Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reminder: Three Free Nail Polishes From Zoya!

Hey everyone! Zoya has extended this generous offer until the 19th (Saturday) so you'll have one extra day to get your hands on my three favorite Zoya polishes for free!

In case you missed it the first time, here are the details of the promo:

My three favorite Zoya polishes -Yasmeen, Ki, and Trixie- are yours free with any purchase from Zoya (including all Qtica and other Art of Beauty brand products!)

Just visit and enter code SCRANGIE3 at checkout!

Again, I'm so excited about this! Thanks Zoya!

Just for fun, here are a few swatches of the polishes you'll be getting:

The incredible Yasmeen!

The futuristic, fabulous, shimmering Trixie!

And my baby, Ki! She's a chameleon! See the many faces of Ki?

Look, it's green-purple!

Or is it silvery green?

Maybe it's blue silvery green?

Wait, it's silvery purple!

Either way, it's one of the most unique colors out there. I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but my bottle is half empty. I might just have to use my own code to pick up another bottle! Am I allowed to do that? LOL

Thanks again, Zoya!


  1. Scrangie!
    LOVE your swatches and nails! Can I ask you a personal question, though... do you have ties to New Zealand? Don't answer if you don't want to.

  2. Snuggles Powerline, thank you!! :D
    And to answer your question- nope! Not at all! But I would like to visit someday :)

  3. /thinking out loud/

    I do have Jasmine. Ki looked horrible on me. I probably too warm for Trixie... But I want Q balm.

    Oh, I'm so torn...

  4. Masa_inn, hmm... Get some of the balm and use one of the other codes! :)

  5. Ki is already on my list for a few months now, definitely will order it right this minute lest it runs out after people see your wonderful swatch! :D

  6. nah, surprisingly, I don't have an urge to get any of 3-free combo.

  7. Martha, yay! Ki is such a unique and fascination color, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do :)

    Masa_inn, I wish I could say the same, but I have at least one from each of the other codes so it's easier to resist ordering :)

  8. Badbomben, isn't she beautiful? :)

  9. : ( I still haven't gotten mine, I'm dying.

  10. Steph, oh no! Is your Ki on backorder too? Usually they're so quick!

  11. Hi Scrangie,

    I was trying to take advantage of your zoya deal since today was the last day, but the zoya site is down. Everytime I try to go to it says that it is not connecting. I have tried to connect from all the computers in my house. I can go to any site except zoya. I don't have the number to call either. Do you think you could help me? Thanks!

  12. Hey Devin!

    It seems the Zoya site is working fine for me, but really slow.

    I'm sure customer service will be able to take care of you: 1-800-659-6909 x9 is the number. If you can't order or otherwise have your issue resolved, let me know and I'll see what I can do :)

    Hope everything turns out okay!

  13. Thanks for the reply and the phone number! I called and they are closed on Sundays. I guess it's just my dumb computers.

  14. Devin, I've let Zoya know about the problem you're experiencing, so I'll see what they say about it :) In the meantime, have you checked you cache and cookies? My computer does the same thing when I try to go to The Body Shop online, and I just have to delete the cookie and try again and it usually works. Sometimes I get a page from my ISP saying "website cannot be found!" and I remove the cookie for that site too.

  15. okay i will try those things and see what happens. I had my brother-in-law order it for me from his computer. Thanks again for your help, you are awesome! :)

  16. You're very welcome, Devin! Let me know if you need anything else :) I'm always happy to help!

  17. my order shipped today and i used your code, but KI was not included in the invoice, just trixie and yasmeen?!?!?! Why aren't they shipping the KI nail color? I thought I was supposed to get all 3??? That is misleading...

  18. Hey there Beautylover! Don't worry, Ki is on backorder and once they have it in stock, they will ship it to you :) I will find out when they expect to have it back in stock!

  19. Ahhh I actually ended up making 2 orders with 2 different codes. I only saw the first code (the PD3) one) and I instantly made an order for Fawne because I've always wanted to try Zoya. Then I saw your code with Yasmeen AND Ki (2 lemmings!) so I of course had to get I got Kotori, another lemming :)

  20. Tiffany, I made two orders too :) I even used my own code! LOL I'm almost out of Ki and my Yasmeen's running low ;-)

    Great choices!

  21. I ended making making 3 orders. So I also used the UP3 and PD3 codes.

    Any idea scrangie when the KI will be shipped? I got all of my other stuff.

    LOL I went from 0 Zoya nail polish to 12 zoya nail polishes overnight! CRAZYINESS!

  22. Beautylover, I asked Zoya about this and they're just completely out of Ki, but I didn't get a timeframe - I was assured that they would all ship out when they were available though! I'll update this if I get any more information :)

    I ordered twice, too hehehe. Once with Stephanie's code and one with my own! LOL I was running low on my favorites, and what better time to stock up! ;-)

  23. Again your swatches have been very beneficial to me! I'm trying Zoya for the first time, due to their new Twitter special (3 free polishes!). I'm trying Ki, Eve, and Malia. I wouldn't have given Ki a second look without your description and swatches. Thanks, Scrangie!!!


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