Wednesday, May 7, 2008

OPI Retro Fun In The Sun 2008 Swatches

OPI Retro Fun in the Sun Collection, Summer 2008

Somehow I ended up with two Give Me a Coral Sometime instead of Calendar Girl, so I'll have pics of Calendar Girl next week.

These pictures are pretty crappy, there's absolutely no natural light, but they can give you an idea of the color.

In person they're really shimmery, some even have multi-colored shimmer!

Sit Under The Apple Tree:

Give Me A Coral Sometime:

Lemonade Stand By Your Man:


Sea Ya Later, Sailor!:

If the sun comes out tomorrow there will be better pictures. Sorry about the poor quality!


  1. What is your favorite color? If I can tell from MUA it must be See Ya Later, Sailor. From your pics I just love sit under the apple tree. Is Lemonade stand a mustard type yellow? I think I need all of these colors.

  2. Hmm... I can't decide on a favorite, I like them all so much- but Sea ya Later, Sailor might be it...

    Lemonade Stand By Your Man is kinda mustardy, but more bright, kind of... lemony? It's somewhat similar to Cabana Banana, but a touch lighter maybe.

  3. Oh, thanks for posting pics :) Actually no lemmings there but I kind of knew that before. My wallet says thanks ;)

  4. Gorgeousness!! I gotta get sailor too.

  5. Those polishes look super shiney! It that so, are they exceptionally shiny, like some I found from Hollywood collcetion to be realllly shiny. Lemmings, lemmings..

  6. Sailor is awesome :)

    And they are very shiny, and very sparkly! :)

  7. These are all beautiful colours, and I wish they werent so expensive here >_< over $20 for a bottle. tch. I love all the colours except for the peach one, I like bright/standy outy colours.

    Excellent pictures

  8. Wow, that's expensive! I guess that would really help you pick which ones you really like, though.

    Thanks :)


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