Wednesday, May 7, 2008

LUSH... not worth the hype.

I think I had some sort of epiphany last night...

LUSH sucks.

There, I said it.

I was getting ready to take a bath, and I really didn't feel like having to dig out a bubble bar, break part off and crumble it. I wanted bubbles, but LUSH is too much work and I was tired.

I looked around, and on the ledge of my tub were a couple unused bottles of Bath and Body Works bubble bath that I'd gotten in gift sets. Sensual Amber was the prettiest looking one, so I thought, sure, why not.

This is when my eyes were opened and I came to the realization that I had been living a lie.

All this time I thought that LUSH had the best bath products. I was very wrong.

I have a huge bathtub, the jacuzzi kind, and when I use LUSH (bubble bar, bath bomb, bath melt, whatever) you can't smell the scent of the product you use after you put it in the water. In fact, you can't even smell it in the small bathtub either.

But, with this magical Bath and Body Works bubble bath, all it took was one little squirt from a convenient bottle (no crumbling!) and my entire bathroom, no- top floor of my house! - was filled with scent, and I had big, white, fluffy bubbles that didn't leave a gross ring on my bathtub.

As you probably know by now, I have a love/hate relationship with LUSH. Right now it's mostly hate. I hate how overpriced their products are, I hate that they have no packaging, I hate how there is no variety, I hate how you can't layer scents, I hate how much work is involved in using them, I hate their nasty skincare, I hate their advertising and their ego, I hate how drying their products are, I hate that there is no lotion, I hate that they discontinue everything I liked, I hate their crappy customer service and I hate getting broken products in the mail. Oh, I could go on.

It makes me wonder what inspired me to buy so much of this crap. Sure, I love the scent of Jungle, but I never use it. I love the scent of Christmas Kisses bubble bar, but it's too much work with the crumbling and the cleanup afterwards. I loved the scent of Sugar Rush and Ne Worry Pas, but, of course, they are discontinued.

I think I'll be using the more economical, better-looking, better-smelling, more effective, layerable, less-work Bath and Body Works bubble bath from now on.

Sensual Amber, mmm. I've never smelled it before but now I love it.

Also, a sidenote, I should have my OPI Retro Fun in the Sun collection polishes later on today, so if the sun decides to come out for a few minutes, I'll snap some quick pictures.

I really prefer the cloudy, rainy, beautiful day we're having, but it's balls for taking pictures.


  1. I LOVE your attitude on things. I find you are one of very few people to just come out against everyone and say things. Thank you! Lush does suck. I hate everything you mentioned. And I love your pics. Great post, please keep them coming.

  2. Thanks so much! I really appreciate that :)

  3. What's interesting about them is that they promote an "all natural" line but the carry parabens and sodium sulfate in almost everything. I was very disappointed because I bought almost $80 worth of shampoo bars, conditioner, face cleanser, and face lotion. I don't see any difference than regular department stores. For the price, you might as well go a litte more higher end. On the positive note, I do like their butterball bomb.

  4. Sorry. I don't think its butterball. Maybe butter bomb. Anyways its the small one.

  5. I think it's butterball- the tiny one with little pieces of cocoa butter?

    I don't think their products work any better than other brands. It's so expensive. I watched a video of the founder of LUSH demonstrating how cheaply they make their shower gel compared to store brand and I was SHOCKED!

    For something it costs them so little to make, why do they charge 10 times the price for it?!

  6. I agree. After mine is done, no more.

  7. I think lush's bath bombs and bubble bars are what they use to draw in the average mall type customer to try their other things. I like them, but 7 bucks for a one time use Item IS a little much. I do LOVE their lotions, body powders, shampoo bars, and conditioners. But I also love them for the reasons you hate them... lack of packaging, in your face snobbery (i feel this way they aren't nancying around and just admit they think their stuff is better)

    I am curious as to how their shower gel is made "cheaply?" The ingredients listed are usually pricey essances and butters. They do still need to make a profit and pay their employees...

    I will say, that I HATE the sales people in lush. They're like Victoria's Secret ladies to the nth degree!

  8. Hey Abi! Thanks for the comment!

    The part about LUSH shower gel being made cheaply comes from a video of the owner of LUSH demonstrating how cheaply (standard) shower gel is actually made (and comparing the actual cost to the markup). He makes the point that shower gel is cheap to make- yet LUSH shower gels are $20+ for a large bottle.

    I understand the need to make a profit, I have absolutely no problem with that at all. But when it's price gouging or extreme markup, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Take, for example, a body butter like Aqua Mirabilis. It's mostly cocoa and almond butter and usually a pretty small amount. I understand that sandalwood oil is very expensive. Rose absolute is pricey, too. But about $13 for basically 3 ounces of scented cocoa butter that you pretty much get 3 uses out of? That seems a bit much.

    That's where my frustration comes from. Some people might disagree with me, and that's fine. Different strokes, you know?

    And if there's one thing that drives me absolutely batty, it's overbearing salespeople stalking me when I shop :)

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