. E! Live From The Red Carpet was the one that changed my mind about 'boring' red :)

    Stubby, yes, I do and it's one of my absolute favorites! I have a one finger swatch (in a set of 'skittles') one my blog somewhere, but I'll be sure to post a full mani swatch, it really deserves one :)

  17. ooooh, my expectations are up in the sky for that gold now!
    They all look hot in general

  18. And because that is sheer robbery I do my nail polish shopping online.... ;o)

    (And Delirium is fifrildi... I just forgot to change my regular blogger nick to my English-craft-blog-nick...)

  19. wow - that gold color would be fantastico on New years!

  20. Beautiful colors.

    Do you have any idea when they'll be available? I can't wait to get my hands on them.


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