Friday, May 9, 2008

MAC Stowaways Quad, Naughty Nauticals 2008

This is gorgeous.

The blue is a little chalky, but everything is just perfect. I especially love the yellow.

As always, click for larger pictures.

Again, here's the pigments and the polish:

Lark About, Mutiny, Bell Bottom Blue.

MAC Naughty Nautical.


  1. OOooh, I'm planning on selling a couple of my useless textbooks tomorrow so can have some cash for MAC... I haven't bought any pigments yet-- what kind of brush do they recommend with them?

    P.S. Love the swatches you post on MUA!

  2. Thanks! :)

    I'm not sure what MAC specifically recommends, but I find that a stiff, full soft brush gives the best application. My favorite brushes for pigments are MAC 227, 228, 239 and 217.

    Pigments are so much fun, I hope you enjoy them!

  3. oooh.
    really pretty stuff =)
    i love the blue nail lacquer! are the nail lacquers from mac long lasting btw? they sure look pretty! XD

    i come here from makeupalley btw. hehe. have a nice day! =)

  4. Kuraikyo, hi there! :D
    The MAC polishes are about average as far as wear-time. They don't seem to chip any faster than other brands :)


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