Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ji Baek's Rescue Your Nails - A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Perfect Fingers and Toes.

I just got Ji Baek's book, Rescue Your Nails: A Do-It-Yourself Guide To Perfect Fingers And Toes (Purple Haze, Underwear and Under The Stars came along for the ride as well).
As you know, Ji Baek is the founder of Rescue Beauty Lounge salon, and the amazing Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes that I'm currently obsessed with. Naturally, I had to get this book beacuse a) I love books, b) I love Rescue Beauty Lounge and c) There has to be some sort of amazing secret in this book that can help improve my nails.

I haven't actually read it yet, just kinda flipped through the pages a few times, so I can't properly review it. I can give a few first impressions:

  1. Holy Crap, Ji Baek is HOT
  2. Lots of nice photographs
  3. Lots of text, not just pictures!
  4. Doesn't seem to be an advertisement for Rescue Beauty Lounge
  5. Looks like a perfect guide for beginners
I'm gonna take some time to sit down and actually read this thing from cover to cover so I can give my honest opinion. It looks like a good read with lots of tips and tricks, so I'll come and do a full review once I've had time to digest and evaluate the content of its pretty little paperback pages.


  1. Sounds interesting! Looking forward to the review:)

  2. Thanks! Chapter 1 is pretty good so far ;-)

  3. Scrangie... I just adore your blog. I am beginning to consider it everyday reading! Looking forward to your Book Review:-)

  4. Oh wow, thank you so much Ponchy! That is so sweet! I am really happy that you like my blog :)

  5. Looking forward to your review! Am a polish newbie myself so would be happy for any pearls of wisdom the book can bestow.

  6. I'm up to Chapter Four, and so far it's excellent. Lots of great tips for beginners and veterans alike! I love how she emphasizes sterilzation.

  7. Hi Scrangie-
    I've had this book for about three weeks now, and just finished it (laziness). Haven't had a chance to blog about it yet but, it's by far the best book I've read hands down. I esp like the NBA chapter has alot of great info. I love so many things about this book.. Whats your favorite? PS: I espically love the drawings of the nail shapes and the diagrams of the actual nail. I could go on and on.. :) Ji rocks!

  8. Hey Steph!

    I think this is one of the best beauty books around! I can see NBA being very helpful for a lot of people who are struggling with nail biting. My personal favorite part of the book is the section on how to sterilize your tools. I think that's an extremely important aspect of safe nail care and I'm so glad she's dedicated to showing people how necessary it really is!

    I'm just about ready to make a blog entry about it, hopefully a lot of people will find it useful :)


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