Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MAC Neo Sci-Fi and Solar Field Collection Swatches.

This entire collection is very wearable. I'm not really sure what's so "Sci-Fi" about it, but I love it anyway. It's all soft bronzes, coppers, metallics and a touch of orange. The packaging, which I expected to be just plain old orange, is actually BRIGHT neon orange! It's killer, I love it so much. It's like hunting vest orange... OSHA orange? Enough babble, on to the swatches.

Solar Field

Solar Bits - Black Ore

Solar Bits - Bronzescape

Solar Bits - Sunpower

Solar Bits - Scatterays

Black Ore, Bronzescape, Sunpower, Scatterays

The Solar Bits are kind of confusing. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to use them. They're extremely flaky and shimmery and don't apply very well. When you smooth them down with your fingers it gives a strong, bold metallic look, but only on my finger. The jars are also not completely full- this is normal.

Neo Sci-Fi

Magnetic Fields

Time and Space

Evening Aura


Magnetic Fields, Time and Space, Evening Aura, Femme-Fi

The eyeshadows have a fantastic silky texture because most of them are Veluxe Pearl. Veluxe Pearl is the best thing ever. I didn't swatch Expensive Pink because it's a permanent and not that exciting. Pretty, but everyone knows what it looks like.




I haven't tried the lipsticks on yet, but I love the colors. Electro is not as bright as Vegas Volt.

Last but not least, the polishes...

Phosphor. This is a really unique yellow. It's glowy, almost golden, with subtle shimmer and heavy frost.

Plasma Blu. It has that lit-from-within look that I just adore.

Neon 8. Gorgeous coral orange shade with pinkish duochrome. Reminds me of Misa Bojangles.


  1. thanks for the wonderful swatches and pictures! I think i'll be able to pass on the polish, for once!

    the solar bits look very interesting, especially the last two. you said the add was strange, care to elaborate?


  2. The solar bits look very cool, but they just won't stick to my skin. They flake off everywhere unless I literally press and smear them on with heavy pressure.

    The pigment and the shimmer also tend to separate from one another, leaving behind one or the other- especially evident in Black Ore, where you're left with a black streak or a gold streak depending on how hard you press.

    The concept is interesting, little balls of concentrated pigment, kind of like Guerlain Meteorites I guess.

    Is that helpful or did I go in totally the wrong direction with my explanation? Sometimes I babble!

  3. no, that was helpful! I'm eager to know what happens with eyeshadow primer and mixing medium.

    if you experiment with this, let me know!

  4. Oh my! Such heavenly swatches, thank you! That yellow polish is the exact shade I'm looking for, yaay!

    Btw, I'm adding your fantastic blog to my link list if that's okay?

    Best wishes from Sweden and RQ!

  5. Wow, thank you so much RocketQueen! I'll add you back :)


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