Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Essie Ulta Exclusives, Summer 2008

Sorry I'm a little late on this! I swatched these a couple weeks ago and got so distracted that I forgot to post them! Whoops!

Anyway, here they are. I was at Ulta this week and they still had a bunch of these, so they should still be available.

Lifeguard. A creamy pink sort of color that leans red. I'm not sure what to call this color. Raspberry? Salmon? I have no idea, but it's pretty.

Pool Boy. Hot nearly-neon purple! So shiny!

Surfer Dude. Bright but not-quite-neon pink.

They're all pretty nice, and they seem like a toned-down sister collection to the Neon shorts collection polishes. These also surprised me by drying super fast. Normally when I'm swatching, I can wipe off the polish when I'm about to switch colors, but these were dry by the time I was done taking the picture!


  1. That purple is fantastic, it really makes me feel giddy.

  2. I was surprised that you hadn't posted about these yet. :) Little did I know..!

    I'm also particularly impressed that you got a good pic of Pool Boy because it's always shown up as a deep pink in photos for me. I love it though, one of my favs of the summer.

  3. Megan, me too :D

    Sania, I could have sworn that I posted them, but then I looked back and saw that I hadn't... Ooooops!

    Those bright colors - and especially neons- are SO HARD to photograph! When I do neons and brights I have to take about 50 pictures of each at different angles and in different lighting until I get one that comes out right. There's gotta be a better way to do it, but I haven't figured it out yet ;-)

  4. Steph, LOL! *pictures Steph with anime nosebleed*

  5. Nice1 Mine didn't have them last time. Were there any issue slike the neons with drying matte?
    And WOW your nails have gotten long!

  6. Diann_co, Surfer Dude dried kind of matte like the neons, but Pool Boy was shiny. Lifeguard is right in the middle, not really too shiny but not matte either.

    And thanks, I'm trying to get them long again but I think one is about to break!! :( Hang in there, little nail! You can do it!

  7. Oh noo...now you made me want exclusives that I can't get from here. Boohoo :S

  8. they look so pretty on you! I've been really impressed with Essie lately

  9. I'm not in love with these shades. They are pretty but, eh, something we've all seen too many times.

  10. Do you think you can swatch the Lubu Manicure from china glaze? I'm thinking about doing a french with it since my nails are not long enough to sport the red on the back. I'm in love with those two!!

    Just ran into your blog and I think it's AMAZING!!! Keep up the GREAT work!

  11. Emelie, oh no! Sorry! At least there are similar colors from other brands :)

    Sanna, thanks! I have been too, but it's a shame that they discontinue all the good colors!

    Badbomben, it is pretty, isn't it? :D

    Stubby, true, true. I'm just not used to seeing bright colors from Essie!

    Anonymous, wow, thank you so much! Yes, I can do a Lubu Manicure, I'll post it with my random swatches this week :D

  12. I need me some POOL boY! love love love

  13. I don't have an Ulta near me. :( Can I kindly and respectfully request swatches of potential dupes?

  14. Lyzi, of course! Is Zoya available to you? Some of their Gossip Collection polishes could be near matches of these! I'll find out what's close and do swatches :)

  15. Thank you so much! You're awesome. I can always order Zoya online, but have no access to those particular Essies. I'm totally new to the polish game, but I love it so far. Your blog is great!


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