Monday, May 12, 2008

OPI Beyond Chic and Retro Fun in the Sun Calendar Girl

Wow, I can barely tell the difference between Calendar Girl and Give Me A Coral Sometime. See for yourself:

Calendar Girl, indirect sunlight and full sunlight. Click for larger images.

Give me a Coral Sometime, indirect sunlight.

They're much more similar in real life, with Calendar Girl being just a bit more pink/magenta.

Now, for something I never usually do, pictures of sheers. I never wear them because my nails are stained most of the time (I wear a lot of blue and purple) and because life's too short for pale polish.

Anyway, here's the OPI Beyond Chic collection.
Kiss On The Chic

Makes Men Blush

Oh So Glam

Pearls Night Out

She's Golden

Time-Less Is More.

I'm really impressed by how pretty these are. I was expecting "blah" but these are actually interesting. I would consider wearing these if my nails weren't perpetually stained. They are pretty streaky, though. These took three coats to even them out.


  1. Wow, i didn't expect the Beyond chics to be anything interesting but i think i just changed my mind! Actually i like them all, but especially Oh so glam and time-less is more look very nice.
    Btw, it says Oh so glam twice under the pics, are they all really Oh so glam or should the other one say something else?

  2. Oh, wow, thanks for pointing that out! It's actually She's Golden! I'll fix that :)

  3. Thank you, Scrangie! It's always so different to see them on; I was thinking of picking up a bottle of MMB but now I know I'll need three coats.


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