Thursday, May 1, 2008

Retro Beauty in 2008?

It seems to me like the beauty world is going "retro"...

The most obvious being the OPI Retro Fun In The Sun collection, but even makeup seems to reflect it. Take a look at Naughty Nauticals, and if that doesn't feel retro than I don't know what does. Even the Neo Sci-Fi stuff feels more Star-Trek than modern!

I'm not complaining at all! I'm digging all the bright neon shades that remind me of the early 90's or maybe even the 80's (if I could remember them!). I loved how everything in the early 90's was neon pink and green and blue...

I'm so glad to see the bright colors getting some attention. All too often it's bland, boring neutrals. Neutrals do have a time and a place, but a world without color is just plain depressing!

Totally unrelated, but apparently Hard Candy is discontinuing their Super Shine lipglosses! That's sad! They are, in my opinion, the best smelling lipgloss there is. It smells exactly like cake. I love the shade Piglet, which is nothing at all like the lipstick they used to make by that name.

Okay, and speaking of smelly lipgloss, I tried that LaVanilla Healthy Lip Shine in Vanilla Coconut. It's not the same scent, I'm disappointed. It's shiny all right, but it doesn't smell or taste very good. It tastes kind of like melting plastic. I'm not usually one for returning makeup, but I might just have to return this. It's gross.

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