Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dior Gold Nugget 2008

Dior Gold Nugget nail polish. I love metallics, so naturally this called my name. I like it and all, but doesn't it seem sort of dark for something called "Gold Nugget"? It's almost more bronze. It's really sparkly so I'm not complaining.


  1. *Salivates*

    this is like, my #1 lemming right now!!!!

    I need to get an awesome bf, then he can buy it for me. love the reasoning, don't you?


  2. So pretty but much darker than I imagined. It looks great though.

    Off topic: You wouldn't know where I can buy Elizabeth Arden polishs from? I heard they are d/c and I thought you might know. Thanks Scrangie.

  3. The only place that I know of would be Ulta or eBay. I have seen a limited amount of them on clearance at Ulta.

    I did hear that there was a website that sold them, but that they had really bad customer service and didn't actually have the items in stock.

    Sorry :(


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