Monday, May 12, 2008

Urban Decay Twisted, Misa Persian Carpet and a little layering.

Thanks to Makeup Alley's wonderful Nail Board, I went on a little nail polish binge this weekend. Oops. Everyone's awesome pictures made me lose all self control and practically forced me to get more nail polish. Now there will be some Lippmann Collection, Rescue Beauty Lounge and Nubar added to my collection.

In anticipation of new things, here's a few old but beloved polishes, and one old one made new.

Urban Decay Twisted. I love this color so much. I don't know what Urban Decay was thinking when they discontinued their amazing nail polishes. I sincerely hope they re-release them all.

Misa Persian Carpet. This is a really beautiful color that has a golden orange duochrome. It's difficult to capture on camera, but you can see a bit of the duochrome effect in the bottle on the second picture.

An old color made new. Misa Persian Carpet layered with various polishes.

Misa Sweet Pleasure, Orly Fifty-Four, Misa Confection Section, Misa Candy Girl, Misa Sun Kissed.

I think my favorites out of those are Orly Fifty-Four and Misa Candy Girl. Fifty-four and Candy Girl both enhance the duochrome effect of the original color and also add more colors to the reflection. Candy Girl is especially neat because it transforms the color into a metallic purple-pink-orange-blue glitter. Beautiful.

As always, click the image for larger pictures. I mention this because the last layering picture is especially huge and shows a bit more detail.


  1. I love persian carpet and I've got it on my "want to buy list" forever now- I don't know why I haven't bought it. Amesome layering experiments too!

  2. Thanks, Sanna! :) And it really is a great color!

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