Monday, July 28, 2008

Reader Request: OPI Soft Shades

A request from lovely Tabe-Chan, here are a few OPI sheers.

These are all three coats, no topcoat.

Please pay no attention to the broken nail...

OPI Bubble Bath, indoors.

OPI Bubble Bath, sunlight.

OPI Get Me To The Taj On Time, indoors.

OPI Get Me To The Taj On Time, sunlight.

OPI Mimosas For Mr. And Mrs., indoors.

OPI Mimosas For Mr. And Mrs., outdoors.

OPI Passion, indoors.

OPI Passion, outdoors.

OPI Privacy, Please, indoors.

OPI Privacy, Please, outdoors.

All very pretty!


  1. Everything looks so good on you! A few month ago, sheer didn't interest me very much. Now almost anything interests me;)
    Mimosas For Mr. And Mrs looks especially awesome on you:)

  2. Sanna, thank you!! They are really out of my comfort zone- I never wear them out of the house! But they are extremely pretty, maybe I should have the courage to wear them once in a while :)

  3. Thankyou very mcuh for doing that for me scrangie, i'll show mum when she gets home from work tonight! :)

  4. Scrangie, dear, how do you get the pales so streak free?
    Whenever I get a hankering for something sheer and pale, I end up frustrated. NO matter what I use as a base coat, or ridge filler, the streaks are incredible.
    Tell us your secret...

  5. Tabe-chan, you're very welcome :) I hope she likes them! They're all very, very pretty!

    Sage1, truthfully, I always use three coats! Sometimes the base coat makes a bit of a difference- if I'm going to use a particularly streaky polish I use a whitish base coat like Seche ridgefiller, but I still end up with some streaks. Three coats usually takes care of the streaking problem, as does applying as slowly as possible.

  6. Mom likes all but the last two.

  7. OMG I loooooooooove it.

  8. Thanks heaps for those - now I want Mimosas ;-) oh and the polish of course!

  9. Scrangie, if I'm super pissed off at OPI for reformulating Bubble Bath, do you think that Mimosas would be a decent substitute for the old/white version of BB?

    Pretty swatches as always! :)

  10. Thanks Mom!

    Stephanie, I thought you might :) I'm sure every single one would look fantastic on you, but especially Passion!

    Susan, you're very welcome :) I could go for a Mimosa myself ;-)

    Samhainophobia, I know! What's up with that?! You don't tweak your most popular colors!

    Anyway, I think Mimosas is a little bit cooler than the old Bubble Bath bit is very similar. I think it still maintains that clean, natural look of the old Bubble Bath, so I'd say it's a good replacement! :)

  11. Love all those nudes!

    *stares at broken nail* :P

  12. Tink, lol noooooo!! *hides under bed*

  13. hi, can i check with you which will u recommend for french manicure? cuz i wanna try but dunno which to choose... :) thanks girl!

  14. Hi Yixuan-132 :) My favorite OPI colors for a french manicure are tips in Alpine Snow or Swedish Nude, and the main color as Bubble Bath or I'm A Princess, You're Not. Other polishes I like for french manicures are Essie Marshmallow for tips and Essie Vanity Fairest, Orly Love Each Other or Rescue Beauty Lounge Clear Pink as the main color. Hope this helps :)

  15. Personally, I like the new bubble bath (haha, they should have released this one as a different color)
    too bad I'll probably never get a chance to try the old one on ever (I probably will never be able to pull it off anyway)

  16. Aksaiyo, I don't remember which version is which, the pink or the white, but I'm sure there are plenty of dupes if you like the color :)

  17. Hi Scrangie, thanks so much for all your awesome swatches!!!! Since you've already tried on so many polishes, I wanted to aks you what color is more opaque with 2 coats: OPI's Get Me To The Taj On Time or Moon Over Mumbai? Thanks xoxo

  18. Are you sure that's only 3 coats of Passion ? Did you do thick coats? I feel like three coats of Passion is still very sheer and my bright white nails are peaking through. Maybe I need 4-5 coats but it looks absolutely perfect on your nails!


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