Friday, July 11, 2008

Turquoise Swatches, Part 1.

The sun is interfering with my swatching this week, but I promised reader Carla G. some turquoise swatches! Uh oh! Special thanks to all the lovely ladies (and the occasional man!) at Makeup Alley's Nail Board for turquoise suggestions!

I'll post these turquoise colors that I've previously swatched, and when I have some nice, bright sunlight I'll do the rest.

China Glaze For Audrey

CND Hotski To Tchochki

CND Turquoise Tint

Color Club Bizerk Turq

Color Club Emerald Depths

Misa Blue Over A Boy

OPI Blue Moon Lagoon

China Glaze Sexy In The City

Nicole Turquoise Joys

More to come!


  1. I love turqouise polish. Thanks for the great swatches!

  2. You nailed it:D
    For Audrey will soon be mine!!!

  3. Sara, you're welcome! :D

    Sanna, yay thank you! I know For Audrey will look awesome on you! <3

  4. Beautiful!! Thank you so much Scrangie!! You're a star. You've given me some lemmings now! Lol!;-)

  5. Sexy in the City is gorgeous!!

  6. Carla G, yay, I'm happy I was able to help! Sorry it took me so long!

    Sminkan, it's so glowy, it's one of my favorites!

  7. emerald depths caught my eye, nice one!:)

  8. Badbomben, isn't it lovely? It's one of the few shimmers I have from Color Club!

  9. For Audrey is my Mani this week and I love it! I find it somewhat hard to apply (cremes are v hard) but with some practise hopefully it will be as nice as yours :-)

  10. Ane Kristine, For Audrey is such a lovely color, I'll bet your mani looks great! :)

  11. Wow turquoise swatches are exactly what I needed to find today! Thanks for them. Anyway, I still haven't found my perfect turquoise. I would love to find the color of those famous Ksubi jeans. But all polishes seem to be either too blue or too green.

    So is there still more to come you say? I so hope you will find my perfect turquoise!

  12. Hey Nocturnelle! Yep, I'm planning on doing more turquoise swatches! I just have a hard time telling the difference between turquoise, blue and green. I'm goofy :) lol

  13. I soo need CND Hotski to Tchochki and Turquoise Tint.

    I have CG Sexy in the city on my nails right now. I LOVE seeing your swatches ;)


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