Friday, May 16, 2008

Kat Von D Sephora Exclusive True Romance Eyeshadow Palettes - Beethoven and Ludwig

Ok, so I was bitching about how crappy I thought these would be and blah blah blah, you know the drill. This time I decided to see if they were actually as bad as I had thought.

I haven't worn them yet, but they actually don't seem so bad. They could be a lot more pigmented, but the colors are much better than they looked in the pictures.

The outer packaging was especially nice- it felt almost like a luxury product. The beautiful outer box that opens to reveal artwork inside, the special gunmetal wrapping paper with the Kat Von D seal. They were really trying to make a good impression.

Some pictures:
Click to enlarge.

Seriously, people. View the larger images. I intentionally left them huge.

Beethoven pallete:

Top (indoor lighting): Galeano, Leather, Rad Purple, Sinner, Tequila, Raxor Gray, Speed Blue, Lucifer.
Bottom (outdoor, full sunlight) same as top, just reverse order.

Ludwig palette:

Outside, full sunlight. Leather, Baroque, Downtown, Clay, Tequila, Dimebag, Orbi, Lucifer.

I like how they included two double-ended brushes instead of sponge-tip applicators.
The downside is that the texture of the brushes is more like a lip brush and unlikely to pick up much pigment. They're tiny and way too smooth.

Overall, they're much nicer than I thought they would be. I'm going to use them and then give a final review.

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