Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rescue Beauty Lounge and Lippmann Collection

I got my first Rescue Beauty Lounge and Lippmann polishes today. I was hesitant because of the price tag, but I had a sale code so I took the plunge.

I am happy I did.

Rescue Beauty Lounge has to be the best polish I have ever used. The bottles are beautiful, the application is like butter, the formula is perfect and the colors were completely opaque and true to bottle color in ONE COAT. If you're going to buy a pricey polish, forget Chanel- these are some serious high-quality polishes.

The colors I chose were Black Russian (aka Revamp?), Dead Calm and Recycle.

Black Russian, Dead Calm, Recycle. Click to enlarge.

Now, the Lippmanns, I love them, but I do have one small complaint. The brushes are defective. They have bristles sticking out, like the problem OPI brushes have been having lately. Sure, I could fix it myself, but if I'm paying a premium price for a premium polish, I expect it to be perfect.

Other than that, the formula is great, the bottles are very nice and the colors are right up my alley.

I chose:

Bitches Brew

Hit Me With Your Best Shot



They're beautiful, aren't they? I am pleasantly surprised.

Rescue Beauty Lounge is available at their website, , and also at Beauty Habit. Lippmann Collection polishes are available online at Bath and Body Works
and .


  1. RBL polishes are big-3 free too, which makes me wonder why the new formula OPI and China Glaze polishes are so goopy. But RBL is my favourite, I don't think I can ever touch a Chanel ever again. :)

  2. Exactly! OPI, China Glaze, you've got some 'splainin to do!

  3. K, so as I write this, I'm waiting for UPS to deliver my B&BW order that is currently out for delivery. I ordered Bitches Brew and Hit Me With Your Best Shot. I considered Nefertiti but passed... and now I wish I'd gotten it!! Your pics are awesome... now I'm lemming Recycle. Sigh.

  4. Thank you :)

    Nefertiti is possibly the perfect gold. But, never fear, there are always Bath and Body Works coupons :) I was thinking about getting those "aloe enriched" pedicure socks...

  5. Oh I ADORE them all!

  6. They are *really* nice. Seriously.

  7. Where can sale codes or coupon codes for RBL be found? Geez, those are pricey!

  8. Deborah, usually has some sort of sale in the spring and I think one in winter too. I always check before ordering to find the latest coupons! :D

  9. I use for clothes...didnt think to try there.

    I just discovered, where they sell essie for $3.50!!!-discovered it after I paid $8 on essies site. UGH.....and...they have more selection than essie....they have alot of hard to find things....

  10. Oh, Head2Toe is the best! I get almost all of my polish there. They have such a big selection, and they're such nice people. :D


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