Friday, July 11, 2008

Special Surprise From Zoya: FREE POLISH!!!

Hey guys, I have a special treat for you!

Zoya is giving away my three favorite polishes- Yasmeen, Ki and Trixie- FREE with any purchase!!

Visit for details or enter code SCRANGIE3 at checkout for your free polishes!

If you think of Zoya just for polishes, you might also want to check out Zoya's lip gloss, Hot Lips! I recently picked one up in Blog (a great coral shade for summer!) and it's PERFECT- smooth, moisturizing, not sticky at all!

Hope you all enjoy :D

Thanks, ZOYA!!!


  1. I'm waiting for them to create and name a polish after you now!

  2. Oustpokenwallflower, SERIOUSLY, how cool would that be?! I would die!!!

  3. Scrangie~you are da bomb!! Congrats on your code!!!!

  4. Tami, haha yay!!!

    Siennax, THANK YOU! *so excited* :D :D :D

  5. Great choice!

    I wonder if I could use this offer to get my beloved Q-balm...

    And you ARE da bomb :)

  6. Masa_inn, Thank you!! :D And yes, you can use it on the Qtica products too ;-)

  7. Scrangie - congrats on your success! You know you've made it when... :-)

  8. I lover your blog. The freebie is really great given that my favorite color is purple.

  9. Polish Addiction and All Lacquered Up also have a 3 color combination promotional thing going on.

  10. Oh, wow! Congrats! that's cool!
    I can't freakin' understand why they don't ship to Sweden though:/
    Right this second I hate living in Sweden lol;)

  11. Well chosen! They are stunning, all of them!
    I would have picket Suvi, Akyra and Ki but I love Yasmeen and Trixie as well. I think Zoya have some really amazing colours!

  12. Sania, thank you so much :D

    Anonymous, thank you! Purple rocks!! :D

    Sanna, thank you!! I don't understand either- but maybe they will someday... I'm sure there are tons of people in Sweden and all over Europe who would love to buy Zoya!

    Sminkan, thank you :D Those would be great choices, too- I love ALL of those! Zoya has some really great colors, I agree, and they're always releasing more!

  13. I've never commented before, but I've been reading for a while now and I used your code, I love the colors the colors your chose!

  14. anessa, thanks!! Those are definitely my most favorite Zoya polishes, I hope you love them as much as I do! :D

    ButterflyDiary, thank you so much :D

  15. NOOOOO. I just ordered Ki and yasmeen because i saw them on the blog. I didnt see this post. :(


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